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Volume 5 Issue 7 - April 2000

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·WholeNote THE TORONTO CONCERT-GOER'S GUIDE Toronto's only comprehensive monthl.y classical and contemporary concert listing source Volume 5 #7 Aprll 1 to May 7, 2000 Copyright© 2000 PerPul Proze, 60 Bellevue Ave. Toronto ON M5T 2N4 Publisher: Allan Pulker Editor: David Perlman Listings Editor: Simone Desilets Production Manager: Bernard ·Martin Layout & Design: David Perlman and Michael Busija Cover by Rocket Design Cover: Robert DiVito, Montgomery Sound & Image. Photography: Den Ciul Advertising: Allan Pulker, Bernard Martin, Cindy Babyn Distribution Manager: George Grosman Contributing Writers Choral: Larry Beckwith; Bandstand: John McGuigan, Merlin Williams; New Music: David Parsons; Jazz: Jim Galloway; Music Theatre: Sarah B. Hood; Features: Allan Pulker, Dawn Lyons How to reach us Advertising, memberships and listings Phone: 416-323-2232 Fax: 416-926-7539 Editorial Phone: 416-603-3786 Fax: 416-603-3787 Email: Deadlines May (covering events May 1 to June 7): Publication: Thursday, April 27 Free listings: 6 pm Saturday April 15 Advertising reservations: Colour: 6 pm Wednesday April 12 B/W: 6 pm Wednesday April 19 June (covering June 1 to July 7): Publication: Monday May 28 Distribution in home subscription copies of The Globe and Mall on Thursday June 1 Free listings: 6 pm Monday May 15 Advertising reservations: Colour: 6 pm Friday May 12 B/ W: 6 pm Friday May 19 Subscriptions: /year+ GST Printing by New Concept Circulation: 26,000 the wholenote® is a kmDRUMPublication. CANADIAN PUBLICATIONS MAIL PRODUCT SALES AGREEMENT 1263846 ISSN 1488-8777 WHOLENOTE (PRINT) ISSN 1488-8785 WHOLENOTE (ONLINE) PUBLISHER'S NOTEBOOK It is the best of times and the worst of times, right now. Classical and New Music are thriving in Toronto (three hundred and thirty concerts are listed in WholeNote, new orchestras, choirs and ensembles are springing up every day, and Canada's singers are the toast of the opera world. At the same time the Ford Centre Recital Series, one of Toronto's windows to the larger musical world, has been slammed shut by the City of Toronto; the Canadian Opera Company's plans to build an opera house have run into serious governmentrelated snags; and the Downtown Jazz. Festival came within an inch of its life. What's wrong with this picture? Why are the ocean liners listing and sinking in a sea full of seaworthy schooners, yachts and rowboats? One gem of insight uncovered by the National Post's indefatigable Tamara Bernstein is worth setting somewhere safe for posterity. In an article titled "So ' Canadian, to sell ourselves short" she quotes "a source close to the [opera house] situation" as saying "Just picture [Lastman 'sj problem. Mega-City Mel is on some talk show and a guy calls up and says, 'Hey, I can't get my garbage picked up and you want to give money to fat people to sing in a foreign language. 'As the champion of the little guy, he just couldn't do it. " Simply rolling eyes to the heavens at the ignorance of the hypothetical boor is the obvious reflex -- but to do so is to risk missing the point, which is that dysfunctional relationships are a two-way street. To change our metaphor from fleets to forests -- if our musical tall timber, seemingly so rooted and strong, is suddenly threatening to topple, what does this say about the attitude of the guardians of the big trees to the musical underbrush -- the "grass-roots"? The cultural erosion whose dramatic impact we are now starting to see sometimes starts with taking for granted the support of a community that already cares. Allan Pulker INDEX OF ADVERTISERS A Major Music Company 15 Naxos 10 Alan Hobbins 11 New Music Concerts 4 Aldeburgh Connection 39,43 North Toronto Institute of Music 48 Alexander Singers and Players 24 Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts 44 Amadeus Choir 31 Off Centre Music Series 42 Amici 41 Opera in Concert 27 Associates of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra 29 Orion House 25 Audio Group 15 Palestrina Chamber Chorus 41 CAM MAC - Cedar Glen 48 Patrons of Wisdom 34,42 Canadian Music Centre 3,13, 16 Pax Christi Chorale 36 Canadian Opera Company 12 Peros Music 7 Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra 35 Play it for a Pro 48 Centauri Summer Arts Camp 47 Remenyi House of Music 3 Centuries Opera 27 Roaming Studios 15 Christ Church Deer Park 38 Robert Lowrey's Piano Experts 55 Church of Saint Simon 13,32 Rosedale Presbyterian Church 39 Cindy Babyn 48 Royal Conservatory of Music 11,13 CJ RT-FM 22 Saint George's-on-the-Hill 32 Classical 96 FM 23 Saint James Cathedral 30 Claviers Baroques 21,38 Shar Music 7 Conference World Tours 25 Sine Nomine Ensemble 41 David Tamblyn 21 Sinfonia Toronto 5, 11, 31 Deep Down Productions 15 Sound Post 11 Duo L'lntemporel 31 Soundstreams 28 Elmer lseler Singers 43 Talisker Players 40 Exultate Chamber Singers 43 Tapestry New Opera Works 24 Feldenkrais Method Workshop 21 The New Guitar 38 Festival Cinemas 9 The Slide Rule 34 Ford Centre for the Performing Arts 2 toneART Ensemble 42 Gary Ray Rush Photography 15 Toronto District Board of Education Music Herman Rombouts 14 Teachers 35 Homewood and Associates 17 Toronto Mendelssohn Choir 53, back cover Lena Auclair 14 Toronto Opera Repertoire 27 Les Amis Concert Series 33 Toronto Operetta Theatre 25 Long & McQuade 7 Toronto Senior Strings 29 Mikrokosmos 47 Toronto Sinfonia of Nations 40 Montgomery Sound 15 Toronto Sinfonietta 25, 41 Music at Metropolitan 37 Toronto Wind Orchestra 22 Music Chamber 15 Victoria Scholars 33 Music Gallery 17 VocalPoint Chamber Choir 36 Music Toronto 30,34,38,49 Warren Nicholson 29 Music Umbrella 36 Women's Musical Club ofToronto 9 MusicWorks Magazine 17 Yorkminster Park Baptist Church 30 National Guitar Workshop 47

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