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Volume 5 Issue 8 - May 2000

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on a Celtic theme on May 3, the second, a program of music by Russian composers, on May 25 . Another orchestra, The New World Symphony Orchestra, the creation of Greek­ Canadian composer and conductor, Stefanos Karabekos, will make a rare Toronto appearance at the Recital Hall on June 2, in a varied program that will include works by Canadians, the late Louis Applebaum, Claude Champagne, John Weinzweig and Stefanos Karabekos. The orchestra, which is composed of eighty of Toronto's best . symphonic musicians, was formed in 1992, to reflect and celebrate the rich cultural mosaic that Canadian society has become. Among the orchestra's accomplishments are perform- [ .,, S1 it~y IVIH I PHOTOGRAPHY . PROMOTIONAL PHOTOS Headshots · Groups Orchestras CD I Cassette Artwork I Photography 10% discount lo WholeNote readers & CJRT listeners on all services. ' ances at the 1997 festival celebrating the designation of the city of Thessalo.niki as the Cultural Capital of Europe. Perhaps the fact that there will be three symphonic concerts in acoustically friendly surroundings in one month signals an e_ncouraging trend in the concert scene. READER WRITES But to return to the demise of the Recitai Series, we received a letter from a reader, Karen Michael, commenting on the cost of keeping the series going compared to the cost of hosting the Olympic Games, to which our ·esteemed city councillors seem totally committed. She wrote: "I guess the city has to save money, since it plans to support the Olympic MMVIII, which will cost several billion $s." It makes me think a little of my high school days when athletes were feted at school assemblies while competitionwinning student musicians were chided for missing school to compete. "O tempores, o mores!" And speaking of the Toronto Performing Arts Centre story: th" ~oyal ~onserv~tory of Music's H1stonc Register Tour will stop at the Centre on May 6 and 7, part of a April 12- May 8 cross-Canada tour, designed to celebrate the nationwide tens of thousands of people who have in one way or Continues on page 15 BAROQUE MUSIC BESIDE THE GRANGE fXn fJ(jt_~!_?!fJ_~_{f':_~~ (jartfen Informal MUSIC by regulars and friends, REFRES:f!MENTS, and a SILENT AUCTION SATURDAY MAY 20 from 2 to 5 pm in the Garden and Fellowship Room at St. George the Martyr Church, Stephanie and McCaul Admission - lnfo:588-4301 We buy your classical LP collection (like Beethoven, Mozart, Stockhausen) we travel anywhere for good collection 314 CHURCHILL AVE. NORTH YORK, ONTARIO M2R 1E7 CANADA Fax No: (1) 416-224-2964 Phone No: (1) 416-224-1956 MfllD,Qll'OSMOS M I\!

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