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Volume 5 Issue 8 - May 2000

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18 t •1 I '•lDO¥JHn£l+11M¥WhelpN@6 On Thursday, June 1st WholeNote Magazine has a date with THE GLOBE· AND MAIL To celebrate our fifth anniversary as Toronto's most comprehensive concert calendar, we are proud to announce that WholeNote's June issue will be sent to all Globe and Mai/home subscribers in the GTA. This means a one-time circulation boost of 86,700 copies of your ads sent directly to many of the readers you want to reach! This is the perfect opportunity to promote ... + June and July concerts + Your next season + Summer music festivals '' + Accommodation near summer music festivals + Restaurants and cafes near concert venues + Tours ' + Website design + Wine and beer + Stereo equipment + CD stores + Any other product or service of interest to music lovers Your ad will reach more than four times WholeNote's regular monthly readership of 26,000, for close to our regular ad rates. This is a one-time only opportunity. To book event-related advertising, contact Allan Pulker at 416-323-2232 or Bernard Martin at 416-603-3786. For Corporate and Retail inquiries cont~ct Cindy Babyn at 416-654-0899. Colour ads must be booked by Friday May 12, black and white by Friday May 19 . .

. Sweerey to Swedes Two very different musicals It was April of 1979 when I saw the newly-opened original Broadway production of Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street at New York's Uris Theatre. That same weekend was the first time I ever saw someone with red hair. Not regular auburn or strawberry blonde, you understand, but a dangerous crimson - and she was also wearing an all-black ensemble that )Vas halfway VI. Music Theatre Spotlight Eric Brockenshire as Sweeney Todd, and Ceris Thomas as Mrs Lovett. Alexander Players, opening May 13 between bondage fetishism and riot gear. Punk and New Wave fashions hadn't yet hit Canada (although . they broke -on the scene about six months later and were soon as common as disco duds had Toronto Operetta Theatre Guillermo Si lva-Marin, Founder and General Director presents mil TOI\ ONTO 0111\t11J\ Mµsical Treasures for Spring/ -.-::

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