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Volume 5 Issue 9 - June 2000

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ANNOUNCEMENTS, ETCETERA, continued from page 48 Nature & Nurture. Derek Holman discusses the genesis of his new oratorio. Peter Tiefenbach, host. Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe St. 593· 4828. ·.85 or free with ticket to 8pm performance. WORKSHOPS •June 3: proVOCE Studios. Teaching Gifts, a seminar for private music t.eachers with successful New York teacher, Jocelyn Rasmussen. The seminar inbout developing our studios & sharing our teaching gifts. Included is a handbook & reference for all areas of studio development. 534·6157. •June 4 1 :30: Toronto Early Music Players Organization. Viol music for all instruments, with Betsy MacMillan. Lansing United Church, 49 Bogert Ave. 480·0225. •June 9 7:30: Recorder Players' Society. For players of both C and F recorders. Church of the Transfiguration, 111 Manor Rd: E. 431 · 7560. . •June 24 4:30: JVC Jazz Festival. Vocal workshop by Sharron Mcleod. Lakeside Terrace, 235 Queens Quay West. 973·3000. Free. "Opening June 30, daily at 11:30, 1:30 & 3:30: Ontario Science Centre. Music Makers Family Workshops. Participants will learn about the various ways that music affects our daily lives. How do different types of music make you feel? What are the different ways that you can create music & musical instruments? 770 Don Mills Rd. 429· - 4100. ,,{children5·12). •July 1 ·21: Summer Tabla Workshops 2000. Learn the art of Benares Baj with Pandit Sharda Sahai. Group & private classes available. For more info call Ravi Singh at 293· 1942. •July 2 10:30am·5:00pm: Performing With Ease, Assurance & Enjoyment. Workshop for string players & other performers given by Kato Havas, preeminent expert on relief of strain & tension, avoidance of repetitive strain injury & prevention of stage fright. Location TBA. 787-6608. -(dependingon enrolment) (reduction for full·time music students & seniors). The Toronto Musicians' Association salutes WholeNote's Fifth Anniversary, helping our members promote their events. (416) 421-1020 Call the TMA for a free "See the Music" live music directory. ' UNCLASSIFIEDS, continued from page 49 THE OAKHAM HOUSE CHOIR, under the di.rection of Matthew Jaskiewicz, is welcoming new members. We are an amateur choir' that specializes in the choral masterpieces - including Mendelssohn's "Hymn of Praise" for December! We rehearse Mondays at 7:00pm at 63 Gould St. starting September 11th. Please come, or call 699-3390 or 763-8746. THE PERFORMING EDGE Performance enhancement training in tension management, concentration, goal setting, imagery. Individualized to meet your performance situation. Kate F. Hays, Ph.D., C.Psych., practising clinical and performing arts psychology. 416-961-0487. VINYL RECORDS & CDS. High quality, clean Classical, Opera, · Jazz, Rock, Funk, etc. We buy and sell. AROUND AGAIN, 18 Baldwin St. 416. 979.2822. We buy your classical LP collection [like Beethoven. Mozart. Stockhausen) we travel anywhere for good collection 314 CHURCHILL AVE. NORTH YORK, ONTARIO M2R 1E7 CANADA Fax No: (1) 416-224-2964 Phone No: (1) 416-224-1956 www MIKROKOSMOS Peformlng Arts Health Centi'• Albany Medical Clinic 200 Danforth Ave, Toronto, Ontario (416) 461·9471 Fax: (416) 466-4533 Toronto Musicians Cllnlc East York Hearing Centre 821 Coxwell Ave, Toronto, Ontario (416) 466-9866 Fax: (416) 466-4533 Special Occasion Insurance. Concerts, Recitals, Benefits ~ Fast reasonable service from experts. ® Information and consultation @ Hearing tests ®Custom ER 15/25 musicians' filters ®Custom in-ear monitors The Perfect Birthday Party Puppet Show especially designed for your child 2 to 6 years old Jeff Essery ,( 416) · 922-8249 MUSICA the music school with a difference for private instruction in. piano, guitar, trombone and vocal, and the Leaside home of MUSIC FOR YOUNG CHILDREN for keyboard· based group instruction 23 Brentcliffe Rd, 2nd floor, TORONTO ON M4G 487 TEL: 416-696-0905

A PARTIAL LIST OF FEATURED ARTISTS IN THE 2000-2001 CONCERT SEASON William Aide• Jane Coop • Anton.Kuerti •Ed Bickert St. Lawrence String Quartet •Amici • Nexus • Raffi Armenian •Agnes Grossmann . . ' Gary Kulesha • R. Murray Schafer • Lorand Fenvyes Shauna Rolston • Scott St. john • Susan Hoeppner FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 416-978-3744 OR EMAIL: BOXOFFICE.MUSIC@UTORONTO.CA Spring 2001 . 2000 / 2001 Concert Se DREAM GERot••. ' fl Saturday, April 2 Sunday, Decemb Grace Church '8fard Elgar's profound choral mastetwork: woven tale of life and death Featuring and mezzo soprano Laura Pudwell as the Angel Grace Churc 300 Lonsd at Russell Hi/ One block East of S two lights North of St. Cl Call [4161494- ing Eric Friesen, of In Performance Adults I Students & Seniors ' Children under 12 This marks a return e Chorale for both soloists. L in December 1999. -~'Ibis rare Canadian performance! } I Students & Seniors

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