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Volume 5 Issue 9 - June 2000

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MUSICIANS IN OUR MIDST co~tinued from page 5 2 close to his concerns as a composer. "I teach to make a living; I compose because I have to. But I can't think of a better way for a composer to earn a li\.;ing - you learn early not to expect to earn a living composing! It's like poetry" he laughs, "Wallace Stevens was in insurance, William Carlos Williams was a doctor. .. ". managing her new husband's artistic activities. As it broadened, she decided to dedicate herself to the area of new music, because ". . . of all artistic activities new music composers and performers have the least expectation of making it big, and so their motivation for working in this area is very pure." Listening to Jim on the subject of composing, one gets a sense of what she means by There are lots of other things for music to be about." Some of the things his music is about, he says, are the nature of sound, the incredible experience of listening, soundin-.time, acoustics, and the continuum between sound and noise. Is tl\ere an "ism" that applies to James Tenhey, I asked. "Radical eclecticism" he replied. Lauren Pratt grew up near In 1954 Tenney went to pure motivation. New York's Juilliard School to Boston, met Jim Tenney in New On the subject of study piano with Eduard York in 1986, and arrived in emotion in music, for example: . Steuermann, one of Toronto in 1987 already "This was a new idea four Schoenberg's close associates -- possessed of extensive work hundred years ago', " he says. "I ideal for Tenney who was only experience as a freelance arts don't negate the place or the interested in performing manager. importance of emotion in the contemporary music. The Toronto chapter of lives of people, but just the idea I comment on how this her professional management that music has some kind of parallels the career of Stephen career literally began at home, obligation to be about those. Clarke, one of Lauren Pratt's Joaquin Valdepeflas, clarinet; David Hetherington, cello; Patricia Parr, piano 2000/2001 Subscription Series most talented clients -- Clarke is uncompromising in his dedication to modem repertoire. But Tenney balks at the comparison. "He's a very very talented pianist!" Lauren will miss working with people like Clarke. "I love the [new music]. community in Toronto - the people in it are very supportive of each other," But her optimism about the artists who live and work in the community now is offset by her pessimism about what's happening governmentally. With arts programs in the schools being gutted, a whole new generation will graduate from our schools "even more vulnerable to acculturation by American mass media"· and placing even less value on tqe arts in education and in life. We will miss them both. But there is, nevertheless, something right about the independent and innovative musical explorer, James Tenney, returning to the place where Schoenberg introduced atonality to America, and Lauren Pratt carrying her empowering energy to California, the lion's den of American mass culture. There will be a farewell concert and partyjor Jim and Laur.en on Sunday, June 4 at the Music Gallery starting at 6:30 p.m. "One of Toronto's finest series of chamber music concerts." The Toronto Star Subscription and ticket information , contact 416-654-0899 tor pr o g :J r'"'r1111 o 1 f""'l for in '.J t 1 on \ 1: 1 t w w w. am i c i ens em b I e com Glenn Gould Studio · 250 Front St W Toronto BAROQUE MUSIC BESIDE THE GRANGE announces the 2000-2001 Season: 2000/2001 Olf£~!!tre A Celebration otAlbinoni Christmas with Corelli The caledonian Pocket Companion Concert sur lflerbe and other programs, performed by top-notch musicians in the intimate setting of one of Toronto's oldest churches Seven-concert Subscriptions for less than 0! CALL (416) 588-4301 FOR INFORMATION and a BROCHURE Sunday, October 22, 2000 Annual French Salon: la belle epoque(Norine Burgess; mezzosoprano) ' Sunday, November 26, 2000 Annual Russian Salon: Elegle(Ellzabeth Turnbull, contralto; David Russei, violin; Mihal Tetei, cello) Sunday, January 21, 2001 Beethoven Murder Mystety (Michael Colvin, tenor, Erica Raum, violin) Sunday, February 18, 2001 @h Annual Schubert/ad: Duos In life and Muslc(Russel Braun, baritone; Carolyn Maule, piano; Jacques israelievitch, violin) Sunday, March 18, 2001 Kurt Weill and the Russian Cabaret(lsabel Bayrakdarian, soprano) Sunday, May 6, 2001 "Funffisia'(inna Perkls and Boris Zarankln, one piano and two pianos, four hands, solo; Robert Pomakov, basso cantante) Subscribe now and save up to 30% on the single ticket price! Call (416) 466-1870.

Women's Musical Club of Toronto presents its 103rd season of "'ONE OF THE BEST ROADS TO OUR MUS I CAL HEARTS" THE TORONTO STAR Los Angeles Piano Quartet Thurs. Oct. 12, 2000 Leipzig String Quartet Thurs. Nov. 2, 2000 Sponsored by Volkswagen Canada Inc. Just Announfed! Measha Brueggergosman, soprano Thurs. Dec. 7, 2000 INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER MUSIC DB EST SALZBURG . 2000-2001 SEASON Dang Thai Son, piano Thurs. Feb. 8, 2001 THE 2000 - 2001 VIA SALZBURG SEASON AT A GLANCE Friday November 17, 2000 8pm soprano Karina Gauvin and the Via Salzburg Chamber Orchestra Jeremy Findlay, cello Elena Braslavsky, ·piano Thurs. Mar. 8, 2001 All concerts are held at 1.30 p.m. · Walter Hall, Edward Johnson Building, 80 Queen's Park {Museum Subway Station) Friday February 9, 2001 8pm pianist Aleksandar Madzar, cellist Louise Hopkins and violinist Mayumi Seiler Friday May 4, 2001 8pm harpist Naoko Yoshino and the Via Salzburg Chamber Orchestra Friday June 8, 2001 8pm piano duo lmre Rehmann & Tunde Kurucz, percussionist Russell Hartenberger. timpanist David Kent and violinist Mayumi Seiler Free lectures for members precede the concerts at 12. 15 p.m. Five-concert series: .00 For tickets and information call: (416) 923-7052 {expected mid-summer: Call NOW to subscribe to the Via Salzburg 2000-2001 Season

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