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Volume 5 Issue 9 - June 2000

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Music Director &

Music Director & Conductor Subscription Series Tuesday, November 7, 2000 Massey Hall Joint concert with the Hannaford Street Silver Band Saturday, November 25, 2000 Jane Mallett Theatre Saturday, January 27, 2001 Jane Mallett Theatre Friday & Saturday, May 18-19, 2001 venue TBA Live video environment and multimedia extravaganza WORLD PREMIERES -- vio1a Concerto Chris Paul Harman Viola Concerto Jose Evangelista New Work for Gamelan and Orchestra James Tenney New Work for Orchestra · Omar Daniel • New Work for Orchestra Allan Bell Concerto for Trombone and Brass Band Randolph Peters Concerto for Violin and Brass Band Herlry Kucharzyk OTHER REPERTOIRE------- • Urban Requiem for tour uxophonea and wind orcheatr• Michael Colgrass II Glocollere Errant• Toek Numan Exqulalte Flrea Linda Bouchard Flux/Reflux Willem Jeths Fuahl Maki Ishii K..,.k Akira Nishimura I Riike Sonll• for baritone and orcheatra Theo Verbey Flare• Vivian Fung 1he Poem of_,. AJexaider ScriOOin o Ma&num Myaterlum: In Memoriam Glenn Gould GUES!S · Tomoko Mukalyama piano, koto, voice Dominique Dum•I• choreography Phll Dwyer saxophone Marie ller111d violin Alaln Trudel trombone Fujlko lmllJlahl violin Evergreen Club Gamelan Enaemble gamelan Rivka Golanl viola Pl.US Rhombus Media Marblemedia CONTENTS VOLUME 5 #9 •:• June 1-July 7 2000 Our Cover Seiler Quartet concert June 10 caps impressive Via Salzburg inaugural season. Story page 56. WholeNote Facts 8 Index of Advertisers Concert Notes 10 Publisher's view 10 Pot pourri 12 Classical Heaven on 0 a Month Allan .Fulker 14 .Choral Scene • Larry Beckwith 18 Hear & Now: Sound Travels Darren .Copeland 20 . Jazz Notes .• Jim Galloway \ 22 Bandstand •Merlin Williams 26 Music Theatre Spotlight • Sarah B. Hood Listings · 26 Music Theatre 30 Comprehensive Concert Listings 42 Further Afield 44 Honourable Mention. 46 Index of Presenters and Venues The Etcetera File 48 Our Members Write 48 Announcements, etcetera 49 Unclassified Ads FEATURES 52 MUSICIANS IN OUR MIDST Jim Tenney and Lauren Pratt • Allan Pulker . · 56 COVER STORY Via Salzburg's striking start •Allan Pulker 58 BEHIND THE SCENES Publicist Francine Labelle • Dawn Lyons I Dawn Lyons: Do you tailor the press release to the publication? to find out about our education programmes TOWARD A LIVING ART and the STUDENT AUDIENCE PROGRAMME Francine Labelle: No, everyone gets the same. The release is supposed to be all tl:ie facts, and I never lie - that's the rule. All programmes and artists are subject to change without notice. Postscript 62 Our Readers Write

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