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Volume 6 Issue 1 - September 2000

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CONCERT NOTES •!• CHORAL SCENE, continued •!• HEAR AND Now Choirs Ontario and - please, please, please - get out and support your local choirs, beginning with the Ontario Youth Choir, this month. (Larry Beckwith is the Programmes Coordinator of Choirs Ontario. Their phone number is 416-923-1144.) CHORAL OUICK PICKS September 18 8:00: Cor Meibion De Cymru (South Wales Male Choir) September 20 2:00 & 8:00: Ontario Youth Choir (in Further A field) September 2112:00 noon & 25 8:00: Ontario Youth Choir September 29 8:00: Men of the Deeps October 01 4:00: Cantores Celestes Women's Chamber Choir Oc.tober 05 2:00: Men of the Deeps (in Further Afield) October 07 3:30: John Laing Singers (in Further Afield) ••••••••• • • • 3 Hear&Now (NEwMusic) MUSIC GALLERY GOES GUERILLA The Music Gallery has for the next year or t t t Member profiles, 2000, continued from page 74 (Toronto Early Music Centre) The 16th annual Early Music Fair will take place on Saturday, September 23rd, from 11 :00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Harbourfront Centre. Membership: individual; family; student/senior. · VOICES Artistic Director: Ron Cheung General Manager: Heather Penner Voices, a 17-voice chamber choir under the artistic direction of Ron Cheung, begins its 'fifth full season this year. The choir launches its 2000-2001 season on the heels of a summer trip to the International Choral Kathaumixw in Powell River, BC, where . the Voices' won the silver medal in the mixed-voice choir competition, !!midst an international field of entrants . This dynamic group of musicians is rapidly gaining a reputation for excellence in choral music, having already garnered numerous performance invitations, including engagements performed at the invitation of the 1998 ACCC Convention in Halifax; the Toronto Symphony Orchestra Classical Connections Series; The Royal College of Church Organists, and Vision Television. Voices will present three concerts in this year's regular season: A Ceremony of so gone guerilla, having lost its home on Richmond Street West. (The high value of real estate sitting kitty corner to the maybe-Opera House, apparently motivated their landlord to exercise his option to cut them adrift at this time. Spaces of the sort the Music Gal­ 'lery needs are difficult to come by, so the Music Gallery people have decided to rent temporary office space and join forces with Theatre Centre West to find space for a joint facility, which will give both organizations higher visibility and a stronger presence in the city. Meanwhile the Music Gallery will continue to present interesting and challenging concerts of new music, jazz and world music at various venues (this month on September. 9, 13, 28,_0ctober 2, 6 and 7, mostly at St. George the Martyr Church but also at Dublin Street Church in Guelph. Look for their events in Too Late to List this month. THOROUGHLY · MODERN MOOREDALE? Mooredale Concerts, not a group that one associates at first glance with new music, Canadian Carols on December 2, 2000; Music for Meditation and Reflection on March 31, 2001; and The 3 Bs: Music of Bach, Beethoven and Brahms on June 16, 2001. Voices continues to make its performing home this year in the glorious acoustic of St. Thomas Anglican Church on Huron Street in Toronto. For Voices concert tickets or information, please telephone 416-429-7740. YORK UNIVERSITY Department of Music Faculty of Fine Arts 4700 Keele St. Toronto, Ont. M3J 1 P3 Tel. (416) 736-5186 16 Wholenote SEPTEMBER 1, 2000 - OCTOBER 7, 2000 York University's Music Department showcases student and faculty talent in dozens of public events each year. Highlights of the 2000/2001 season include the inaugural concert of the York Symphony Orchestra-in-residence on Oct. 21, followed by three more performances Dec. 1, Feb. 3 and May 5. Music at Midday, an eclectic series of concerts, lectures and workshops by faculty, students, alumni and visiting artists, is presented every Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. The popular end-of-term Jazz Bash features three consecutive evenings of engaging jazz sty lings for small combo~. big is presenting what appears to be a very interesting new work scored by Larysa Kuzmenko. In the creators' own words, "A Song of Lilith is an original Canadian, specially commissioned three-media work, which will keep audiences spellbound for an hour and a half. The ancient legendary figure Lilith, comes to the twenty-first century to tell her story, offering the audience both drama and spiritual insight." The creators and performers of this work are all distinguished Canadian women: renowned author Joy Kogawa wrote the dramatic narrative poem. Composer Larysa Kuzmenko was commissioned through the Ontario Arts Council to write the score. Shakespearean actor Moira Wylie will recite the text. Visual Artist Lilian Broca's 40 paintings and drawings will be projected on a large screen. And internationally acclaimed musicians, violinists Erika Raum and Julie Baumgartel, oboist Clare Scholtz, violist Kathleen Kajioka, and cellist Kristine Bogyo, will collaborate to enhance the artwork by bringing the words and music to life. u band and choir. Classical chamber music, solo recitals and a vocal series spotlighting the Concert, Chamber and Women's Choirs are offered alongside performances of cutting-edge electroacoustic explorations an new music by student composers. The worl music program spans many different global traditions, from klezmer and North American string band to gamelan, Chinese orchestra, West African drumming and South Indian classical music. Most events are free. For details, see our season brochure or newsevents To become a member of WholeNote, and have your 150-word profile published in the October or November 2000 issues, give us a call at 416-323-2232. Deadline for inclusion in October: September 18, 2000 Deadline for inclusion in November: October 18, 2000 We look forward to hearing from you!

~c:.=..=-=JRT-=--- 1 GU IT AR LES SONS Classical & Jazz Radio Toronto! 24-hour member-supported radio! Program Highlights JAZZ "The Jai.z Scene" with Ted O'Reilly Mon.-Fri. 3-7 p:m. "Portraits in Jazz " with Doug Watson Sat. 6 a.m.-Noon "Jazz with Bob Parlocha" Mon.-Fri. 9 p.m.-1 a.m. "Night Beat" with Mary Lou Creechan Sat. & Sun. 10 p.m -1 a.m. "Big Bands" Sun. 7-10 p.m. "Swing" Sat. 5-7 p.rri. with Glen Woodcock PLUS ... CJRT Cfassica[ Music · • Beginner· Advanced (All Ages) CASSANDftA. CIA.ftALLO AOED 11', 1 ST PLACE KAWAfl.115 FESTIVAL 2000. STUDIES WITH JUAN TOMAS • Private Lessons, Classical, Flamenco, · Jazz, Folk, R&B, Theory, Harmony, Conservatory Exam, Preparations, Composition. • Also teaching Piano, Violin, Flute, and Trumpet. • Many opportunities available for students to perform in public Call: FftA.NKLIN TELLO VENEZUELA, STUDIES WITH JUAN TOMAS. Juan Tomas 485-2056 For An Appointment cll!(au'tunSmith cll!(uj,ic ~tudio ADULT EVENING COURSES The Musician's Way to Health and Freedom 6-11 a.m. Mon .-Fri· Music Medicine for Musician·s and all Performing Artists. with Peter Keigh Learn how to deal with RSI, .numbness, neck,voice, 1 TMJ, back, knee and muscular skeletal problems. Taught By Juan Tomas, B.FA (Over 30 years Experience) Ontario Teachers' Certificate Studied Guitar in Spain Recording Artist Composer/Member of SOCAN CAREER MOVES A Comprehensive Workshop for the Classical Musician On Planning, Development and Management of Careers. Co-presented by The Intl Resource Centre For Performing Artists & . Orchestras Canada Small Ensembles Program FRIOCT20 Bluma Appel Theatre 27 Front Street E. COST: .00 9:30 am -Registration/Coffee 10 am-1 pm Anatomy of~ Career 2pm-5pm Tools of the Trade_ Panelists include: Shirley Verrett, Members of Quartetto Gelato, Gryphon Trio, Jane Colwell, William Littler, Lou Lo Monico, Jennifer Taylor, Anne Kear *** 11 a.m . - 3 p.m. Mon.-Fri. KRediscoverhealthierways of making music to prevent further injury through awareness, movewith Adriane Markow ment, and integration of the following: The IRC Presents: The Alexander Method The Feldenkrais w· h 1-6 a.m . daily Method - · An Encounter It with Peter Van de Graaf The Mitzvah Technique Craniosacral Method SHIRLEY VERRETT The Inner Game of Music Learn how to deal with performance anxiety, nerves, SAT /SUN OCT 21/22 plus ... Sundays... shyness. Gain stage presence and confidence. Prepare for Performance and Public .4QIT Speaking. Use of video tapes and recording. Meditation. Develop your sense of 1 Oam-1 pm & 2pm-5pm tJiarltr c"-"•usic humor with lmprovComedy. Jackman Studio · R · Discover Your Singing Voice Records In ev1ew Learnhowtosing. Useamicrophone,andsingwithorwitho~tkaraoke. Vocaltech· Cdn Opera Ctr Opera 1 A Prairie Home Companion 1 Blues, Jazz, Country, Rock & Roll. nique, speech therapy, and the psychology of performance. Develop a mind/emo- , lion/body/spirit approach. use of video cameras, TV and recording. Sing Top 40, 157 Front Street East , Harmony and Chords PartiCipants: 0 pr:fJii ~ , Theory. Transpose and write songs in any keys. Explore Chakras, Music, Colours I ~~;~;.;~~;nRr::'i7/:i'e~;~d Develop your listening skills and begin to play by ear. • Observers: - 7 Info/Registration: Grade 1 FTaexl:: 33652910402423 ~F I ~= '"""'°'""""" ~· ""'"~ ''"'""'"'"' '~'"'" ""''"' ""'"' $ 0 BBC ne·'TvseMlep-Fho8n&e: 10 a.m. 1 · :::iaration for Royal Conservatory of Music Exams. Preliminary Rudime$ft;nts, Instrumental Music. Learn to play saxophone, clarinet, trumpet or trombone in a fun and sma~ro~ setti~ 416-595-0404 ' PRIVATE IN~THUCllON I Piano I All Levels I Al/Styles, Voice, Saxophone, Clarinet, Trumpet, Guitar We wish to acknowledge g 1-888-595-0404 I' 6 With thanks the collabor_ a- 'lo• dl'lo« 'J:iat,. ond[Jnfo

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