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Volume 6 Issue 1 - September 2000

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CONTENTS VOLUME. 6 #1 •:• SEPTEMBER 1- OCTOBER 7 2000 Toronto's only comprehensive monthly classical and contemporary concert listing source Volume 6 #1 September 1 to October 7, 2000 . Copyright (c) 2000 PerPul Proze, 60 Bellevue Avenue, Toronto, ON M5T 2N4 Publisher: Allan Pulker Editor: David Perlman Listings Editor: Simone Desilets Layout & Design: David Perlman and · Michael Busija Cover by Rocket Design Photography: Den Ciul, Gary Ray Rush, Michael Shaw Advertising: Allan Pulker, Karen Ages Distribution Manager: George Grosman Contributing Writers: Choral: Larry Beckwith; Bandstand: Merlin Williams; Jazz: Jim Galloway; Music Theatre: Sarah B. Hood; Features: Allan Pulker, Dawn Lyons; Margo Hunt How rn REACH Us Advertising and Memberships Allan Pulker ph 416-323-2232, fax 416-926-7539 Listings, Subscriptions, Unclassified Ads Simone Desilets ph 416-323-2232, fax 416-926-7539 Editorial David Perlman ph 416-603-3786 fax 416-603-3787 Email: DEADLINES: Next issue is Volume 6 #2, October 2000 (covering events Oct 1 to Nov 7)' Publication: Thursday; September 28 Free listings: '6pm Friday Septemb~r 15 Advertising reservations: Colour: 6pm Tuesday September ll.2 B/W: 6pm Monday September 18 Subscriptions: /year + GST Phone 416-323-2232 Printing by New Concept Circulation: 26,000 The WholeNote is a kmDRUM Publication. CANADIAN PUBLICATIONS MAIL PROD­ UCT SALES AGREEMENT 1263846 ISSN 1488-8777 WHOLENOTE (PRINT) . ISSN 14888-8785 WHOLENOTE Ft:·ATURES Member Profiles 8-16 Cover Story: Howard Cable, by Allan Pulker 33-34 · Musician in our Midst: Heidemarie Garbe by Allan Pulker 35 Behind the Scenes: Bass Player, Alan Molitz by Dawn Lyons 35-38 Post Script: The COG Women 's Committee, by Margo Hunt 38 Unclassified Advertising.131 One to watch: Left: Cathy Elliott, composer of Fireweed, Women of the Yukon (See music theatre, page 22) DEPARTMENTS Concert Notes/ 8-20 1) Overview 8 2) Choral Scene LarryBeckwith 14 3) Hear and Now 16 4) Jazz Notes Jim Gafloway 18 5) Our Members Write 18 6) Band Stand Merlin Williams 20 Music Theatre/22,'23 Spotlight Sarah B. Hood 22 . Music Theatre Listings 23 Listings Comprehensive Concert Listings 24-28 Further·Afield 28-30 Honourable Mention/ 30 Too Late to List ; 30 Index of Presenters and Venues 30 Etcetera File / 32 · 6 Whole n ote SEPTEM BER 1, 2000 - OCTOBER 7, 2000

COMMENT "Why are so many great singers coming from Canada these days?" asked someone at the Met last year. "Is there something in the water?" (April issue, page 50) Nope, not in the water, in the climate, would have been an appropriately self-congratulatory reply. Because there was something in the climate here for a long while , a valuation of the arts that manifested itself as school music programs and vigorous funding of the arts by the Canada Council.and the Ontario Arts Council, among others. September 23 to October 1 is ArtsWeek in Toronto and October 1 is International Music Day. These equivalents of Mothers Day and Fathers Day are all well and good if they stimulate us to ask ourselves what the arts and music in particular do for us and what we do for the arts and for music. In past years we might even have suggested that delaide Hell 31 II the King's Voices 11 madeus Choir 11 mici 25 udio Group 33 ellwoods Acoustic Concerts 26 alyx 27 anadian Music Centre 39 horal Store 1 5 JRT FM 17 lassical 96 FM 4 laviers Baroques 19 oncer! Hall Record Store 19 oncerts at St. George's 28 avid Tamblyn 19 eep Down Productions 19 !mer lseler Singers 3 tobicoke Centennial Choir 15 estival Cinemas 21 ary Ray Rush 33 ary Armstrong Woodwinds 13 eorge Heinl & Co. Ltd. 37 annaford Street Silver Band 27 eliconian Club 1.4 erman Rombouts 15 COMMENTARY we take these as opportunities for a bit of hard-earned selfapproval. But Howard Cable in our cover story this month raises some serious questions about cultural climate change around here. And if an individual of Cable's stature and usually unquenchable optimism is critical of the way we as a society support the arts, then perhaps self-questioning and · self-ex~mination, not selfcongratulation, arefo order for this year's recognition of ArtsWeek and International Music Day. The climate has changed. We have elected pol~ticians convincedthat we can either have fiscal responsibility and minimalist education or fiscal irresponsibility and wellrounded educational programs. Riding the tide of our generation's riches -- the rewards of cultural and educational policies from two and three decades ago -- it was an easy choice to make. Afte~ all , the consequences of our decision wouldn't begin felt for ten to twenty years. (And probably not primarily by us.) So, you can cut music out of education, but don't expect to continue nurturing people like Howard Cable, Ben Heppner or Richard Margison. And eventually forget about having organizations like.the Toronto Symphony, Tafelmusik, Music - Toronto and the Mendelssohn Choir around because, without renewing their audience, they cannot survive: Artists do not come out of a vacuum, they arise because of something in the climate~ And , that climate has changed. Not for the better, either. What are we going to do about it? (Meanwhile the music -- the extraordinary profusion of music--goes on, at least for now, as the 2000-2001 season raises itself from the . torpor of summer.) INDEX OF ADVERTISERS: SEPTEMBER 2000 lain Scott 15 James Sugg 21 Juan Tomas Guitar Academy 19 Kapralova Society 28 Leaside Concert Series 26 Linda Maguire 34 Linda Caplan. 31 Long & McQuade Musical lnstru: ments 19 Marie Graf~ 31 Maureen Smith 17 Mikrokosmos 31 Montgomery Sound 13 Mooredale Concerts 5 . Music appreciation with Rick Phillips 19 Music Toronto 5 Music Chamber 31 Orion House 29 Peros Music 9 proVoce Studios 23 PsychoSpace Sound 15 , R.C.M. Music & Bookstore 9 Recorder Centre 3 7 Roy Thomson Hall 4 & 13 Royal Conservatory of Music 2 Serenade Music School 32 Shar Music 37 Sinfonia Toronto 40 Sound Post 13 Soundstreams 3 7 Synaptic Gap Productions 32 Toronto Early Music 'centre 26 Toronto Consort 27 Toronto Organ Club 15 Toronto School of Music 15 & 24 Narelle Martinez 31 Toronto Camerata 32 N. Toronto Inst. of Music JS · 1 Toronto Choral Society Ensemble 1 New Opera and Concerts Centre 23 Two Plus Two 24 North Toronto Women's Chamber University Settlement House 34 Choir 13 Vocal Art Forum 23 Off Centre Music Series 3 Voice and Piano 15 Orchestra Toronto 25 Free subscriptions to The WholeNote (Not if we can help it!) Our goal is to have at /east one distribution point for WholeNote in every postal code (first three characters) in our primary distribution area (from Hamilton in the west to Oshawa, east; and as.far north as Brampton, Schomberg, NewmarK'et, and Stouffville). So here's the pledge. If you discover that there is no distribution point in your postal area (e.g. L2N) let us knoy.i and we will either arrange a distribution point there within four weeks of your ca Ir or provide you with a free WholeNote subscription (value ) for one year (10 issues) from the date of your call. Here's how it works. If you have internet access, check the distribution page on our website. ( and then notify us if there is no distribution point in your code. (Or simply phone us at 416-323-2232, tell us your code, and we'll look it up for you.) SEPTEMBER 1, 2000 - I OCTOBER 7, 2000 Whole note 7

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