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Volume 6 Issue 10 - July/August 2001

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•. ,•.!,•\V;.i, ..

•. ,•.!,•\V;.i, .. ,1:_,-•:_,.:•_,-••_,-'._,.-,1_ __ ... '1,1... '1.,1 .. ,:._,1,,:_.':.,: ,:,_,: __ ,1_,1 __ • New Music by Paul St~enhuisen It was a cold January afternoon in the winter of 1997, and I was standillg outside the Grand Palais in Paris, in a long lineup that extended south toward Pont Alexandre and. lnvalides. The queue was at least an hour's wait, yet not a single shivering body in the line was preparea to aba,11don its spot. We weren't waiting fot autographs from the latest prefab pop sensation or validation of our temporary vi~as, nor were we 'willing participants in a case study on cryogenics - we were waiting to get into an art gallery. Despite the cold, I was full of joy that others were as excited and committed to seeing this exposition of Picasso portraits' as I was. It was a relief to be in a place where 'the work mattered so much, and was ultimately well worth the wait. 1 I had a variation on that sensation this past month when 1' actually had difficulty getting - ti_ckets to a few concerts in Toronto. Jukka-Pekkll Saraste and - the TSO sold out 2 nights of - Schoenberg's Gurreleider in Roy Thomson Hall, so I attended the ·dress rehearsal of Saraste's triumphant finalooncert as music . director. Similarly, I was glad to witness such strong inte,rest in Queen of Puddings' "ECHOES" -- on opening night it was standing room only at St. George the Martyr. We can hope the positive correlation between ambitious programming and concert attendarlce won't be' ignored when future concerts are planned. As with the TSO/film festival Alexander Nevsky production at Massey Hall last November, it ~~.~~.~~-~-~.~.~_rrm rrr ==: :~'.~'.~'.~?t:=~~~);i;i;i '~-~-~ ...... ::~:t:.r~~=~=~:::::::::=== =~ ·.·.··.·.·.·=·=·=·=·=~;~;~;~\i~i~t ~-~_:.~ ':=-=:: ::&;liears.a.. 1s:. ''D.-:.-:-: .ri~sa~.':'~'. :6Vi. ¢nm~ .. :•t:tJ•,•.••.••.•.•.•.•.•.•.•.•-•.•,•.••-•--••-•-•.•••-• ::i:: ~ .·.·:-:·:·:·:·:·:::::·:·:····· •= :;:;:;..:t? ;.:-:-:·:·:: _•_•_•.: tJne. SUndti""t Mo.rniri'* sa~.~t ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::= :=:=:======·=· ·=·=·=::: ::::::: =:=:=::======== ~· ·"' · .. ~ we ,.,,_ ., ,,,. ,,,,. I.ill \I-·' ;•· i~···· ,,,, JH@!-PH Mil!• Hr~ - ,,,,,,,,,,~'{, 1 wm ': 1.,i.,:.,:.,1·.,i_,1,_,:_,1_,i.,i_,1:.':e.:~.•:: ,::,r,:,:·_~-:.•,_.,•·_i:it_~·-~,',_a_:._:,_,~,'b,,'_,.:_~-:,::,·.: .• ':liv.i:~.·-·::_,'_,~.;.:.u.•-::,~_i._1::0~_,ia_,:_,•:_,:_,;_,m_,•_,•,_,,_,._·,:_·, 'i.,i.,:.:'n~~;••._·_:_:_·:_••-·-•·-•.:_t:: .. i,.,:.,:, ..· __ }:r•J.'• ]J•:]: :::::r .· .~:~:~:~:::~::)?::::~:=:~: '~ '~_.'~ '~ '~ ,,1,1,,1,1.,•.,i.,1,i·,••,.•,••,•.:_ .. l•,.i,•.i.•.i =.==.= =.==.= =./.'.'·'·'.'·'.'·'-'·'.'·'.'_.· .. ..... __ 1.,l,,l,l_,l,l_,l,l,,l,l,,l Jt •••• ? . ' . ....?? ~:a::~ ~::i::u =:t:~~ ::::::::::::;:; :_.'_::_.'_i./.= ~1~1f ~1~1~1~1~11~~ _::~_,1_,1_,~:~,:_·~_,,:•,,~,:•,1,.~.:_:~ _·-~,'-~_·.~,·-~-·-~,·-~_·_:,·.~=,-.t',,:-~=•, .:=_,~=;, =,1.~:~ .·'~ __ ':, .. .. ~~~~t~~~~~rr m~ ::::::::::::r======::::=·=··· =======::::::::: ===========:=:=::::=:=:=·=·=· ::::======:=======: .·.·.·.·.·.·.-.:·:·:--·:········ .PENTHELIA SINGERS Young Women's Choir Mary Legge Dir~ctor ANNUAL AUDITIONS For the 2001 - 02 season REQUIREMENTS: , Good sight-reading abilities --~-~Commitment to excellence For appt. phone 416 229 0522 Opera Atelier at the Music Garden: Summer 2000 seems that audiences want to hear interesting, unconventional, largescale performances, anp show up when they know they will happen. Maybe these successes will inspire someone to mount a performance of Steve Reich's recently . completed ':Three Tales", for large ensemble and video' projection, which deal1fwith the consequences of technology: the Hindertberg tragedy, atomic testing on the Bikini atoll, and cloning the sheep named Dolly. SUMMER CONCERTS Although the frequency of summer concerts in the-Toronto area is substantially less than during the colder months, there is surely something to catch the attention of everyone interested in new music. The "Music Garden" is a series of free outdoor concerts ( programs/garden.htm), curated by National Post music critic Tamara Bernstein. , Held at the Toronto Music Garden, located on the waterfront at 475 Queen's Quay West (between gpadina and Bathurst), the Music Garden concert series runs throughout the summer, weather permitting. When asked about the concerts, Bernstein wrote: "The Toronto Music Garden was inspired by the music of J.S. Bach. Many of the performers on this summer's concert series plan to include some of his music, but people tend to forget that Bach was also one Qf the greatest improvisers of his day - I can think , of no better way to pay tribute to that side of Bach's genius than a concert by one of North America's 'most thrilling improvisers, clarinetist Lori Freedman (July 5, Audition Opportunities Sidgwick Scholarship Programme The ·Orpheus Choir of Toronto,' Artistic Director Brainerd Blyden-Taylor, seeks singers , to fill its Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Sidgwick Scholarship positions for the 2001-2002 season. Scholars receive a stipend and the opportunity to perform as soloists in one or more o( the season's concerts. For further information on the Scholarship Programme, please call Helen Coxon at (416) 251_-3803. The Choir is also auditioning choral singers for all voice parts,. Rehearsals. are held on Mondays at Yorkminster Park' Baptist Church. For further informatjon on the Choir and our next season, please call Margaret Magee at (416) 530-4428. 10 Wholenote JULY1,200l·AUGUST31,2001

l 7 .. Lori is one of those musicians that you go to hear no matter what or where she's playing. This kind of performance should· be heard by everyone who · prizes daring, emotional honesty and virtuosity in music-making". Freedman's concert on the 5th will Qe her first concert of completely solo ~provisation. The Festival of the Sound (www. festivAfofthe soqnd.o' irt Parr)- Sound has a number of . concerts. featuring relatively new, music. On July 26; at 7:00, you can hear Christos Hatzis' ~Footprints in: new Snow" in a waves lapping the shores of the West coast. Beverley Johnston's July 9 concert at the Grandview Inn, Hwy 60 will no doubt be one of the more lively events ;it the 1 Huntsville Festival of the Arts (, and the glinllner of contemporary music found at the Niagara International Chamber Festival . ( can .be heard on Au~st 10, in the concert "Mozart and Our, Contemporaries" which features a piece by the eccentric Pennsylvania comp0ser George Crumb.' free concert. The following night, , Lastly, Stratford .Summer trumpeter Guy Few plays music Music presents the musical spanriing 250 years, including dramatic work based on the Luciano Berio's classic Sequenza Biblical story of Jonah, createCI bY, · X, for trumpet and piano ' Murray Schafer and Friends (July · ·resonance. August 9, at 7pm, the . 29 & 30: 10:30pm: Knox Church, Toronto String Quartet will play . comer of Ontario & Waterloo, · Jeff Ryan's Quantum Mechanics, Stratford. 1-800-567-1600, .). · which the composer describes as "three movements inspired by ~ges and ideas fund in atomic energy". On August 10, 7:0') pm, the AllegriString Qua'rtet will play R. Murray Schafer's Quartet #2, "Waves", which develops from fluid, repeated figures timed according to the duration between soliND TRA VEts ' For a c\ty the size of Toronto, 'there is a surprising lack of electroacoustic music performance, something that the directors of SOUND TRAVELS seek to challge. Now in its 3rd ' season (September 1 and 2 at Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts, Toronto Island; http://www.interlog.cohl/ - darcope/adven.html) SOUND TRAVELS explores the · possibilities of sound in space in a series of four outdoor concerts, including demonstrations, soundwalks, and workshops. Audiences will be ~ted to four outdoor sow1d excursions that feature works using octaphonic sowxl spatialization. Artistic director Darren Copeland (Toronto) will be joined by David F4gle (Calgary), . Joergen Teller (Denmark), Tim BniOy (Montreal), John Oswald (Toronto), Paul Dolden (Montreal), David Gamper (New York), Anne .BOurne (Toronto), Sarah Peebles (Toronto), Bruno Degazio (Toronto), anct'KristiAllik , (Kingston). The .'11:orld premiere of a new large scale workby Paul Dolden will be featured along with an international program of · improvisational collaborations, classic electroaeoustic works from Francis Dhomont (France/Quebec) and Hildegard Westerkamp (Vancouver); and a collaboration between Sarah Peebles and David Toop (U.K.). . . August 17-19, from 11 AM , to 4 PM, SOUND TRAVELS will launch their season with the premiere of a sound installation by UK sound artist John Wynne, at Metro Hall (King & John). . JOIN Sound.List Experimental Music, Free Improvisation & Sound Art Soundlist is an E-mailing list for announcement~ of evj:lnts involl,iing experimental music, free improvisation, soun.d. art, electroacoustic music, new concert music, sourid .poetry or sol!nd sculpture in the Toronto area . . The list is free of charge, low-volume (weekly); moderated, and has. hundreds of subscribers, all of whose E-mail addresses are treated as strictly confidential. To subscribe, sen'd' E-mail to soundlst@audiolab.u 0 (note the missing ,' i'). . ) .~ · Ii SIC ••••••• at' ~t.George Toronto's home for new and unusual , mu_sic is pleased to· ~e enter,ing int~ · a collaborative relationship with ST.GEORGt-THE-~ARTYR ANGLICAN CHURCH i 97.John St. ,

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