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Volume 6 Issue 2 - October 2000

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are the singers for whom

are the singers for whom Hatzis has written the work, which will include vocal improvisations. Hatzis' ambition in writing Constantinople was "to investigate the means by which the experiences of our rich cultural and historical heritage can unite our modern and severely fragmented world." In Greece where Hatzis was born and raised, "Constantinople signified Utopia. He sa~ it as "the meeting place between Islam and Christianity, the monophonic East and the Polyphonic West, a testing ground for solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems." Where better than Toronto, he says, "where ethnic minorities form the majority, ... to succeed in developing the culture of the future global village," a real live contemporary "Constantinople". Constantinople mixes musical genres - classical with electroacoustic, jazz, sixties pop, blues, Middle Eastern classical and folk music - some unrelated to historical Byzantium but very related to present day North American urbanism. The texts are equally eclectic - CoNCERT NoTES •!• OvERVIEW, continued •!• CHORAL ScENE Amici and Lothar Klein Amici Chamber Music Ensemble has been enriching this city for some time now, not only with the artistry of their playing of the mainstream chamber music repertoire, but also by commissioningand performing new works by contemporary composers. They will perform the latest of these, commist t t Member profiles, 2000, continued from page 72 staged productions (recitals, opera, symphonic and choral masterpieces), offer Master Classes to GT A-area dance groups, including York University and the Canadian Children's Dance Theatre, and write, critique, and publish articles on dance, opera and music. In addition, the company has been the Canadian representative of the Isadora Duncan International Institute since 1988. Jeanne Bresciani, Artistic Director of the I.D.I.I. is Co-Artistic Director of dance OREMUS danse. She is considered the greatest Duncan soloist of the current generation. On Sunday, November 26, 3 pm, the group mounts a dance/lieder recital The Voice is The Soul of The Dance as part of the Rosedale Presbyterian Church Series. Starring Nina Scott­ Stoddart, Ms. D.J. Clary and Paul James Dwyer, the repertoire includes Clara Schumatm, Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, and the Wagner cycle Wesendonk Lieder. DUO M argot Rydall, flute and !van Zilman, guitar DUO MUSIC 46 Empire Ave .. Toronto, M4M 2L4 Tel: 1416) 463·1011 DUO partners Margot Rydall and I van Zilman bring to their collaboration over 25 years of professional experience in Classical, Jazz and World Music performance. Their debut CD DUO was Sufi poems, fragments of Eastern Orthodox and Latin liturgy, and Byzantine epic poetry. Ergo Ensemble October 18 will be the premiere Toronto performance by the Ergo Ensemble. The concert, says artistic director, Barbara Croall, is called "Birds of a Feather ..." because of the common aesthetic of the six contemporary composers whose work is on the program- they all avoid "excess ... and make the most of the smallest of means." The instrumental resourcesharp, cimbalom and piano - for which the works programmed were written, harken back to the earliest stringed instruments, which were either plucked or hammered, making the program a kind of contemporary interpretation of the musical past. Music Gallery The Music Gallery's "Voice Series", begins this year on October 20 with "the provocative, inventive and imaginative sounds ofVede Hille" at St. George the Martyr Church. released in 1998 to critical acclaim and regular international radio airplay. In the fall of 1999, after returning from a highly successful Asian concert tour, DUO began preparing their latest CD Collabyrinth, which was released in September 2000. This CD, presented in the style which has become DUO's signature, combines serious Classical works with the best of classic Jazz ballads. It includes works by deFalla, Mussorgsky and J.S. Bach as well as Jazz greats Bill Evans and Joe Zawinul. This CD is available online at www. thewholenote. corn/store. DUO's busy fall schedule includes a CBC television profile and performance, and a Sunday afternoon concert in Toronto's Beaches. They will be performing a formal evening concert at the Royal Conservatory of Music Thursday, November 16, and other concerts in November and December. ETOBICOKE COMMUNITY CONCERT BAND Music Director: John Edward Liddle Address: 88 Martin Grove Rd., Etobicoke, ON M9B4K5 Contact: Dennis Locke, President Phone: 1905) 669-8551 or 1416) 622·8389 With characteristic zeal and panache, the Etobicoke Community Concert Band presents fabu lous fanfares to the new millennium. Music from across the 14 Wholenote OCTOBER 1, 2000 - NOVEMBER 7, 2000 country and across the sea, including timetested classic and original works, resonate through the voices of outstanding guest artists and the thrilling sound of this popular Band. To open the 2000/2001 mainstage series, the Band showcases acclaimed vocalists The Canadian Singers in Made in Canada, a majestic and madcap tribute to the music of the nation at the turn of the century. For Christmas Pops, drum rolls and a blaze of brass herald the season along with the dazzle of singer Priscilla Wright. Affable radio personality, Jim Paulsen of CHWO 740, turns back the clock as host of Radio Days where Big Band music takes over the airwaves in a 40's style radio show. The season concludes with a rousing musical tribute to all things British -Last Night of the Proms. HIGH PARK CHOIRS OF TORONTO Artistic Director: Ann Cooper Gay Administrator: Lindsay Farrow Address: 375 Pacific Ave .. Toronto ON M6P 2R2 Telephone: 1416) 762·0657 E-mail: Website:"hpchoirs The High Park Choirs have an exciting musical season planned; one that promises many rewarding experiences for both members and audiences. Composed of 200 choristers in four divisions under the artistic direction of Ann Cooper Gay, the Choirs draw upon repertoire from many cultures and sing in several languages. Amici Ensemble This season promises to be an exciting year filled with concerts, festvals, visiting choirs, and a European tour. In addition to the annual Winter and Spring concerts, the Higb Park Choirs will be participating in a number of special events, foremost being the Bob Chilcott Workshop and Concert in November and the Three Choir Festival in April. Now in its 15th season, the High Park Choirs continue to share and celebrate our community's rich musical heritage. KAMMERMUSIK TORONTO Artistic Director: Keith F. Muller 255 Glebeholme Blvd., Toronto, M4J 1T1 Tel: 1416) 778-1898 Web site: Performing works for vocal and orchestral ensemble under the direction ofKeith F. Muller, Kammermusik Toronto (incorporating the Millennium Singers) launches its Inaugural Season with a five-concert series. This 35- member adult SA TB chamber choir and 1 0-member chamber orchestra perform a wide spectrum of vocal and instrumental music from Byrd to Cage. Kammermusik Toronto opens its 2000-2001 season on Friday, October 27 at 8 pm with a concert of premiere works by Adam Adler, Beverly Lewis, Gerald Hannon and Keith Muller. This concert also features the North American premiere of Prayers and Dances of Africa by Peter Klatzow. tU

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