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Volume 6 Issue 3 - November 2000

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Music Theatre

Music Theatre Remembrance of Things ·Past November productions evoke lives lived · by Sarah B. Hood· , . It has always seemed appropnate to me that November is the month in which we think 'of the dead. As the sky turns grey, the days grow shorter and the leaves begin to fall, thoughts of our mortality naturally occur. No surprise that November 1 (the day after Hallowe'en) is celebrated in the Roman Catholic calendar as All Saints Day. It's followed by November 2, (All Souls Day), when prayers are offered for those in Purgatory. And, of course, on November 11, much of the world honours those who died in war. same time. The multi-voiced effect is musical in structure, quite consciously. Young's original concept was to match each scene with a section of Bach's Goldberg. Va~iations, which Gould recorded as a brilliant 23-year-old, and then . again one year before his.death at age 50. As most of the actors in this production have a long history with the show, the strength of the ensemble performance has no doubt mellowed and matured since its powerful 1992 incarnation. The dynamic Autumn Leaf No coincidence, then, that Opera and Performance is launching the world premiere of a there's definitely a theme of remem- production by percussionist and brance on stage this month. Several composer Ahmed Hassan. It's called important music theatre produc- 14 Remembered, and is billed as "a tions that open over the next few contemporary requiem in memory weeks have at their core the idea of of the fourteen women slain at L' remembering those who have died. cole polytechnique on December 6, For instance, Array-music is 1989". The production, a benefit for presenting the "premiere workshop the December 6th Foundation and production" of Robert W. the Canadian Women's Foundation, Stevenson's new opera Nostalgia at Robert W. Stevenson: Nostalgia is a co-commission with Music Canada Harbourfront from November 1 to 4. score as I compose." 2000. "I didn't think I was goihg to write Because he scores for individual 14 Remembered plays at Massey an opera," confesses Stevenson. "Where lines, he often produces chords that Hall on December 6. Hassan himself this piece has its origin is some letters cannot be played by two hands on a provides musical direction of an intriguing from my father from the Second World keyboard. "It's been a real challenge to (possibly unique) instrumental ensemble War. I just followed where the inspiration 'figure out how to make this music consisting of vocals, percussion, viola, led me until it became clear to me that it pianistic," he says. "It comes into exist- saxophone, double bass, didgeridoo and • was a stage work. We pretty much just ence with that instrumental sound, an tabla. Thom Sokoloski directs, while followed where the music has led us." open-voiced kind of conception." Hassan's longtime collaborator Peggy Stevenson, a clarinetist, has an Baker provides choreography for herself eclectic background in composition. He Not a new work by any means, Glenn . and two other dancers (Sara Chase and has especially become knqwn as a collabo- is happily making a return visit to the du Roula Said). . rator with some of Toronto's most innova- Maurier Theatre Centre where it debuted At the same time the alwaystive choreographers, like Holly Small and in 1992. Necessary Angel Theatre Com pa- ambiti??s Autumn Le~f is working on Bill James. He has composed music fo! a ny's production of David Young's script an exc1tmg co-production with the Ba?ff number of site-specific dance works like about Glenn Gould is one of the most Centre for the Arts, the opera Kopernzkus ·James' Flux, part of a series of pieces on completely satisfying theatre productions . by Canadia? Claud~ Viv_ier. Vivier died in the ~lements that were performed (as to have been staged in Toronto in the ·90s. 1983, but his work is. bemg pe~orn;ed James likes to do) in large warehouse Since its debut its has run at the National around the world. His Kope~mkus is~ spaces. . . Arts Centre in Ottawa to acclaim at the chamber opera for seven vmces and eight Stevenson has also performed as a Stratford Festival and,(most recently) in instrumentalists in ~~ich a woman . clarinetist with "lots of contemporary Montreal. Now it comes home to encounters drelj.m VIs1ts from characters mu.sic groups''., as well as wit~ the well- Harbourfront from November 14 to like Lewi~ Caroll, Merlin, the Queen of . known Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band. As a December 9. Night, Tnstan and I.solde 1 Mozart and (did composer, he says "I don't work at the . In dramatizing and exploring the you guTss?) Copenucus: . keyboard; I write what my ear tells me. I'll life and work of Gould, David Young Kopermkus ran m B~nff m ~ug~st, go to the keyboard as a: ref~rence instru- conceived a piece for four.actors (John and then toure? to the ~u?1ca ~est1val m ment." · ' Koensgen Brandon McGibbon Duncan Strasbourg. This month it is bemg pre- Therefore, he believes, "I naturally Ollerensh~w and R.H. Thomso~), who sented at England's Huddersfield Festival. have a tendency to think more linearly. To each embody one aspect of the great The show's Toronto pre~iere is scheduled me, it's all about what the individual voice pianist's personality. As the Prodigy, the for March 2001 a~ th~ Wmter Garden is doing within the line. The music is Performer thePerfectionist and the . Theatre, after which it moves to Montreal, conceived much more for the individual Puritan the four actors talk to themselves, where it constitutes part of the season for instrument," he says, adding: "I tend to the audience and each other, often at the L'Opera de Montreal. 28 Wholenote NOVEMBER 1, 2000 - DECEMBER 7, 2000 I

Music THEATRE •!• L1sr1NGs: NOVEMBER 2000 ACT. Sondheim· A Birthday Celebration. L!oyd. To December 31. Tuesday· Saturday: original music by Glass; Philip Glass & Kronos David Zippel; Rod Maxwell, director. Benefit cabaret commemmorating his 70th 8:00; Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday: 2:00. Quartet, performers. November 7: 8:00. 60 November 15· 18, 22·25, 29 & 30, December birthday. Sally Jones & other, performers'. Royal Alexandra Theatre, 260 King St. West. Simcoe St. 872-4255. to . 1 & 2: 8:00. Sheridan College, 1430 Proceeds to Aids Committee of Toronto. 872-1212. to 5. Roy Thomson Hall. Richard Margison, tenor. Trafalgar Road, Oakville. ~05·815·4049. November 12: 8:30. Church At Berkeley, 315 Mirvish ProductiQnS. The lion King. Stage Opera program of Puccini, Verdi & Massenet. (Wed./Thurs.); (~ri./Sat.); l(st/sr Queen St. East. 416·872-1212. ,. musical of Disney's 1994 animated fea)ure. Canadian Opera Company Orchestra; Richard Wed./Thurs.); (previews Nov.15 & 16). Alexander Singers & Players,H.M.S. To April 1, 2001. Princess of Wales Theatre, Bradshaw, conductor. November 6: 8:00. 60 Theatricality Plus Players. Nuncrackers. Pinafore. By Gilbert & ~uliivan. Vincenzo ~00 King St. West. 872-1212. to 5. Simcoe St. 872-4255. to . Christmas musical comedy. Nov. 28: 8:00. Sestito, _director; Angela Hawaleshka, Music Theatre Mississauga. The Merry Sanderson Centre. Nuncrackers. The next Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts, 130 musical director .. November 8: 1 :00; Widow. Music and lyrics by Franz Lehar. chapter in the Nunsense series of musicals. Navy St. Oakville. 905-815·2021. .99. November 9, 10 & 11: 8:00; November 12: November 24, 25, 30, December 1, 2: 8:00; November 16: 2:00 & 8:00; November 17: Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Beethoven 3:00. Yorkwoods Library Theatre, 1785 November 26: 2:00. Meadowvale Theatre, 2:00. 88 Dalhousie St., Brantford. 1 ·800· Lives Upstairs. Story with music of life with Finch West. 785·0333. ,,group rates. 6315 Montevideo Rd., Mississauga. 905· 265·0710. ,,st/sr). Beethoven. Excerpts from Beethoven: Piano ARRAYMUSIC. Nostalgia. Premiere 821·0090. .50,.50. Scarborough Music Theatre. Mame. Music Concerto #1; Symphony #6 Pastoral; Leonore workshop production of opera by Robert W. Necessary Angel Theatre Company. Glenn. & lyri~s by Jerry Herman; book by Jerome O~erture ~~; Symphony .#9 Choral. Classical Stevenson. Michael Donovan, Stuart Howe, Play by David Young. Deconstruction of the Lawrence & Robert E.Lee. Nov. 2·4, 9· 11, Kids; Patricia Krueger, piano; Errol Gay, Joel Katz, Shari Saunders & Eric Shaw, ·life of Canadian pianist Glenn Gould with 16· 18: 8:00; Nov. 5 & 12: 2:00. Scarborough conductor. Novemb~r 18: 1 :30 & 3:30. Roy performers; Ryan Wagner, director. November 1 ·4: 8:00. dli Maurier Theatre Centre, 231 Queens Quay West. 973-4000. ,. musical excerpts. Previews from November Village Theatre, 3600 Kingston Rd. 396· Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe. 593-4828. · 11; main run November 14 · December 9. 4049. , sr/st on Thursdays & University of Toronto Faculty of Music/ Tues.·Sat.: 8:00; Sat. & Sun.: 2:00. du Sundays. MusicCanadaMusique 2000. The last Maurier Theatre Centre, 231 Queens Quay St. Christopher House Music School. Duel. Opera with music by Kulesha; Michael Autumn Leaf Performance/ West. 973·4000. ·; previews . Scrooge. A musical adaptation of Charles Patrick Albano, librettist/director; Raffi MusicCanadaMusique 2000. Hassan: 14 New Music Concerts/Music Gallery. Dickens' A Christmas Carol by composer Armenian, conductor. November 2,3,4: 8:00; Remembered. Contemporary requiem for 14 -infoweaver. Interactive multi·media music Barry Galloway. Nov.30: 7:30, Dec. 1: 2:00 November 5: 2:30. MacMillan Theatre, 80 women. Peg.~y Baker, .Beverley J~hnsto.n, theatre work by Allik & Mulder. December 7· & 7:30. The John Workman Theatre, 1001 Queen's Park. 978·3744. ,. Kathleen Ka11oka, Marie·Jo Paradis, Erme 1.0: 8:00. Robert Gill Theatre, 214 College Queen St. W. 532-4828 ext. 107. , University of Toronto Opera Dept. Opera T ollar & other performers. December 6: 8:00. St. 416-978· 7986. 20,. (st/sr). , Tea: Liszt Goes to the Opera. Opera & tea on & Massey Hall, 15 Shuter. 872-4255. .50 New Opera & Concerts Centre. the theatre stage. William Aide, piano,· Rossini: Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra/Opera up.. The Barber of Seville. Ross Darlington, Atelier. lu//y's NPerstfe.. Soloists and dancers students of the Opera School. November 21: CanStage. Outrageous. Canadian musical.- Charles Baxter, Dale Kustra & other of Opera Atelier, Tafelmusik Baroque 2:30. MacMillan Theatre, 80 Queen's Park. Book & lyrics by Brad Fraser & Joey Miller. performers; Mila Filatova, artistic director. Orchestra and Chamber Choir. Herve Niquet, 416·978·3744. . To November 18. Mon.·Thurs.: 8:00; Friday November 10 & 11: 8:00; Nov~mber 12: conductor. November 2 & 4: 8:00. Elgin University ofToronto/University of 7:00 & 11 :OOpm; Saturday: 3:00 & 8:00. 2:00 & 8:00. George lgnatieff Theatre, 15 Theatre, 189 Yonge St. 872.5555. ·. Western Ontario/Royal Conservatory of Berkeley Street Theatre, 26 Berkeley. 368· Devonshire Place. 416·604· 1557. ,. Theatre Aquarius. Joseph & the Amazing Music. John Cage: Europera 5. Darryl 3110. . . ·(regular). . . Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts. Ed d t L " M D Id Technicolour Oreamcoat. By Andrew Lloyd war s, enor; or .. a c ona , soprano; C1v1c Light Oper~ Company. The Wizard of lvanka Delivers the Goods. Musical comedy Webber & Tim Rice; Jeff Hyslop, choreogra· Jack Behren.s, piano; Noel Martin, vitrola; Oz. 100.years of Oz songs by Arlen, Harburg, by Jo·Ann Waytowich. Nov. 24: 8:30; Nov. pher. December 6·24. Evenings: 7:00; Daryl A. Chrichton, pr~ducer. November 4: Baum, Tietjens, Van Huessen, Cahn, Smalls & 25: 7:30. 130 Navy St. Oakville. 905·815· Saturday & Sunday matinees: 1:00. 190 King 7:30. Ettore Mazzolem Concert Hall, 273 others. December 7.9 & 14·16: 8:00; 2021. .99. William Street, Hamilton. i·800·465·7529. Bloor St. West. 408·2824 ext.321. ,. December 10 & 17: 2:00. Fairview Library . . · ·, ·(sr/st), (under 16). Yorkminstrels. A Funny Thing Happened on Theatre, 35 Fairview Mall Drive. 203·7839. Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts. _The Nutcrackel Oakville Ballet Company & Oakville Theatre Aquarius. On Albert Street. Books the Way to the Forum. By Larry Gelbart & , .50, (Wednesdays &'Thursdays). · Bert Shevlove. Robert Gorican, director; Ellen Symphony Orchestra. Dec. 7 & 8: 7:30; Dec. 9: & lyrics by Maryjane Cruise; music by Glenn Etobicoke Musical Productions. City of 2:00 & 7:30; Dec. 10: 1:00 & 4:30. 130 Navy St. Morley & Maryjane Cruise. Play with music Kestenberg, musical director; Harvey Angels. Text by Larry Gilbert; music by Cy Oakviile. 905·815·2021. .99. ' (world premiere). To November 11 . 190 King Cooperberg, Clark Allen, Marc Gallo & other Coleman; lyrics by David Zippel. November . . William St., Hamilton. 1·800·465·7529. performers. November 25,30, December 1,2: 17· 19, 24·26, December 1 & 2. Evenings: Ope.ra Buffa Inc. The Gift. Holiday tale by Previews ·; regular ·. 8:00; November 26, December_ 3: 2:00. Leah 8:00; Sunday matinees: 2:00. Burnhamthorpe"David Kyle. Dec.1: 7:30; Dec.2: 2:00; . . Posluns Theatre, 4588 Bathurst. 416·291· Auditorium, 500 The East Mall. 416.248. D_ec.15: 8:00; Dec.16 : . 2:~0 & 7:00. fa1rv1ew Theatre Sheridan. City of Angels. Book by 0600. l,$l6, group rates. 0410 group rates Library Theatre, 35 Fairview Mall Drive. 416· Larry Gelbart; music by Cy Coleman; lyrics by . ' . 872-1111.,. ----------------------. Heinar Piller Productions. Wrinkles. ~ Musical revue. Douglas c~amberlain, Corinne Opera in Concert. Rossini: la Gazza ladra. · · C I G K f d D · F Laura Whalen, Eric Shaw, Kevin Armstrong & on ey, ary raw or , emse ergusson, The New Opera and Concerts Centre J u d y M ars h a k & B nan · M c K ay, per f armers. Ross.Darlington, performers; Raisa presents , To November 18. Winter Garden.Theatre, Nakhmanovich, music director. De'cember 3: 189 Yonge St. 872-5555. .50 to . 2:30. 1 :45: Backgrounder with host lain Scott. Jane Mallett Theatre, 27 Front St. IMP Productions. You're a Good Man, East. 416·366·7723. ,. Charlie Brown. The Broadway musical. Kevin Bowers, director; Neil Bartram, musical director; Charlotte Moore, Brian ~ills, Cara Leslie, Gab Desmond & other performers. Tuesday.Saturday: 8:00; Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday: 2:00. New Yorker Opera Mississauga. Bizet: Carmen. Dwight Bennett, general &.artistic director. December 2,4,6 & 9: 8:00. Hammerson Hall, Living Arts Centre, 4141 Living Arts Drive. 905·306·6000. ·$S4,·(st/sr). Theatre, 651 Yonge St. 872-1111. .50 Opera Ontario. Popera. Memorable' operatic to .50 (group rates). show·stoppers. Soloists; Opera Ontario Living Arts Centre Mississauga. Godspell. Cho~us; Ki~che.ner-Waterloo Philharmonic Music & lyrics by Stephen Swartz. November Choir; Damel Lipton, conducto~. November 23 1 & 2: 7:30. Hammerson Hall, 4141 & 25: 8:00 a~ Great .Hall, Hamilton Place, 1 LivingArts Drive. 905·306·6000. ·. Summers Lane, Hamilton. 905·526-6556. · . November 24: 8:00 at Centre in the Square, Mirvish Productions. Mamma Mia! Musical · Kitch'ener. 519·578· 1570. ·. based on the songs of ABBA. Music & lyrics by Benny Andersson & Bjorn Ulvaeus; book by Catherine Johnson; directed by Phyllida Roy Thomson Hall. Dracula: The Music and Film. 1931 film classic with Bela Lugosi: G 1 o~cl J11 10 Ross11J1's Th·e BC1rber of Seville Mila Filatova, Artistic Director and Producer Nina Scott-Stoddart, Stage Director Fri November 10, 8:00 p.m. Sat November .11, 8:00 p.m Sun November 12, 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. , George lgnatieff Theatre 15 Devonshire Place (S of Bloor, E of St., George) Tickets: / students, seniors at the door or 416-604-1557 NOVEMBER 1, 2000 - DECEMBER 7, 2000 Wholenote 29

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