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Volume 6 Issue 3 - November 2000

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Comprehensive Concert

Comprehensive Concert Listings, Nov 1 to Dec 7 Wednesday November 01 -12:30: York University Dept. of Music. New Music by Student composers. Mclaughlin Performance Hall, 050 Mclaughlin College, 4700 Keele St. 736· 5186. Free. -12:30: YorkminsterPark Church. Noonday Recital. Christopher Dawes, organ. 1585 Yonge St. 922:1167. Free. -2:00 & 8:00: Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Natalie MacMaster and the Chieftains. Traditional Irish music. Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe. 593-4828: to (eve), to (mat). -7:30: Living Arts Centre Mississauga. Godspell. Music & lyrics by Stephen Swartz. Hammerson Hall, 4141 Living Arts Drive . . 905-306-6000. -. For complete run se~ Music Theatre listings. · -8:00: ARRAYMUSIC. Nostalgia. Premiere workshop production of opera by Robert W. Stevenson. Michael Donovan, Stuart Howe, Joel Katz, Shari Saunders & Eric Shaw, performers; Ryan Wagner, director. du Maurier Theatre Centre, 231 Queens Quay . West. 973-4000. ,. For complete run see Music Theatre listings. -8:00: Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art. Chamber Orchestra of the Emporda. Music by Fabrega, Toldra, Serra, Serrat & others. Jordi Codina, guitar; 'Carles Coll, director. Studio. Theatre, 235 Queens Quay Wes( Harbourfront. 416-973-4000. . -8:00: Hart House Music Committee. Ensemble L 'Astree. Repertoire from the 17th & 18th centuries for flute, oboe, bassoon, violin, viola, cello, theorbo & harpsichord. 7 Hart House Circle. 921-3802. -8:00: Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts. Susan Aglilkark. 130 Navy St. Oakville. 905-815-2021. .99. Pay! Ayres, organ , Fiona Wilkinson, flute Michael Bloss, organ Dr. Mark Toews, organ Variete, Variete! Bedard: Variations on Old 1 OOth; Franck: Pr.elude, Fugue & Variaffon;Dupre:Variaffons surunNoel. Christopher Dawes, organ Reader, please note WE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO ENSURE ACCURAcY, 8\.IT Tt!INGS HAPPEN! So PLEASE, WHEREVER POSSIBLE, USE THE PHONE NUMBERS PROVIDED TO CALL AHEAD. ALSO, PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY THE FIRST PERFORMANCE OF Music THEATRE EVENTS IS '1NCLUDED IN THESE DAILY LISTINGS. FOR Music T HE'ATRE DETAILS, SEE OUR Music THEATRE . LISTINGS . . To LOCATE LISTINGS FOR A SPECIFIC PRESENTER OR VENUE, PLEASE CONSULT . OUR INDEX OF PRESENTERS AND VENUES -8:00: Roberta Laking, soprano & Richard Leach, piano in Recital. Works by Ravel. . Vaughan Williams, Donaudy &,Rtbers. Church of the Holy Tiinity, 10 Trinity Square. 598-4521. Freewill offering; donations to Stop 103. -8:30: University of Toronto Faculty of Music. Small Jazz Ensembles. Walter Hall, 80 Queen's Park. 978-3744. Free. Thursday November 02 , ' -12:00 noon: CBC Radio Two: Music Around Us. Anya Alexeyev, piano. Music by Rachmaninov & Balakirev. Keith Horner, host. Glenn Gould Studio,.250 Front St. West. 205-5555. Free. · -12: 10: St. Paul's Bloor Street. Noon Hour Recital.· Marty Smythe, organ. 227 Bloor St. East. 961·8116. Free. -12:30: American Musicological Society. South Indian Classical Music. T. Viswanathan, flute & vocal; T richy Sankaran, mrdangam. Sheraton Centre, 123 Queen St. W. 978·0379. Free. -12:30: Christ Church Deer Park. Fools Rush In ... Vocal duets by Schumann, · Milhaud, Sullivan & Steffani. Lucy Carrick Wedel, soprano; Jay Lambie, tenor; Bruce Kirkpatrick Hill, piano. 157·0 Yonge St. 920· 5211. Free (collecti~n). Women's Musical Club of Toronto AFTERNOON CONCERT December 7, 1:30 p.m. Measha Brueggergosman Soprano A sumpmous-and smnning voice. Singing music by Mozart, Schubert, Duparc and Wolf. -1:30: Women's Musical Club of Toronto. Leipzig String Ouartet. Music by Haydn, Zemlinsky & Beethoven. 12: 15: pre· ·concert lecture; Rm. 330. Walter Hall, 80 Queen's Park. 923· 7052. . -8:00: American Musicological Society. Couperin Revisited. Lecture/recital explores 30, Wholenote NOVEMBER 1, 2000 • DECEMBER 7, 2000 performance practice in the Pieces de Clavecin. Ray Mcintyre, harpsichord & piano. Sheraton Centre, 123 Queen St. W. 978-0379. Free. · -8:00: American Musicological Society. Cross Talk MIO/ Percussion Ensemble. A program of original music. Norman Weinberg, director. Sheraton Centre, 123 Queen St. W. 978-0379. Free. -8:00: American Musicological Society. Elmer lseler Singers. Program of Canadian music. Lydia Adams, director. Hilton, 145 Richmond St. W. 978-0379. F,ree. -8:00: All)erican Musicological Society. Music of Twkey. Concert of 16'h & 17 1 h cent. traditional music. 12 performers from Istanbul's Conservatory of Turkish Music. Sheraton Centre, 123 Queen St W. 978- 0379. free. -8:00: American Musicological Society. Traditional Music of Bhutan. Religious music of the tempfes; secular folk music. Jigme CONSORT CARITATIS Songs Monica Whicher soprano with songs by Heimich Schenker Carolyn Maul, piano Drukpa, flutes, lute, mouthharp & fiddle. Sheraton Centre, 123 Queen St. W. 978- 0379. free. -8:00: Massey Hall. Noche Flamenca. Traditional flamenco performed by dancers, musicians & singers'. 15 Shuter St. 872- 4255. .50 to .50. -8:00: Music Gallery. View Ensemble. St. George the Martyr Cburch, 197 John St. 416·204.l 080. ,. ' -8:00: Scarborough Music Theatre . Mame. Music & lyrics by Jerry Herman; book by Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee. Scarborough Village Theatre, 3600 Kingston Rd. 396-4049. ,. For complete run see Music Theatre listings. -8:00: Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. Verdi Requiem. Barbara Livingston, soprano; Annamaria Popescu, mezzo-soprano; Kurt Lehmann, tenor; Robert Pomakov, bass; Noel Edison, conductor. 7:00: pre-concert chat with Rick Phillips. Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe St. 872-4255. .25-.25. -8:00: University of Toronto Faculty of Music/ MusicCanadaMusique 2000. The Last Duel. Opera with music by Kulesha; Michael Patrick Albano, librettist/director; Ratti Armenian, conductor. MacMillan Theatre, 80 Queen's Park. 978-3744. ,. For complete run see Music Theatre listings. Friday November 03 -12:30: American Musicological Howard Dyck C.M. conductor Introducing works by REINHARD OPPEL (1874-1941) Messe, Op. 32 .Liturgien, Op. 6, No.3c Jan Overduin, organ C°omposer Reinhard Oppel fiercely opposed the Nazis, but remained in Germany until his death in 1941. His impoverished family, fleeing advancing Stalinist armies, buried his manuscripts. Presumed lost for more than half a century, these late romantic works have recently been rediscovered. Consort Caritatis presents their modern premieres. St. Patrick's Church 1'41 McCaul St., Toronto Friday, Nov. 3, 8:00 p.m. Admission: at the door

Society. Choragos Ensemble performs 16'' By a Canadian lady: Piano Music 1841 · Century Polyphony from the Alamire 1997. Works by Hatton, Branscombe, Manuscript. First performance of recently Pentland, Jaque, Louie.& Piper. Elaine discovered masses & motets. Sheraton Keillor, Canadian scholar & pianist. Hilton, Centre, 123 Queen St. W. 978·0379. Free. 145 Richmond St. W. 978·0379. Free. -12:30: American Musicological -7:00: American Musicological Society. Society. Impressions: Contemporary Works by College Music Society Composers. Chinese & Impressionistic French Piano Louisiana State University Players; Louisiana Music. Pianist Elaine Chew demonstrates State University String Quartet. Sheraton the connection between these two genres. Centre, 123 Queen St. W. 978·0379. Free. Works by Jiange Wenye & Wang. Sheraton -7:30: Ontario Christian Music Centre, 123 Queen St. W. 978·0379. Free. Assembly. Christian festival Concert 2000. -12:30: American Musicological , Mixed choir &. concert band; Andre Knevel & Society. Lila Muni (BeautifulSoundJ: Dirk Out, organ & piano; Maja Roodveldt, Gamelan/Angklung Ensemble. Music soprano; Ruun Fiselier, tenor; Leendert Kooij, composed for traditional Balinese director. Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe. instruments, with audience participation. 416·636·9779. to . Sheraton Centre, 123 Queen St. W. 978· -8:00: American Musicological Society. 0379. Free. The Maryem Tollar Group. Arabic classics & -12:30: American Musicological Tollar's original compositions for vocals, Society. Music by Aaron Copland. A hand percussion, ney flutes, bansuri flutes, program of chamber music. Sheraton saxophone, oud & other instruments. Hilton, Centre, 123 Queen St. W. 978·0379. Free. 145 Richmond St. W. 978·0379. Free. -12:30: American Musicological -8:00: Classic Jazz SQciety of Toronto. Society. Music by Rebecca Clarke: A World Peter Ecklund, trumpet; Hot Five Premiere & Her Best Known 'Work. Binnorie: Jazzmakers; Alex Pangman & Her Alleycats A Ballad; Viola Sonata. Hilton, 145 with Jeff Healey. Estonian House, 958 Richmond St. W. 978-0379. Free. Broadview Ave. 416-485-5489. -12:30: American Musicological , · ,(members), (students). Society. Red Stick Saxophone Oua,rtet. -8:00: Consort Caritatis. Oppel: Messe Works by College Music Society composers: Op.32; Liturgien Op.6 #3; Schenker: Songs. Harding, Brings, Caniato, Bullen & Stock. Monica Whicher, soprano; Carolyn Maule, Sheraton Centre, 123 Queen St. W. 978· piano; Jan Overduin, organ; Howard Dyck, 0379. Free. conductor. St. Patrick's'Chutch, 141 -12:30: American Musicological Mccaul St. 416·929-6158. . Society. The Cimbalo Cromatico in the 11'' -8:00: Massey Hall. Les Tambours du Century. Lecture/recital exploring the Bronx. African percussion: punk rock. 15 phenomenon of the chromatic harpsichord in Shuter St. 872-4255. .50 to .50. 17•h cent. Italy. Charlotte Mattax, -8:00: Oakville Centre for the harpsichord. Hilton, 145 Richmond St. W. Performing Arts. The Music of Andrew 978·0379. Free. Lloyd Webber. Kevin Bradshaw, baritone; - 12:30: American Musicological Carol Ann Feldstein, mezzo.soprano. 130 Society. Three Liszt Melodramas. Lawrence Navy St. Oakville. 905·815·2021. .99. Jones, piano; Jim Lewthwaite, narrator. -8:00: Orpheus Choir of Toronto. Hilton, 145 Richmond St. W. 978·0379. Copland: In the Beginning; Four Motets; Old Free. American Songs; Britten: Rejoice in the -12:30: American Musicological Lamb. Shawn· Grenke, piano/organ; Si~gwick Society. With Open Hand or Clenched fist?- Scholars, soloists; Brainerd Blyden· Taylor, An exploration of new music from Canada & music director. St. James' Cathedral, 65 the Baltics. Works by Kaski, Thoreson, Church St. 530·4428. ,. Haukson, Wallin & Hui. Michelle Cheramy, - 8:00: Royal Conservatory of Music. In flute; Maureen Volk, piano. Sheraton Centre, Memoriam. Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique: 123 Queen St. W. 978·0379. Free. episode de la vie d'un artiste Op.14; Britten: -4:15: American Musicological Society. Sinfonia da Requiem Op.20. Simon Streatfeild, conductor. Glenn Gould Studio, 250 Front St. West. 408-2824 ext.321. ,. -8:00: Small World Music. Kartik Seshadri, Indian classical sitar. Eastminster United Church, 310 llanforth Ave. 536· 4769. ,. -8:00: Toronto Consort. Orlando Consort: New Strawberries, New Mulberries. Program centred on music and feasting in medieval and early renaissance Europe. Trinity·St. Paul's Church, 427 Bloor St. West. 964-6337. -, - (sr/st). -8:00: York University Dept. of Music/ Music Gallery. New Music by Young Composers. St. George The Martyr Church, 197 John St. 204· 1080. Free. -8:15: American Musicological Society. Illinois State University Electro·Acoustic Ensemble.' MIDI ·instruments & instrument controllers in the context of live musical performance. T raoitional, contemporary & jazz fusion styles. Sheraton Centre, 123 Queen St. W. 978·0379. Free. Saturday November 04 - 12:30: American Musicological Society. folias festivas with Belladonna. Folias, dance pieces & settings of other ground basses. Sheraton Centre, 123 Queen St. W. 978·0379. Free. -12:30: American Musicological Society. from the Salon to the Stage: Songs by Marie de Grandva/, Pauline Vlardot·Garcia, & Lili Boulanger. Eileen Strempel, soprano; Sylvie Beaudette, piano. Hilton; 145 Richmond St. W. 978·0379. Free. -12:30: American Musicological Society. Jugalbandhi - Dialogue Between the Musicians. Music from Karnatic (South Indian), & Hindustani (North Indian) traditions. Lakshmi Ranganathan, veena; Aruna Narayan Kalle, sarangi. Hilton, 145 Richmond St. W. 978·0379. Free. ~ 12:30: American Musicological Society. 16'' Century lute Settings of Josquin Oesprez. Program includes settings of Spinacino, Capirola, Bakfark, de Rippe & Newsidler. Jacob Heringman, lute. Hilton, 145 Richmond St. W. 978·0379. Free. -12:30: American Musicological Society. The Vocal Music of Anton Webern: The Persistence of Tonality & Its Influence on Performance. Fiinf Lieder, Op.3 & Drei Lieder, Op.25. Helen Pridmore, soprano; Matthew McDonald, piano. Hilton, 145 RichmondSt. W. 978-0379. Free. -12:30: American Musicological Society. Traditional & Contemporary Korean Music for Kayagum. Kim Hee-sun, kayagum ( 12 stringed zither). Sheraton Cent re, ~ 23 Queen St. W. 978·0379. Free. -12:30: American Musicological Society. Works by College MuSic Society Composers. Works by Ferguson, Walsh, Thome, Felice, Harding & Takahashi. Sheraton Centre, 123 Quee.n St. W. 978· 0379. Free. - 4:15: American Musicological Society. Made in Canada. Multi media presentation of Part of Seven, a suite of songs by Buczynski. Lorna McDonald, soprano; Walter Buczynski, piano; Donia Blumenfeld Clenman, poet. Hilton, 145 Richmond St. W. 978·0379. Free. -7:00: St. Patrick's Church. Surinder Mundra, piano' in Recital Works of Bach, , Mozart, Chopin, S~humann & others. . Fundraising concert. 141 McCaul St. 598· 3269. ,. -7:30: Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Dvorak: Carnival Overture; Slavonic Dance, Op. 72, #2; Mussorgsky: Night on Bald Mountain; Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto # 1; 1812 Overture. Naida Cole, piano; Marco Parisotto, con'ductor. Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe. 593-4828. to . -7:30: Toronto Gilbert & Sullivan Society. A Gilbert & Sullivan Celebration. In honour of Sir Arthur Sullivan on the 1 OOth "Death & Remembnnce" I Fariooi Roroqae tJ......ble ·n"'· IOMrlh (onfg lllt>pNfrom llr,. ( 'hralf'r 1111b11vtg) 'l'he Academy Concert Series Tel: (416) 889-5414 hooouft.'d " ida tbe. \.l'O"IHor Millon& D.,.:lf."n "'1Ct fo nmM..­ hy llandd& Puft'1.•11 1 Saturday . November llth,2000 atSp.m. Tic-kl'lli: 111\aud 110 NOVEMBER 1, 2000 - DECEMBER 7, 2000 Wholenote

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