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Volume 6 Issue 7 - April 2001

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or more without being

or more without being played, it sho.uld be "broken-in" again. I see many older clarinets that have cracked, and usually they have · not been played for some time. Cracking is not a reason for despair. Most cracks are quite minor and can be invisibly repaired without any effect to the clarinet. Small brass pins are threaded through small holes drilled across the crack; the pin ends are ground off, and the STEPHEN FOX Handmade clarinets Historical woodwinds Woodwind repairs 242 Ashlar Road Richmond Hill, ON L4C 2W6 Tel/fax (905) 737-7263 www 1 4 Fifth Sfreet T orof'\tc 1 s la "d O V\ta rio Ccrnada M 5J 2B9 -rel: 4 16 2 0 3 0789 holes filled with epoxy or cyoanacrylate (crazy-glue) mixed with grenadilla powder. This work is done free at my shop as , part of the first year's warranty against cracking. A professional clarinetist or a university student in a music performance program, playing several hours per day,· can expect ·to need a few pads changed after, the first year; the action will have loosened up and some of the little "'!cork bumpers that cushion the keys will h!ve worn down. As well, fresh- grease and oil should be applied to assure silent and smooth key action. Dust on the body of the instrument and accumulated'dirt-in the tone holes · · can be removed at this time. Commonly called "clean, oil, and adjust," this job takes about two hours and costs about 0 at my shop. It's usually in the third or fourth year of heavy use that all the pads rieed changing. Costing about 0 for labour and about for the pads, this "overhaul" job restores the instrument to original specifications. A note .about plastic clarinets. As my colleague Alan Rossi observes in the next article, the many amazing plastic materials available today offer a terrific option.for pre-teens, young teenagers, and beginning amate\lrS. The main advantage PHILIP L. DAVIS Luthier formerly wiU1 J.J. Sc/1r0der: Frankfun. in~st Germany A Fine Selection of Small and FUJJ Sized Instrument,s and Bouis • Expert Repairs (416)466-9619 67 Wolvcrleig/1 Blvd .. 1bronto. Ont. Canada. M4J I R6' 20 wholenote APRIL 1, 2001 - MAY 7, 2001 being that they cannot crack; you can play them under any condi- . tions without fear. They cost much Jess, and require no breakin period. No, they do not have the warm tone quality of a wood instrument, but the beginner will not usually appreciate the tonal differences. Well, I have run out of space. Then; are lots of other maintenance questions that plague. woodwind players (clarinet, flute, oboe, sax, bassoon) that couid be addressed in a future column in this space. If you have any desire to see such a column, bug the, "".holenote Editors! Store Manager and Repair Technician, Alan Rossi, Repair Te~hniciqn, Shauna Penny, and Repair Technician and owner Gary Armstrong standing in front of ring-shrinking device at Gary Armstrong Woodwinds Ltd. Buying (1): Clarinets by Alan Rossi Every day someone calls and tells. me that they are · interested in buying, renting or repairing a clarinet as their son or daughter has expressed interest or is studying it at school. Many adults are either rekindling past • glory or have finally reached that point on their forty-one year old to-do list! Whatever the situation, the musical instrument world may seem daunting but take heart. It's really very simple! Musical instruments are relatively affordable and they are not going to become obsolete by the time you get them home and unwrapped. If you make a wellinformed' decision you will protect yourself from financial risk. Here are a few guidelines. If you have an instrument already and wonder if it should just be repaired, bring it to a reputable repair centre and ask for a free estimate. If you are looking at an instrument at a pawnshop or as a private sale, take it on approval and do the same thing. Major repairs to student, inte,rmediate and professionai quality clarinets can range between 0.00 and 0. 00( and up). A good deal can go bad very quickly if you don't take this into account. So Jet's say you want to buy a clarinet for yourself or for your son or daughter. First of all, are they taking private lessons or in school as part of a band

program? How old are they, how big are they, how interested are they? If you think (one never knows) that they have a strong

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