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Volume 6 Issue 7 - April 2001

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CovER S10Rv: Tapestry

CovER S10Rv: Tapestry presents. Chan Ka Nin' s Iron Road by David Perlman music as a career." · Announcing his company's "My first real music was sponsorship of Iron Road, AT&T my high school band. I ended up Canada's Harry Trudering deftly writing pieces for them which is linked "the building of the why I suppose I chose to study national railroad and our laying with Jean." · of the only end-to-end fibre optic After Indiana, he returned network in Canada." So, to Canada, and since 1982 has fittingly, I started my Iron Road been teaching theory and research on the "glass road" - composition at the University of and Toronto, and producing a wide The latter range of works of his own: is the invaluable website df the "But nothing as big?" I ask. CMC (Canadian Music Centre). "The scale of Iron Road is Scrolling through the interesting" he says "but not the CMC's list of Chan Ka Nin's most challenging thing. True it is compositions, one song caught my first opera, but the cantata has my eye. "The Daughter of Master strong similarities. More .· Chin (1976)" the entry read, · "JO challenging is how the elements min. Text: adaptation, of an old • of drama affect the form." Chinese ballad; trans. S. Obata. The give and take with Soprano, flute (piccolo), piano, 4 librettist Mark Brownell has been percussion, string quartet. " exhilarating, he says. "Mark is I resolved to ask him about it. writing the best possible drama, ------------- which both dictates and liberates Chan Ka Nin was born in a musical form. Then I return Hong Kong in 1949, and moved with a more fully realized musical with his family to Vancouver in ~hape, that in turn shapes his 1965. "Tqere were not a lot of work, such as a few extra lines Hong Kong-born school kids in needed to balance the timing and those days, We were a novelty." drama of the score." After high school, he went The challenge was even to UBC to do Electrical more intricate with song-writer Engineering, but also studied. George K. Wong, responsible for con:iposition, for pleasure, ·with translating some of Brownell's Jean Coulthard. Upon graduating lyrics into Cantonese. "Cantonese he made a radical decision - to has nine infl~cted endings'' music continue studying composition, , director Strongman explains "so with Bernhard Heiden at Indiana. there was this extraordinary "Music was minor before interplay, to ensure that the coming to Canada" he says, "a musical line would not obscure bit of violin and briefly piano, the sense." my brother played pop guitar. Without coming to Canada I could never have thought.of Strongman; Tapestry's founder and, with producer TIME FOR ANOTHER COC DOUBLE BILL. This time it's the odd couple of Mozart's ldomeneo and Britten's Billy Budd. Erstwhile non-singing actor Roger Honeywell, who appears in both, has already had a substantial career at Stratford and Shaw, as well as in regional theatres across Canada. (He played Rosencrantz to Keanu Reeves' Hamlet, for instance.) But until he was cast in the Canadian musical The Return of Martin Guerre, he says, "I didn't know I had this heroic big voice." Nexi stop was the COC Cl

Quartets Oct. 4 Nov. 1 Nov. 22 Dec. 20 Feb. 7 Feb. 28 Mar. 21 Apr. 11 ~TORON1D 2001-02 SEASON+ CHAMBER MUSIC DOWNTOWN THURSDAYS St. Lawrence Quartet Petersen Quartet with guest artist Beverley Johnston, percussionist Kodaly Quartet Tokyo Quartet Avalon Quartet Emerson Quartet Arditti Quartet Penderecki Quartet George Weston Discovery THURSDAYS Jan. 31 Robe1t Pomakov, bass Feb. 21 Catherine Manoukian, violinist Mar. 14 Quatuor Molinari Ensembles-in-Residence TUESDAYS Oct. 23 G1yphon Trio with guest artist Scott St. John, violist Nov. 27 Toronto String Quartet Jan. 15 Toronto String Quartet w ith guest artists Sadao Harada, cellist and Yizhak Schotten, violist Feb. 12 Gryphon Trio May 7 Gryphon Trio with narrator Colin Fox. A co-production with Piano Oct. 9 Nov. 6 Dec. 4 Jan. 22 Mar. 5 SOUNDSTREAMS CANADA Marc-Andre Hamelin Stephen Kovacevich Anagnoson & Kinton Naida Cole Stephen Hough AFFORDABLE +ACCESSIBLE + INTIMATE + EXHILARATING 'uA};:,_ ~NI'{ ~~ Jane Mallett Theatre at ~ St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts TUESDAYS GREAT CLASSICAL MUSIC IN A PERFECT SMALL CONCERT HALL DOWNTOWN. j_' 416-366-7723•1-800-708-6754 SUBSCRIPTIONS FROM · SEASON SPONSOR: TIIE GLOBE AND MAIL Strad Various Ltd., a division of Remenyi Music, has managed the Royal Conservatory Music Bookstore since 1991 as their print music division. Effective April 1st, 2001 we will relocate from the Conservatory Building to our main premises across the street at 210 Bloor Street West >;.;tJL OUR, lJ);i~fl~o/i;,f:(:'l.NS ·~-f-Nif)1fA!l,, (,)~t~f~I; :~t,(,lW4::'ifJ CW&Blli~f;Ji'/ti.tG~ 'llJi; .. "" " . l(.i.:..,,,,,il(;f,:f ,.. /(,?~;; "'·~''"" '.W,f i{,l!,:;>i lo..i,,.,; (''>.;IJ#.;,,.,..,,,li,,, .r1.r~'JMi.. a'!#!.: h.'l!J1!Jl:1,,.-_,, ••'f,;· Jf!//1,,ff1••''iiii' .w,;,"',;.l/i.~;;,, .\J"if,'-o,,. :,,n,;,,~;•:w/., ~ttjnway Piano 6aBery Muiic B.oo:knorr and "MUllW\!''Chlid:re.n'1 ll ufi£ Sure Tht Opu.a Store Remenyi House of Music 210 BLOOR STREET W.EST (justWofAvenue Rd.) Tel: 416 .. 961.3111 ww\,; '#llliiflH/lillflfll/11111(

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