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Volume 6 Issue 8 - May 2001

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•:• CONCERT Nons 4.

•:• CONCERT Nons 4. HEAR &NOW- New Music by Paul Steenhuisen This month's concert activity in Toronto is highlighted by the banding together of five steadfast new music organizations in deciaring May "New Music Month". Arraymusic, Continuum, Esprit Orchestra. Squndstreams Canada, and , New Music Concerts will each be presenting concerts in the coming month, and are collectively organizing the promotion of their events. · While there is no curatorial link between the concerts and groups, the administrative advantage of this collaboration will hopefully bear fruit in drawing inore listeners to hear · their varied offerings. Focus on access When the topic of accessibility emerges in discussions on new music, it is most often introduced with exasperation on the part of audiences, the result of an unquenched desire to know how to approach the listening experience, yet without adequate direction to pursue the music in depth. For ine, the way through this quagmire has always been making available to the audience intelligent information on the music. As composers, we spend many hours thinking through and developing our musical ideas, developing our working methods. While I've always felt it a matter of inclusion and respect to transpose some of the work in accessing the music on to the listener, nevertheless, by 'providing more information on . the music, we have the option of deepening and/or expediting and leading the discovery process. This stance seems to be supported by the increasing amount of material present on vari.ous web.sites and portals, and I encourage readers to check out the websites of each of the five groups active this month. They are: New Music Concerts:· Arraymusic: - rixax/ MUSIC OF ANA SOKOLOVIC & CHRIS PAUL HARMAN Tues. May 8 a · 8 m at Glenn Gould Studio "The distilled clarity of a haiku. Powerful emotional outbursts." Annalee Patipatanakoon and Mark Fewer, violin; Roman Borys, cello; Stephen Clarke, piano; Soundstreams Chamber Ensemble, Gary Kulesha, conductor ASSoc1Anci~ csc$radi~ · WITH • :J)4J ''"'"" .,9 .,,,,,J 4 I 6·205·5555 Sunday, May 13, 2001 8:00 pm concert (7:15 pm pre-concert talk) Jane Mallett Theatre, St. Lawrence Centre Alex Pauk, conductor guest artists TOMOKO MUKAIYAMA, piano, koto, voice .BEVERLEY JOHNSTON, ·percussion To order tickets call (416) 366-7723 A dramatic opera by Harry Somers and James Reane performed 'in concert' with chamber orchestra Thursday, May 31 & Saturday, June 2 at ~ pm, St. James' Cathedral. 416·504· 7529 PRINT PA~TNER THE GLOBE • AND MAIL composers COLIN MCPHEE (Canada) Symphony No. 2, 1958 LOUIS ANDRIESSEN (The Netherlands) TAO, 1996 for piano, koto, voice ·and orchestra MAKI ISHll (Japan) Afro-Concerto op. 50, 1982 concerto for solo percussion and orchestra 14 wholenote MAY 1, 2001 - JuNE 7, 2001

Co-presented with Two New Hours on' CBC Radio Two Saturday May 26~' 2001 @ 8:00 pm (Introduction @ 7:15) ,.,u C•S AIM. COUMCIL I ~ . u. Cul'IHIL Ill.I /11 JOUI rH.F. .u.n ui.r CA1"ADA ll HCll l'}~::' 1'4:.hJllJ9l,. . The SOCAN Foundation/La Fondation SOCAN CBC1ifi>radi~ The Julie-Jiggs Foundation fnAUICS. AN O itn'Ol'l!1.J ONTARIO AP.TS COUNCIL CONSEll urs ARTS [)[ L'Or.'TAklO torontdartsbou I An arm's length ~ody of the City of Toronto Borden Ladner Gervais • George Cedric Metcalf Foundation Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation • ScotiaMcLeod Sir' Joseph Flavelle Foundation • The Heinrichs Foundation The Herbert Green Family Charitable Foundation The Koerner Foundation • The McLean Foundation The Royal Netherlands Embassy Array.html Continuum: - salex/continuum/ Esprit Orchestra': Soundstreams Canada: http://www. soundstreams. ca/ The information available at these URL's ranges from practical concert times and locations, links to composer websites, notes on the music, to the availability of recordings, etc. Furthermore, there are other . important venues within reach on the web that will interest readers of this column. First, Wholenote magazine·is steadily increasing its web presence, and readers can find a wealth of information and opportunities to express their points of view in the many paths found at As well, CBC's Two New Hours website ( programs/2newhours/2newhours. html), contains programming information, upcoming festival listings, and web radio links, and also runs a discussion group visited by many of Canada's most active composers. Anyone can join and receive the various postings, or read them in the archive. Another site of note is that of the Music Gallery (http://, while other riches are to be found at Rik's Cafe Canadian (http:// - rixax/) And representing and distributing the music of Canadian composers, the Canadian Music Centre website (http:// is extremely useful in retrieving biographical information on · composers, material available for loan or purchase from the CMC library, and more. The CMC also runs two programs which aim to make new . music more available to interested listeners, those being the Cheapseat's and Composer Companion programs. Cheapseats is a program whereby fulltime students can attend concerts at a sharply reduced rate, and Composer Companion matches listeners with a composer who serves as their guest for the concert, . answering questions on the music, discussing the work, and sharing thoughts on the creative HEAR & NOW continues MAY 1, 2001 - JuNE 7, 2001 wholenote 15

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