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Volume 7 Issue 1 - September 2001

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32 Wholenote SEPTEMBER

32 Wholenote SEPTEMBER 1, 2001 -OCTOBER 7, 2001 PRICE CODES for single CDs: Bu9get: under Mid-Price: to Full Price: to Special Import Price: and up DISC(S) OF THE MONTH 0 TWO HISTORIC LANDMARKS IN THE MAULER DISCOGRAPHY RE-ISSUED Mahler: Symphony No. 9 Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Bruno Waiter, conductor Dutton CDBP 9708 (Budget Price) New York Philharmonic Leonard Bernstein, conductor Sony Classical AMK 60597 (Mid-Price) Bruno Waiter was Mahler's closest associate State Opera. After 1907 they saw less of each other, as Mahler travelled to New York to conduct the Philharmonic and work at the Metropolitan Opera. It was Waiter who was entrusted with the premieres of the Ninth Symphony as well as that of Mahler's poignant song cycle . Das Lied von der Erde, following Mahler's death in 1911. Decades later Leonard Bernstein's conducting career was launched to great acclaim when the 25 year old composer filled in for an ailing Bruno Waiter at a matinee performance of the New York Philharmonic on November 14, 1943. These two historic re-issues represent landmarks in the Mahler discography. From Dutton comes Bruno Waiter's 1938 live performance, cleared of surface noise and expertly edited from the original 20 sides recorded by EMI. Bernstein's performance is a studio recording from 1963, from Columbia Records' first Bernstein edition of the complete symphonies. Bernstein's· taffy-pulling ritardandos, when applied toward the end of one of Mahler's more propulsive melodic contours have a . thrilling effect as the cohesion of the ensemble teeters on the verge of destruction. At other times his trademark ling_ering over the material verges on the soporific, notably in the foreshadowing of the finale that occurs towards the end of the third movement. In the finale itself however his . approach works to perfection, with the warm yet enervating tone of the New York Philharmonic's string section wringing every last ounce of passion from the m~sic. · Waiter's sense of rubato is considerably more refined. This is particularly noticeable in his superb interpretation of the second movement, a bumptious parody of a rustic Austrian Land/er. He sets a blistering pace for the third movement, a diabolic scherzo which the Vienna orchestra seems a bit ha~d pressed to sustain at times. Waiter's interpretation of the finale is oddly perfunctory however, as if he were somehow unable to come to terms personally with the complex emotions engendered by this last testament of his mentor. Despite its technological limitations, Waiter's . Apollonian interpretation remains as compelling as Bernstein's Dionysian vision of the work. The Toronto Symphony Orchestra opens its season with performances of Mahler's Ninth Symphony under the baton of Gunther Herbig September 20 and 22. Daniel Foley Thinking of recording? · We buy your c;lassical LP collection (like Beethoven, Mozart, Stockhausen) we travel anywhere for good collection Uncover the possibilities at 314 CHURCHILL AVE. NORTH YORK, ONTARI0 M .2R 1E7 CANADA Fax No: (1) 416-224-2964 Phone No: (1) 416-224-1956 www. in MIKROKOSMOS

NEW & RECENT RELEASES Forgotten Songs, Forgotten Loves Wendy Nielsen, Robert Kortgaard Marquis Classics CDC 82~65-2 (Full Price) Every now and then, we are treated to a recording that brings to light repertoire seldom heard. As implied by the title of this CD, "Forgotten Songs, Forgotte11 Loves," exquisite and - delightful rarit_ies are indeed offered. With a richness of tone and warmth we more often expect from a mezzo, soprano Wendy Nielsen delivers the full range of expression this repertoire demands. Although these songs are relatively obscure, they are certainly not inaccessible. Tuneful and melodic, they are based on the folk-idioms of the regions' they spring from. The listener embarks on a journey to the heart of Eastern Europe with musical vignettes by Dvorak, Zemlinsky, Tchaikovsky and Dohnanyi. The texts range from the playful and adventurous to the romantic, mysterious, supernatural and tragic. Some are presented from the human perspective, others by nature personified (for example, a lively nightingale or a wise, old fir tree). Bitter-sweetness, emotional and social contradictions abound, and Ms. Nielsen is well up to the task of clearly evoking the ever-changing landscapes of the countryside and of the human heart. Accompanist Robert Kortgaard's sensitive phrasing serves as a subtle but effective undercurrent to these unique settings. A great CD for those settling back into city life, already feeling a little nostalgic for their summer travels. Dianne Wells Transcendental Liszt Janina Fialkowska Opening Day Records ODR 9322 (Full Price) Lizst's 12 Transcendental Etudes constitut~ one of the most exciting and colossal cycles in music. Developed over a 25 year span culminating in this 1852 edition, the Etudes epitomize Romantic repertoire. Influenced by the virtuosic effects of violinist Paganini, the lyrical melodic qualities of Chopin, as well as his own astonishing technical pianism, Liszt transformed the piano's virtuosic and artistic possibilities, issuing forth an entirely new piano technique. Although some of the technical difficulties of an earlier edition were reduced, the Etudes still make formidable demands on the concert pianist today. Canada's own Janina Fialkowska, the founder of "Piano Six" who is particularly distinguished as an interpreter of Liszt and Chopin, marked the centenary of Liszt's death in 1986 with performances of the Etudes across North America and Europe. Recorded at Glenn Gould Studio last year, this CD captures the transcendental spirit of these monumental pieces. Beginning with an invigorating grand opening, we're struck with an intense emotional commitment that proves to escape the confines of the extreme technical difficulties these pieces hold. Especially successful are Etude V/11 Wilde Jagd (Wild Hunt) and Etude IX Ricordanza (Remembrance) , embodying ! tumultuous and sentimental Continues page 34 CLASSICAL CD RECORDING PROJECTS' Our All-Inclusive packages include: • All recording, production and mixing by our Juno or Em my award winning producers • All recording done in a world class 24 track digital studio OR live location multi-track recording (8, 16 or 24 tracks) • All artwork/graphics and design by top graphic designers • All final film and colour printing of covers an~ traycards • Manufacturing of all CD or cassette product • Barcode and catalogue number for your recording • All tape costs (2" analog tape optiOnal), CDR Master and CD Glass Master • Distribution of your finished product to key local or regional retail music stores If you have already recorded your CD, take -advantage of our All-inclusive Manufacturing Package which includes all CD art/design, final film, printing and manufacturing. YOUR PRODUCT ·IS OUR PRODUCT If you are considering a Recording Project call: PEROS MUSIC INC. 416-252-890 I PHONE 1-800-529-1696 TOlL FREE ANYWHERE IN CANADA AND THE U.S. SEPTEMBER 1, 2001 -OcTOBER 7, 2001 Wholenote 33

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