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Volume 7 Issue 10 - July/August 2002

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Covrn STORY Add Music to

Covrn STORY Add Music to your Stratford Experience! JULY 24 - AUGUST 4, 2002 Jane Bunnett & Friends Caliban Bassoon Quartet Canadian Brass Berthold Carriere, featured composer Mary Lou Fallis, with Peter Tiefenbach David Jalbert, pianist · Jean-Pierre Leguay, organist, Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris Matapat Folk Ensemble National Youth Orchestra of Canada Phil Nimmons Quartet with Ranee Lee Paragon Harp Duo fan Parker, pianist Sarah Pratt, violinist Royal City Saxophone Quartet St. Marys Children's Choir, Eileen Baldwin, conductor Summer Music Organ Academy Kaori Yamagami, cellist Yamaha Canada's Young People's Programming TICKETS: 1-800-567-1600 Snapshots Some of the People behind · th~ Summer's Musical Fare by Allan Pulker 1) Michael Rubinoff, producer and stage director, A Chorus Line: Jane Mallett Theatre, August 9 - 17 "As a child anlteemger I was an actor, have fulleninlove with producing and directing. The really important thing I've learned by attending music theatre conferences and workshops is that there's no formula, you have to do it to learn how ... you need to take the risk. It's about being creative, and, I think, understanding that the most important element is the audience, which can and must be moved by what goes on in the show. The material I like is stories about people. In Chnrus line, for example, you live the dream of being on stage through the eighteen characters. Another show I love isA Class Act, which is about F.clward Kleban, the lyricist for A Chnrus line, the only successful show he ever did. { saw it in New York and want to do it in Toronto. 2) Donna Bennett: Co-artistic director (with Brian Finley), Westben Arts Festival Theatre, Compbellford, Ontario, June 29 - July 28. WN: What is the attraction of old European music in that quintessentially rural North American structure, the timber frame barn? DB: It is really about good music in unpretentious surroundings. We open the doors on all sides of the barn except the stage and let the world in. In the usual urban concert venues they are shutting the world out. Last sum- . mer after a concert of Mozart's music a woman came up to me and said, 'Tm sure the birds are singing louder!" · Music is very approachable here, especially for kids, it's really good for 'tlxm. The musicians love iHoo. They are billeted with local people and have a fantastic tiine. They are treated like royalty ... and the parties! It's a little different from staying in a hotel, going in front of the white lights and leaving town. 3) Annalee Patipatanakoon: Violinist, the Gryphon Trio: Banff Festival of the 'Arts, Musique de chambre a . Ste. -Petronille, Festival de la Baie des Oialeurs, WestbenFestival, Ef.oraFestival, Festival of the Sound, Ottawa O!amber Music Festival, Mostly MIYZf/lt Festival, New York, Cooperstown Chamber Music Festival. What I like about performing in ire summer festivals is tref:W)rtunitytomeet your audience, toexperien:e ire atmosphere of the place and also the sense of community. Audierx:e aIXl performers are in a different head space, rnore relaxed aIXl more receptive. When we are at these festivals we are asked to do different things, to perform repertoire we don't usually do aIXl work with people we don't usually work with. I always come away from them with new ideas aIXl a feeling of having been refreshed. Usually, too, there's mt as much time tO rehearse before performing as you would like aIXl that lenls a different kiOO of excitement aIXl acertain spontaneity! They're all a bit different. In P'ally Sounl there are open rehearsals aIXl lectures, while Ottawa is unique, more like more like the Kuhno Chamber Music· Festival in Finlaro than ire other Canadian festivals. CONTINUES 6 July 1 - September 7 2002

Festival or the Sound James Campbell, Artistic Director July 19 - August 11, 2002 Over60 musical events including: Gala Opening- Festival Baroque- July 19 Shores of Newfoundland cruise - July 21 For the Love of the Piano- July 27 Paris to New York - July 31, August 1, 2 Jazz Canada Weeke~d-August 3, 4 St. John Passion - August 9 ... and much more! For a brochure or tickets, call 705-746-2410 or fax 705-746-5639 Write P.O. Box 750, Parry Sound, ON P2A 2Zl · E-mail: MUSICAL INSTRUMENT EXPERTS, MAKER'S AND DEALERS SINCE 1890 1 • Visit our newly expanded Bloor Street location for even greater selection of the world's great Pianos, I~ine String Instruments, Print lvlusic and Children's Music Specialties Remenyi house of music 210 BLOOR ST. WEST 416.961.3-111 (just W. of Avenue Rd., City Parking in Rear) Ju ly 1 - September 7 2002 7

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