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Volume 7 Issue 10 - July/August 2002

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• 4) James Campbell,

• 4) James Campbell, OTtistic clirector, Festival, of the Sound, Pany Sound Ontario, July 19-August 11. Originally from Alberta, clarinetist, Jim Campbell, lived for many years in Toronto before being appointed to the faculty of the University of Indiana's prestigious music school. His job as the artistic director of the Festival of the Sound has been very important to him because it maintains his contact with Canada and many of his musical connections here. He will perform, for example, at this summer's festival with percussionist, Beverley Johnston, with whom he has played over the years. As well as exploring the repertoire for clarinet and marimba, and some transcriptions as well, they will perform thep~rniere of a commissioned work by Toronto composer, Chan Ka Nin. Asked about what makes the Festival of the Sound unique, Jim drew my attention to its eduCational component, the lectures, open rehearsals, the "Discoveries" concerts with Gary Kulesha, and, on the second last day of the festival, a whole day long series of concerts, l(!(ftUres and discussions on the subject of J.S. Bach's St. John Passion, which will be performed in the evening. 5) Nora Nolan, trumpet player, "apprenJice" musician, National, Academy Orchestra, Brott Swnmer Music Festival,, June 16 - Aug. 15, Hamilton, Ontario . . "The National Acaclem y Orchestra is one of only twoorchestrasinNor1h America that employ young adult nrusiciarn to help them start their careers. I tee! very fortunate to have been given this opportunity. We apprentice musicians are getting a great exposure to the orchestral repertoire with masterclasses and lectures as well - it's almost like being at school for 20 weeks ,- and it is also great to make connec- 8 !ions with other young musicians and get the experience of playing performances after a couple of rehearsals, as compared to having a couple of months to prepare a concert in a music school orchestra. Also, the orchestra has a very good reputation so it will be wonderful to have it on my CV! Boris Brott deserves a lot of credit. The fact that a city like Hamilton has a festival like this, which goes on from ear!y'spring to late autumn, is fantastic. Music at this festival is for everybody, not just an elite group - he's big on bridging the gap. WN: Since most of your composing has been 5 to 15 second snippets of incidental, music, has Stratford Summer Music given you the opporturllty to spread your wings as a composer? BC: Absolutely. For me ten seconds of music is long! I'm used to writing music for a scene change or to underscore a bit of dialogue. [Stratford Swnmer Music director] John Miller, asked me for 10 to 12 minutes of music for the opening fireworks. You know, if you just stand there and do nothing for 10 - 12 minutes, that's a long time! I've also done a suite of music for the Canadian Brass from my music for The Three Musketeers and three pieces for the St. Mary's Choir with texts by Stratford school children. This was probably the most challenging project of the three. Anyway, I've put it all together and am very grateful for the opportunity. 7) Alex Benjamin, Assistant Artistic Director, Festival de I.onaudiere, June 28 -August 1, Joliette, Quibec. WN: How do you program your festiial? AB: Wewantacombinationofbigstars, especially ones that are not so well known, and local and Canadian musicjans .. A good example of one of the stars is Katarina Kameus, an extraordinary mezzo..sopraoo, who made her Met COVER STORY debut last year, sang Carmen in Paris this year and, like Dmitri Hvorost~ ovsky, is a winner of the most prestigious vocal com- A lex Benjamin petition in the world, the Cardiff Singer of the World Competition, and yet she is not at all well-known here. We usually start .both are suffering from incredible exploitation." · Michael Schmidt understands that music, when connected with life, is food for the soul, but also sees that .music separated from the reality of life becomes an elitist entertainment. The founder of the Saugeen Bach Festival and the Saugeen Bach Choir, which he has taken on tour in Europe with the Bavarian Chamber brchestra, Schmidtisacommittedmusician. He also started a children's choir in Durham, an alumna of which will sing the part of Amor in this summer's prciloctionof Otfeo. He has also served 6) Bert Carriere: Music clirector, Strat- · by going through magazines and reviews on the Soviet-American Peace Comfotd Festival; composer-in-residence, on the inteIIJet, and then listen to CDs rninre, andhostedaculturalexchange Stratfqrd Summer Music, July 24 - to form· our own impressions. with the Russian Tolstoy Society. August 4, Stratford, Ontario. We also get lots of proposals, espe- No ordinary farmer, no ordinary cially from francophone Europe. The ,.......;nrus=::::ic=ian==-!-·-------"---. ChoeurdeNamurfromBelgium, which is performing here this summer, is an example of this. 8) Michael Schmidt, Artistic Director, Symphony in the Bam, July 6 - August 3, Durham, Ontario. - Michael Schinidt combines work as a musician with life as an organic farmer. He explained the connection to me in an e-mailed letter: "Yehudi Menuhin became fue Godfather or Patron [of the Waldorf School started by Schmidt in the Durham area] because he certaiilly urxbstooo the value to im:uporatenrusic into our day to day life. He understood why my effort to connect the two worlds of agriculture and music is not crazy. It is much needed. Agriculture and music Note: In the previous issue of W~oleNote-(June 1- July 7), the following festivals were profiled: Banff Arts July 12·Aug4 Brott Summer Music Jun 16-Aug 15 Calgary International Organ Aug 7· 17 Collingwood Music July12·Aug 3 Domaine Forget Festival International June 22-Aug 25 Elora Festival July 12·Aug 4 Festival of the Sound July 19-Augl 1 It's a Grand Summer Junel 3-Sep 21 Lameque International 1 Baroque Music Festival July 26-28 Glimmerglass Opera July 5-Aug 27 Grand River Baroque July 5· 7 Guelph Jazz Festival Sept 4·8 Huntsville Festival of the Arts July 4-21 Kincardine Summer Music Aug 4· 18 Lanaudiere Festival June 28·Aug 1 Markham ~azz Festival Aug 15· 18 Niagara International Chamber Music Festival July 30-Aug 21 Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival July 27·Aug 10 Southern Ontario Chamber Music Institute Aug 17·25 Stratford Summer Music July 24-Aug 4 Symphony in the Barn July B·Aug 3 Toronto Downtown Jazz June 21 ·30 Uptown Waterloo Jazz July 11·13 Westben Arts Festival Theatre June 29-July 28 to view these informative profiles. assemblywomen! World Premiere of a new musical by Greg Robie "'SUMMER MUSIC I, rIVAL 2002 July 24 to August 11 Hart House Theatre 0 Tickets & Information: 416-978-8668 , Students & Seniors . . . . "

July 5th -July 7th Including an Italian Feast of Music & Food July 6th with performances by: Grand River Baroque Ensemble, Vox ex Corde Choir Daniel Lichti, Carolyn Sinclair, Dennis Giesbrecht and more ...

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