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Volume 7 Issue 3 - November 2001

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INTRODUCINC THE NUMUFEST 2001 LINEUP new creations, sonic sensations from Canada and the world's finest composers and performers ••• SOUNDSTREAMS Paul Hillier (ondudor Ars Novo (Copenhagen) Lydia Adams Condudor Elmer lseler Singers Soundstreams Chamber Ensemble Jane Archibald Soprano Robert Crom Flute Per Narg6rd Winter Hymn (l 976/84), Wie ein Kind (1980), Zwei Wolfli-Ueder (1979) Gilles Tremblay Les Vepres de la Vierge (l 986) Pelle Gudmensen·Holmgreen Statements (1969) Arvo Piirt Magnilicat (1991) ~:;,c:rs:~::!~~°c!l~:~:!:~~t:if~~ ~:'.01~8 NEW MUSIC CONCERTS QUARm' PLUS The Penderecki String Quartet Stephan Sylestre Piano Robert Aitken (ondudor New Music Concerts Ensemble Piotr Grella·Mozejko Stromienie snu, String quartet No. 1 (1995) Raymond Luedeke Ceremonial Dances (1999) (Premiere) Gilles Tremblay Croissant, String quartet No. I (2001) (Premiere) Chris Paul Hannan Ameriko, Jules Leger Prize winner (2001) Copr~nted by Two New Hoor$ and CBC Radio Two. TtiOtrilv.._,-*~..Niillw~~~dloga-tl. M::.o... HANNAFORD STREET SILVER BAND AND AMICI IETWEDI FRIENDS Edward Gregson Guest Condudor David Hetherington Cello Joaquin Voldepeiias Oarinet Potri

CONTINUUM DISCOURSES Rosemary Thomson Conductor Anno Thompson Flute Claro Scholtz Oboe Peter Stoll Clarinet Mark Fewer Violin Angela Rudden Viola Paul Widner Cello Peter Longworth Plano Bill Brennan Psrcuu/on James Tenney Spectrum 6 (2001 l , Yannlck Plamondon New Work (2001) Yves Daoust Impromptu (1995) Michael Oesterle ... In rlcordanze, In lesta ... (1994) Josh Thorpe Ob/ect(2001) Mlchael J, Baker Sky/Ing ( 1981 ) TORONTO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Gary Kulesha Conductor Eve Egoyan Plano Shauna Rolston Cello J~al Quarrlngton Double Bass Gwen Hoebig Violin Ann Southam Figures (2001) Christos Hatzls Confoss/onol (1997) Raymond Luedeke Concerto for Double Bau ( 1997) Gary Kulesha Violin Co11certo (1998) ESPRIT ORCHESTRA SUPER 7 Alex Pauk Co11dudor Roman Borys Cello Simon Fryer Cello Paul Widner Cello Duo Turgeon Pianos Isabelle Schnoeller Flute Stuart Laughton Trumpet Krzysztof Penderecki Concerto Grosso, for 3 Cellos and Orchestra (2001) (North American Premiere) Alex Pauk Concerto for 2 Pianos and Orchestra (1998) (World Premiere) Robert Altken Shadows ~Concerto for Flute and Orchestra (1999) (North American Premiere) R. Murray Schafer The Falcon's Trumpet, Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra (1995) ARRAYMUSIC AND EVERGREEN CLUB CONTEMPORARY GAMELAN OTHER WESTERNS Michael Longton My Trip to Europe (1993) Henry Kucharzyk New Work (2001 l (World Premiere) James Rolfe Drop (1999) Richard Ayres/ Allison Cameron Two Songs From My Past (2001) (Canadian Premiere) Lou Harrison Threnody for Carlos Chavez ( 1982) Alaln Thibault L'angoisse dos machines (1989) Biii Parsons For There am/ Then (1998) Bill B~ennan/Andy McNieU New Work (2001) The partners of the Massey Hall NUMUFEST acknowledge the generous support of The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall. ,----------------- : Hear all 7 or I 1 ANY concerts, 1 and SAVE up to 6 3% : fl:~ibie NUMUPASS! I iJ Yes, please send me I I # NUMU4~~~~~'~!44 1 This pass entitles you to 4 tickets in an;: combination and is only available until November 9. I and/or, I • '* NUMU7 !~~~¥,We! 77 1 This oass gives you access to all 7events I ' and is only available until November 24. Z Payment by I 1 0 VISA 0 MASTERCARD 0 ANIEX I CARD#~-~~~~~--~ EXPIRY ___ ____ SIGNATURE. ________ _ 3 Please send my NUMUPASS to 1 I SELECT THE ___.!!__ tickeHsl for chi" I FOLLOWING _ #_·. _ticket(slfor ;:;"'" I 4-TICKET I COMBINATION __J!__ ticket(s)for _ _ ,=~r~1=- 1 -- _L ticket(s) for __ =c:'-'=1''-- NAME~~~~~~-~-~- ADDRE SS. ________ _ _ CITY _ _______ PROV_ POSTAL CODE. _ _______ PHONE (DAY),________ PHONE (EVE) _______ _ EMAIL'--- --·------- 'flOW TO ORDER 1 PHONE ONLINE 1416.593.4828 I FAX i.16.593.9918 MAIL I IN PERSON A nytime at the I Roy Thomson Hall Box O ffice, or at the Mossey I Holl Box O ffice ofter 1 2 noon on the day of show. Return completed for to: NUMUFEST 60 SIMCOE STREET TORONTO, ON M5J 2H5

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