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Volume 7 Issue 6 - March 2002

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T•O. MUSICAL DIARY by Colin Eatock Feb 5, 2002: Inierview with Riccardo Chailly, New York. · THE CONDUCTOR OF 1HE RoY AL CoNCERTGEBOUW Orchestra rums out to be an engaging fellow. Over coffee in his hotel suite he readily shares his views on a variety of musical subjects. Since I'm interviewing him for a Toronto-based newspaper, my list of things to discuss includes a question about Roy Thomson Hall. After all, this man has conducted in RTH five times now - and in a great many auditoriums around the world including, of course, his own orchestra's esteemed hall in Amsterdam. How would he rate the acoustics of Toronto's much-maligned facility? But Chailly is experienced with journalists. Before I can ask him what he thinks of Roy Thomson, he tells me - praising the hall for what many would call its most fundamental problem. "I enjoy very much the circul

CLASSICAL COMMENT York University's music pro- quartets ~ its repertoire "'it commjs- ·. schedule, this performance is likely night. Hoeppner, whom I heard pergram, I was .assured in a recent con- sioned the seventh - and will perform to be Jµs only Toronto appearance for form in her Random Acts of Music versation with its chair, Michael quartets by Shostakovich and Bart6k a very long time, so do not tniss this concert on February 15 just seems to Coghlan, is also bristling with vital- in the evening's prpgram as well as opportunity! get better and better. I heard Goodman ity. Three new faculty members are R. Murray Schafer's Quartet No. 8, ROM in the Blessed Trinity/Beth Tikvah stimulating growth in new directions, ' awork so new that it is not yet in the The Royal Ontario Museum's fledg- concert two days later, and she too and olderones continue to inspire their erisemble' s list of repertoire on its . . . was in fine form. Alternatively, the d . hil 1 . bi!' and b . 1 !mg concert senes mcludes a per- M t , 1 G 't T . rfi th , stu ents, w e supp ymg sta . 1ty ·. we ~site . formance March 3 by Tafelmusik ti- 9n rea . m ar no. pe . orm e continuitytotheprogram.Oneofthose Nelson Freire tl d "Th G . fB h" · sameevenmgattheHehcomanHal), older faculty members, Trichy · e e emus 0 ac - a re- th S 'I St · ill rfi 'th prise of a concert a day earlier at the e ei er rmgs w pe orm wi Sankaran, mrdangam (South Indian the charismatic Joel Quarrington as drum) virtuoso; who for almost thirty Toronto Centre for the Arts. 1 It's a string bass soloist at Glenn Gould Stuseries worth watching for. years now has been passing on the . dio, and the Kocian String Quartet musical language of Southern India to Chamber Music (2) will be at St. \! ences-laus Church generatioris of fortunate students, is As usual there is an abundance of under the auspices of the Czech Comthe director of the York Music De- chamber music this month so there is munity Centre. partment's South Indian Classical no substitute for a close look at the Tornnto Symphony Orchestra Music Ensemble. They will perform listings, highlighter in hand. March 22 at 12 .. 30 on March 27. · . ul 1 b da fl . The Toronto Symphony Orchestra's is a partic ar Y usy Y: autist, streamlined Board of Directors>now Susan Hoeppner and harpist, Erica Chamber Music (I) Goodman, join forces for a Perform- under the deft leadership of Bob Rae, One of the best bets in March is the who needs no introduction here, has , ing Arts York Region concert that Quatuor Molinari, perfortning under the auspices of Music Toronto at the Jane Mallett Theatre on March Brazilian pianist, Nelson Freire, will 14. Fomied a mere four and a half perform in Toronto at the George years ago by four experienced Weston Recital Hall on March 9, his Montreal musicians, the Molinari has first appearance here in eighteen earned a reputation as one of the best years. Considered by some to be the string quartets in the country. Named successor to Rubinstein· and Horowitz, he has been included in Philips TORONTO after avant garde Canadian artist, NURHAN ARMAN Music Director and Conductor Guido Molinari, the quartet specializes in 20th and 21st Century music. Century collection. Since Freire Classics Great Pianists of the 20th It has all eight ofR. Murray Schafer's maintains a very litnited perfortning WOW! 8,000 Sheet Music Titles! Canada's largest s~lection of sheet music titles for strings. Avail d convenient mail-ord Toronto's premier chamber orchestra/ Saturday, March 2, '8 Ptn 'Haydn in Stor1t11 anti Stre~~ . The dark side of jolly 'Papa Haydn' - all the dramatic power and passion of his sturm und dra'!g period Symphony No. 49,' "La Passione" Symphony No. 45, "Farewell" Symphony No. 44, "Trauer" As a full-service string shop we offer the following: • Repair, Restoration, a • Strings Accessories, B Saturday, April 6, 8 pm Magic'.ll Mini

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