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Volume 7 Issue 9 - June 2002

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ebrating spring and

ebrating spring and Canada's diverse musical culture". Concerts by prominent church choirs ~e abundant this month, as well. The choirs 1 of St. James Cathedral perform Haydn's Lord Nelson Mass on June 7 and June 9 features two concerts near St. Clair and . YoJ:?.ge. You 'can hear the Calvin Presbyterian Church Choir, under Stephanie Martin's direction, try out their Scottish Tour repertoire, or you can head qown the road to Timothy Eaton Church, where the choir there premieres a work entitled "Windows" by Andrew Ager. Both concerts beginat2 pm. On June 19, the choirs of Grace Church on-the- Hill welcome the Boys Choir of St. Peter's from Charlotte, North Carolina. Finally, another Festival hits the city near the end of the month. Festival 2002 features 20 Gay and Lesbian choirs from across Canada CLASSICAL The Orpheus Choir of Toronto ' , , invites applications for the IJrnJ,;11'fi:1,pjr position of Artistic Director. Y.'f: :;t:,"[fT'if~ Orpheus is a SO-voice auditioned choir with a 4-concert season, plus outside engagements, and a wide-ranging repertoire. Interested parties should send a resume to The Orpheus Choir ofToronto, P.O. Box 662, Sen. F, Toronto, ON M4Y 2N6, no later than June-30th, 2002. An information package will be sent out. For further information, please call Helen Coxon at ( 416) 586-5897(W) or (416) 251-3803 (H). in performance from June 21-24. mation, visit the festival website at It's the second time these choirs have · www or call 416- gotten together; the first time being 924-6859. in Edmonton in 1998. The· Festi- Happy concert-going! val is hosted by four Toronto choirs: Larry Beckwith can be reached at Singing Out; Forte, Iris and the Rainbow Choir. For more infor- The Choirs of Grace Church on-the-Hill: Auditions Invited Boys .. Youth Singers of Toronto (Choral organization for young people 5-19) carol Woodward Ratzlaff Music Director AUDITIONS continuing in May Information: 416·788·8482 Unique singing opportunities for 2002-2003 season include: * Regular contract with National Ballet of Canada *Fully-staged opera: Noye's Fludde by Benjamin Britten * Our own resident composer *Private vocal coaching for all choristers * Comprehensive theory program High Park Choirs of Toronto ~-"7 www.highparkchoirs.oro invite applications for the posts of Conductor/Co-Conductor Established in 1986, High Park Choirs is a dynamic S·choir organizatiOn comprised of 150 young choristers ages 9·18 who love to sing. The choirs were recenHy featured on A Classical Kids Christmas, winner of a Juno for Best Children's Album 2002. 18 Deadline is June 30, 2002 Please call for details: 416· 762-0657 www Choir of Gentlemen and Boys: boys aged 8-14 Girls St. Cecilia Choir girls aged 8 -18 This is an excellent opportunity for a child to gain self-confidence, self-discipline, poise and musical knowledge in a nurturing environment. The program is run by caring professi'onal music staff. No previous music experience is necessary. Bass We also have a position open for a bass lead to join the Choir of Gentleman and Boys. For further information, please contact: Melva Treffinger Graham, M. Mus., Music Director, Grace Church oncthe-Hill 300 Lonsdale Road, Toronto, Ontario M4V 1X4 416-534-2493 June 1 - July 7 2002

HEAR &'NOW (New Music) by Paul Steenhuisen That scrawny cry-it was a chorister whose C preceded the choir. "It was part of the colossal sun, surrounded by its choral rings, still far away. Wallace Stevens, Not Ideas about .the 'J.hing but the Thing Itself This month's sonic potpourri is replete with concerts from the Third Toronto International Choral Festival (, and vastly differing aesthetics from local and visiting composers/performers. Recent music is represented on many of the events, beginning with Voices in Celebration, featuring premieres by Derek Holman (Four Liturgical Motets for Unaccompanied Choirs) and Raymond Luedeke (P_rayers, Poems and Incantations for the Earth), (June 3, St. James' Cathedral, 65 Church St.). Newmarket Ontario native John Estacio will hear his piece Eulogies sung on June 9 by the Timothy Eaton Chamber Choir, on a concert also featuring the premiere of Andrew Ager's Windows. Currently Resident Composer with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and Calgary Opera, Estacio is well known in the prairie region for his symphonic and choral music and is also hard at work on a new opera, in collaboration with playwn"'ght John Murrell. Other of the many premieres include the late Srul Irving Glick's 5. Tableaux from the Song of Songs, and Tomas Dusatko's Distant Voices (June 16, Victoria Schoiars). Tl)e same concert includes Harry Somers' A Thousand Ages alongside music by guest composer Krzysztof Penderecki. June 19, Tokyo's Philharmonic Chorus sings music by Japanese composers, with Incense and Vox Naturae by Canadian choral master R. Murray Schafer. The new works at the Festival work well within their slogan "The joy of singing within the noise of the worl.d. " But I, for one, would be grateful if the noise of the world were a greater part of these choral pieces. Why I wonder is it that so many composers write more conservatively when composing for voice? June 1 - July 7 2002 Here today, hear tomorrow. Arraymusic arid more In among the choral concerts, several other concerts will appeal to audiences seeking the new and unfiltered. On June 2 (Music Gallery), Arraymusic plays the results of its most recent FUTURE LAB, in the final concert presentation of their annual month-long Young Composers' Workshop. With the guidance of workshop leader Henry K\lcharzyk and Artistic Director, Allison Cameron, emergent composers Dave Chokroun, Emily Hall, Josh Penman and Carl Winter will hear their newest works, alongside those of recent participants Marci Rabe and·eldritch priest. Shortly thereafter (June 12), Massey Hall will ring with the sound of Kelly-Marie Murphy's TSO-com~ missioned concerto for harp and orchestra, performed by Judy Loman under the baton of Gunther Herbig. Murphy has been variously described as "an alien of extraordinary ability" (US Immigration and Naturalization Department) and "the composer of attractive and intriguing SOUI\ds, an endless array of colours, ... a sense of progress and resolution" (The Ottawa Citizen). See the composer's homepage for more serious and light-hearted information OI).. her work ( NEwMus1c ...-----------------------~ VanUrphy/kmm.html). And Michael Colgrass' 12-minute Hammer and Bow will be heard June 27m at the RCM, on a free concert by the Rudolph Fam,ily Players . Though not a narrative work, in it Colgrass strives to represent two people "relating closely on an emotional level-at times harmonious, at . others discordant, occasionally playful, but always communicating on some other-than-conscious level ... a simple descending chromatic theme, which reflects the mysterious and unpredictable mood changes of two people in close relatiornhip" .(www.~.can) The Glass Orchestra ( - rixax/GlassO/) is the only ensemble in the world whose musicians create and perform contemporary compositions entirely with glass instruments. 14th century Persia is when 'Music Glasses' first appear to have become generally known, but the popular modem his­ _tory of musical glass begins with Benjamin Franklin's invention of the 'Glass Harmonica' in 1761 -- a set of tuned glass bowls arranged horizontally with each bowl nestled inside the larger one next to it on a revolving spindle. Virtuoso glass performer-dude Rick Sacks notes that Glass Mu~ic's reputed penetrating Glass Orchestra '.s Tuned Bowls ability to bring on dementia and force early retirement in performers is now ascribed to slow poisoning from lead in the paint that circled the rims of the glasses to mark the sharp and flat notes. The use of glass instrumentation outside the traditional framework begins with the visionary American composer Harry Partch, who developed sets of cloud-chamber bowls (1950), tuned liquor bottles, and light bulbs struck with light mallets. The Glass Orchestra carries on this exploratory tradition. Their contribution rests· in an intuitive understanding of the fragile and complex material out of which they sculpt sound pure and clear. Want to hear it? June 22, 8 pm, at the Music Gallery. NGtionol Guilor .Workshop 19 .J

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