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Volume 7 Issue 9 - June 2002

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COVER STORY Starting from Stratford ·MY SUMMER OF MUSIC by Allan Pulker IN TIIB SUMMER I like to get ouJ of the city for a holiday which includes some music. Last summer I spent two or three days at the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival, a musical cornucopia in a summertime atmosphere so utterly reloxed that I recommend it to anyone for whotn chamber music in a city that feels as if it is on some other, gentler, kinder, planet sounds appealing. Perhaps next summer I will drive east again, stopping fora concert in Alexandria en rouJe to the marvellous Festival de Lanmuliire in the town, of Joliette, north of Montreal. This summer, however, I plan to stay closer to home, roaming from festival to festival in souJh-westem Ontario, starting from StraJjord. ONE OF TIIB NEWER Ontario summer festivals, Stratford Summer Music will use a natural amenity of its location, the riverside park system, to good advantage; the opening perfonnance on July 24 will be on a barge on the river. (This is the concert with which I intend to.begin my "tour" ~) Festival director, former Canadian Music Centre director, John Miller, has been determined to make the festival extremely affordable: some concerts are free and for the others ticket ' prices are no more than . He is also committed to commissioning new works by Canadian composers. This year ~rt Carriere's work, Midsummer Night's Fantasy, wiil be performed at the opening concert and another work, by Carriere, based on his Stratford Theatre music, will be premiered by the Canadian Brass. Yet another part of Miller's mandate is to support the development of young · musicians: the festival's "Maureen Forrester Series" will feature "the best young artists" he can find: this year, pianist David Jalbert and violinist Sarah Pratt, while the "Organ Series" will feature not only perfonnances but also masterclasses by Jean-Pierre LeGuay, organist at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. I could comfortably stick around Stratford for the whole Festival (and the duration of this article) but there's so little time and so many festivals. So, I will stay long enough to hear a recital by LeGuay at 9:30 Thursday morning, July 25, and the premiere of Mary Lou Fallis and Peter Tiefenbach's "The Primadonna does . \ Shakespeare" before heading off to the Collingwood Summer Festival to hear Anton Kuerti, Kristine B6gyo (WholeNote cover story, March 2002) with flautist and festival di- ' rector Douglas Nadler that evening at 8:00. Then on Friday I will head off to Elora where the Elora Festival Singers and the Exultate Chamber Singers will be joining forces at 8:00 in the evening. On Saturday morning a leisurely brunch and ex­ _ploration of historic Elora will segue . into one of two concerts at 2:00: Music for Strings or the American male voice choir, Measure for Measure (which, incidentally, will also be performing in Stratford). That should leave plenty of time to make the 70 kilometre trip up Highway 6 to Durham, where the Symphony in the Barn ~ill be presenting a fully staged perfonnance of one of my favourite operas, Gluck's Qrfeo ed Euridice, con- "After a brief twenty year absence" as she puts it, Mary Lou F al/is, who peifonned at the first Stratford Summer Music in 1982, returns, with long-time collaborato: Peter Tiefenbach,for four peifonnances of two shows ducted by the resourceful and versatile, Michael Schmidt. On Sunday morning I will drive back to T.O., where our cat~ Abelard, whq will undoubtedly have become progressively less philosophical about our absence with each passing day, will be overjoyed to have us back! Day Trips There are several festivals that just won't fit into the "tour", but, being close to Toronto, wm make ideal day trips. On July 10 the Brott Festival is presenting an "organ crawl" with organist, Felix Hell, who will play Taj e mUSl!i BAROQUE SUMMER INSTITUTE in three of the big downtown Hamilton churches, at the last of which, festival diiector and conductor, Boris Brott, will be waiting with the National Academy Orchestra to collaborate with Mr. Hell in a performance of Felix Alexandre Guillmant's Organ Symphony #1. Also, it is now the Westben Festival's third season and about time I made the short trip to Campbellford to check it out, congratulate the team of Donna Bennett and Brian Finley in person on their venture, and attend a concert with mezzo-soprano Kimberley Barber and pianist, Brian ~£/ .,_ '''I . j. S. BACH MOTETS =o~ BAROQUE MUSIC fer ruJlhJlher ",I \ , Please join us for our summer concerts, presented in conjunction wfth our first-ever Tafelmusik Baroque Summer Institute: THURSDAY, JUNE 20 AT 8:00 PM GEORGE WESTON RECITAL HALL T he Tafelmusik Chamber Choir performs as part of the Toronto International Choral Festival. FOR TICKETS: 416·872·1111 .40/.40/ .40. Student discounts available. B~OQUE CELEBRATION FRIDAY, JUNE 21AT8:00PM ETTORE MAZZOLENI CONCERT HALL, ROYAL CONSERVATORY OF Music The Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra.directed by Jeanne Lamon, presents a prograr:nme of baroque orchestral music. FOR TICKETS: 416·964·6337 / FACULTY CHAMBER CONCERT MONDAY, JUNE 24 AT 12:30PM ETTORE MAZZOLENI CONCERT HALL, ROYAL CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC C hamber Music by]. S. Bach: A FREE casual lunchtime concert performed by members of the Tafelmusik orchestra. FOR TICKETS: 416·964-6337 FREE (Seating limited; please call for tickets.) STUDENT CONCERT FRIDAY, JUNE 28 AT 12:30PM ETTORE MAZZOLENI CONCERT HALL, ROYAL CONSERVATORY OF Music A FR EE casual lunchtime concert performed by the participants in the Tafelmusik Daroqul" Summer Institute. FOR TICKETS: 416-964·6337 FREE (Seating limited; please call for tickets.) THE GRAND FINALE SATURDAY, JUNE 29 AT 8:00PM GRACE CHURCH ON-THE-HILL The Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra and C hamber Choir join forces with the student orchestra and choir (some 90. performers in all!) FOR TICKETS: 416·964·6337 / ... 6 June 1 - Jul y 7 2002

LaNaUDIE 2 5 TH A N N I v E R s A R y TH[ MOST HIGHLY-ACCLAIMED CLASSICAL MUSIC EVENT IN CANADA! 3-day / 2-night exclusive package available FOR INFORMATION OR RESERVATION Festival de Lanaudi~re Sylvie Nadeau 1 800 245-7636 or (450) 759-7636 Jun~ 29 June 30 . July 5 July 6 July 7 July 12 · July 13 W' July 14 July 19 July 20 Opening Concert - Mahler's Symphony of a Thousand "Historical Concerts" - A Tribute to Mahler Mes A'ieux - Fol.k Pop Anton Kuerti and Friends Play Schumann Orchestre symphonique ~e Montreal - Jennifer Larmore Sings Rossini, Mozart & Bizet Tangopera with Quartango Mozart's 40th and Beethoven's 9th .. Orchestre symphonique de Montreal - Dvorak & Zemlinsky Saoroma - The Soul of Gypsy Music Marie-Nicole Lemieux & Karina Gauvin Sing Gluck Orchestre symphonique de Montreal - Elena MO$UC ~ings arias of French romantic opera. Great Swing with the M~~tr~a1 ~.~u: ~ig §~ T(h~ikovsky ~&e,qi Symphony No.2, 1 Orchestre symphoni >Montreal - Karita Ma 7

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