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Volume 8 Issue 10 - July/August 2003

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EXlJLTATE Cl-IAMB.EH SJNGEHS 2003-2004 SUBSCRIPTION SERIES GREAT COMPOSERS SERIES l: BENJAMIN BRITTEN O ctober 24, 2003 · 8:0(.l rm. Saint T l10mas's Church l·:xpl1)n: 1l1 L' \·11ict' (1f BrinL'n wi th /{1'/(Jia i11 !Ix l ....illllh, 1 ~/,,11'1:r.\"m~~s. & more A GILES CHRISTMAS IN TALES III December 12, 2003 - 8:0() pm, Saint Thomas's Church hnd Clirisnnas chcL·r in w11rd and song with raconrt:ur Giles Bryant BACH: ST. JOHN PASSION April 2, 2004 - 8:()(1 pm. St. :\ndrcw's Pq.:s h~ ·rcr ian Church ./ourm.:~ 10 rht· hl'art of :1 mighry work wi th gm.:st Lrnngclist & rht: Aradia l~n sc mh!c MY BELOVED SPAKE . May 14, 2004 - 8: 011 pm, Saint Thomas's Church ( .dchratr.: Io n.: \'I th sensuous S

write about myself with the same pencil and ToRoNToHEARANoNow in the same exercise book as about him. It is no longer I, but another whose life is just beginning. (Samuel Beckett) ARRIVING IN TOWN at the end of 1998 with a suitcase and my hockey bag in tow, I began my 2-year Composer in Residence position with the TSO. I never guessed I'd stick around for an additional 2 years. Now's the time to go, and, with that, I'm off, to begin as Assistant Professor of Composition at the University of Alberta. Having lived in megalopolitan centres like Toronto and Paris, and small big cities like Amsterdam and Vancouver, it will be interesting to generate and witness musical activity in Edmonton. I'm not a "big city is necessarily where it's at" person. There are smaller town festivals, such as Open Ears in Kitchener, happenings in Victoriaville and Newfoundland's Sound Symposium, as well as the once dynamic Winnipeg New Music Festival. Standing here at the beginning of a personal journey west, this will be the last of these regular (New Music) · by Paul Steenhuisen columns for me -- so here it is, my musings somewhat more influenced than usual by matters of geography. STARTING INTORONro, one of the summer highlights is the annual Sound Travels series on Centre Island (, which features a wide range of performances, soundwalks, and electroacoustic offerings. Just outside the city, a worthy first stop this summer could be Parry Sound's Festival of the Sound ( Tne majority of summer festivals have - inexplicably to me - little or no new music. Festival of the Sound offers a little more than the others, including premieres by composers Craig Galbraith, Jackie Shin, and Kyle Lamont. Gary Kulesha leads the Discovery Ensemble there; there is also a Hatzis piece from the St. Lawrence String Quartet, and pieces by Patrick Cardy and Harry Somers. And though it's not contemporary, if you're there, check out Schoenberg;s Pierrot Lunaire, and see how it sounds arow1d Georgian Bay. Otherwise, even Festival of the Sound consists of a very impressive list of performers playing through mostly standard repertoire. So if readers are seeking a "hardcore" new music festival, perhaps they will need to get on an airplane. ON THE WESTWARD OPEN ROAD, beyond the sUillffier at least, there are still oilier venues fuat present and perform selected new music works. In Winnipeg, Groundswell has been active for many years, and the symphony has had a vital new music festival (in January even!). But the Regina Symphony (and all ofuers, for fuat matter, wifu the notable exception of Esprit and the CBC V ancouver Radio Orchestra) could use your encouragement to play recent and challenging works -- WACS, we could call it, a "Wake-up Canadian Symphonies" campaign. There is already more of a selection in the chamber music setting. Calgary's Land's End ensemble have high quality performers throughout their season, and New Works Calgary has had a lengthy tenure. The Edmonton Composers' Concert Society presents numerous concerts throughout the year, and the faculty at fue University of Alberta has hosted touring musicians throughout the academic season - a statistic that will perhaps increase in the near future. SPEAKING OF CANADIAN ensembles, touring, and venues, for anyone looking for more information about groups and/or concerts in most regions of fue country, go to fue LINKS section of the Canadian Music Centre's newly designed website (launched June 25 at www Among other fuings, there you'll find a comprehensive set of web links to all fuings new music. Congratulations to the CMC for fuis important st«JJ in the right direction. With that, look for more of my composer interviews in WholeNote in the fall, and of course, more of the new music that regularly bursts forth from my pens and computers. · Established 1981 OUR PRICE= MUSIC TO OUR CUSTOMERS' EARS YAMAHA DIGITAL PIANOS ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD I GUITARS ALSO USED PIANOS (uPRIGHTS & GRANDS) ""' 19 LE;.SSONS •SERVICE• TUNING •• ACCESSORIES• BOOKS VISIT OUR SHOWROOM of music-416 416-924-7499 1- (2 BL~~;:~L!~~;~URST] • ~ Alternative Music M U S I C Education for All Ages GALLERY INSTITUTE Percussion & Computer Music.Classes "One of the best workshops I've taken." "Excellent pr.ogram, fantastic instructor." 4 WEEK SESSIONS IN JULY August Teacher Intensives in Movement & Music For full details log on to contact Barry Prophet at 416-588-2514 or Opport1111ities' /or e1toral J:,eads Deer Park United Church Soprano, Alto and Bass Leads beginning in September Thursday evening rehearsal Sunday morning service- Contact the Church Office for Information 416-962-3381 THE ORATORY Church of the Holy Family 13 7] Ki11g S1ree1 Wes/ has vacancies for Soprano, Alto, and Tenor voices. These are paid positions. extensive repertoire, primarily Renaissance polyphony Thursday rehearsals, one or two services on Sunday (Latin Mass, Vespers) and occasional extras call Peter Bishop: 416-535-5119 '--~~~~~~;=============================================-~~=================::! Ju ly 1 - September 7 2003 "IS

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