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Volume 8 Issue 10 - July/August 2003

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her, Chopin. Denise

her, Chopin. Denise Djokic, cello; David Jalbert, piano. . ND 25 8:00: All That Jazz. Bernstein, Gershwin, Desmarais, Ellington. Orchestre Metropolitain du Grand Montreal; Trio Lorraine Desmarais. -AM 26 8:00: Stravinsky: Rite of Spring (with danc· ers); works by Hetu, Debussy. Marie Chouinard Dance Company; Montreal Symphony; Trio Hochelaga. -. AM 27 2:00: A Celebration of Love. Montreal Jazz Big Band; Anne Carriere, Johnny Scott, singers. -.AM Festival of the Sound Parry Sound, ON; 866-364-0061, 705-746-2410; Festival Passports available Venues: CW Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts, 2 Bay St.; TD Town Dock, 9 Bay St.; SJ St. James Church, 24 Mary St. JULY: 01 7:00: Canada Day Cruise. Craig Harley Quintet. , (ch). TD 18 7:30: Gala Opening Concert. Daley, Kulesha, Glick and roore. James Ca1J1Jbell, clarinet; Elmer lseler Singers; Brass Quintet; other perforrners. $100. CW 19 11 :OOarn: Famly Concert. Prokofiev: Peter & the Wolf; HUIJ1lerdinck: Hansel & Gretel. Festival Wuids. , (ch). CW 19 2:00: Painted Sound. Cardy, Somers, Rich· ardson and more. Mary Lou Fallis, soprano; David Jalbert, piano; Festival Wuids. ,. cw 19 7:30: Concert Night in Canada. Hannaford St. Silver Band; Howard Cable, conductor. · .CW 20 2:00: Schubert, Mozart, Tchaikovsky. Pin· chas Zukerman. Donnie Deacon, violin/viola; Jessica Linnebach, violin; Jethro Marks, viola; Amanda Forsyth, Margaret Tobolowska, cello. -.CW 20 7:30: Honouring the Festival Founders. Vi· eme. Beethoven, Kuzmenko, Franck. Kristine Bogyo, cello; Anton Kuerti, piano. -$ 50. CW 22 5:00: John Arpin in recital. Piano music of Jopr1r1, Kern and others. , . CW 22 7:00: Musical Cruise with John Arpin, pi· ano. . TD 23 12:00noon: Mozart, Mahler, Saint·Sai!ns. Jonathan Crow, violin; Guylaine Lemaire, viola; Julian Annour, cello; Paul Stewart, piano. ,.CW 23 7:30: Telemann, Bach. Neruda. Monica Whicher, soprano; Russell Braun, baritone; Guy Few, trumpet; Festival Baroque. ·. CW 24 12:00noon: Honouring the 1 OOth anniversa· ry of the death of Hugo Wolf. Wolf: ltalienisches Liederbuch. Monica Whicher, soprano; RusseU Braun, baritone; Carolyn Maule, piano. ,.SJ 24 6:15: Lecture. Cond. Peter Mccoppin dis· cusses Mahler's Oas lied van der Erde. Free. CW 24 7:30: Wagner: Siegfried Idyll; Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde. Jean Stilwell soprano; Kevin McMiDan, tenor; FeStival Ensemble; Peter Mc· Coppin, conductor. ·: CW 25 12:00noon: Wit and W1Sdorn and Wuid. Fran~aix, Hindemith, Lavallee, Lickl/Pickl. Festi· val Winds. ,. SJ 25 6:15: Lecture. From the Steppes of Pagan Russia to A Hot and Dusty Road: Stravinsky's 7be Soldier's Tale. Jeffrey Stokes. Free. CW 25 7:30: Stravinsky: L'Histoire du Soldat; Beethoven, Mozart. Julie Baumgartel, violin; James Campbell clarinet; Jay Costello, tram- 30 bone; Beverley Johnston, percussion; Colin Fox, actor; other performers; Festival Winds. · .CW 26 7:30: Jazz Canada Sounds. Jobiln, Parker, Ellington. Ian McDougall, trombone; P J Perry, saxophone; Guido Basso, lrUIJ1lel; Dave Young, . bass; Phil Dwyer, piano; Michel Lambert, dnrns. -. CW 27 2:00: Jazz Tea. Dave Young Trio. . CW 27 7:00: Musical Cruise. Jazz and Latin favour· ites, Gershwin, Rogers, Kem, Weill. Ian McQou· gal, PJ Perry, Guido Basso, performers. . TD 28 5:00: Rydonk String Quartet. . CW 28 7:30: Mozart, Zemlinsky, Beethoven. Tokyo String Quartet. -. CW 29 12:00noon: Schumam, Beethoven. Richard Raymond, piano. , . CW 29 3:30: Lecture. Secrets of the Piano. Free. CW 29 5:00: Chopin, Mussorgsky. Li Wang. piano. .CW 29 7:30: Piano Gala Celebration. Anagnoson· & Kinton, Gene DiNov~ Jamie Parker, William Shookhoff. -. CW 30 1 O:OOarn: Student piano recital. Free. CW 30 11 :OOam: Coffee Talk. The Golden Age of the Piano: Rian de Waal. Free. CW 30 12:00noon: Bach/Busoni, Schubert/Liszt, Wagner/Moszkowski, Goldovsky. Rian de · Waal piano. ,. CW 30 7:00: Musical Cruise. Songs of Robert BurTIS, Scottish Folk Songs, Celtic music, Beethoven. Kevin McMillan, tenor; Erica Good· man, harp; Gryphon Trio. . TD 31 12:00noon: 10th Anniversary of the Gryphon Trio. Beethoven, Shostakovich. ,. SJ 31 6:00: Jackie Shin, young composer. Discov· ery Ensemble; Gary Kulesha, cond. Free. CW 31 7:30: Beethoven, Szymanowski, Dvorak. Penderecki String Quartet; Stephan Sylvestre, piano. -. cw AUGUST: 01 12:00noon: Haydn's Humour. Gryphon Trio; Penderecki String Quartet. ,. SJ 01 6:00: Discovery Ensemble; Gary Kulesha, cond. New work by Kyle Laroont. Free. CW 01 7:30: Beethoven, Hatzis, Brahms. St. Law· rence String Quartet; James Caf11lbe0, clarinet. -.CW 02 4:00: Lecture. Arts adninistrator Dr. Tho· mas Wolf discusses presenting the perfoming arts today. Free. CW 02 6:00: Discovery Ensemble; Gary Kulesha, cond. New work by Craig Galbraith. Free. CW 02 7:30: Beethoven. Schubert. RusseU Braun, baritone; Carolyn Maule, piano; Gryphon Trio. -.CW 03 2:00: Mozart, Beethoven. Thomas Wolf, flute; Penderecki String Quartet. ·. CW 03 7:30: Tribute to Glenn MiUer. ·. CW 05 5:30: Gala Dinner & Concert at Manitou. 50th Anniversary of the ABegri String Quartet. Haydn. Schubert. 0. 30 km northeast of Parry Sound. 05 7:00: Musical Cruise. Shores of Newfound· land. . TD 06 12:00noon: Beethoven, Elgar. Allegri String Quartet; Christiaan Bor, viorui; Rian de Waal, piano. ,. CW 06 7:30: Primadonna Plus. Mary Lou Fallis, soprano; Peter T iefenbach, piano; James Ca111J· bell, clarinet; Suzanne Shulman, flute; Allegri String Quartet. -. CW 07 12:00noon: For the Love of the Cello I: Aren· sky, Kodaly. Pal Banda. Denis Brott, Tsuyoshi T sutsurri, ceUo; Clvistiaan Bor, Moshe Hammer, vio6n; David Harding. viola. ,. SJ 07 1:30: For the Love of the Cello II: Couperin, Popper, Menotti, Piatigorsky, Villa Lobos. Denis Brott, host; Denise Djokic, T suyoshi Tsutsumi, Pal Banda, Marie Thais Levesque, Rafael Hoek· man, Meran Currie-Roberts, Christiaan Bor, performers. -. CW 08 10:00am: Classical Vienna. Diabelli, Beethoven/Matiegk. James Campbell, clarinet; David Harding. viola; Jasper Wood, violin; Si· mon Wynberg. guitar. . SJ 08 f1:00am: Coffee Talk. Jeffrey Stokes: Vien· na, at the Death of Empire and the Birth of Modern Anxiety. Free. SJ 08 12:00noon: Romantic Vienna. Rebay, Brahms, .Schmidt. Allegri String Quartet; Chris· tiaan Bor, violin; James Campbell, clarinet; Rian de Waal, piano; Simon Wynberg. guitar. ,.SJ 08 2:00: Masterclass. T suyoshi Tsutsumi works with young cellists Rafael Hoekman and Meran Currie-Roberts. Free. CW 08 7:30: Vienna: The Masters. Mozart, Berg, Schubert. Allegri String Quartet; Rian de Waal, piano; Moshe Hammer, violin; David Harding. viola; Glen Montgomery, piano; Tsuyoshi Tsut· sumi, cello. -. CW 08 10:30pm: Schoenberg: Pierrot Lunaire Op.21. Mireille Lebel, soprano; Discovery Ensem hie; Gary Kulesha, conductor. ,. CW 09 2:00: Ravel, Handel/Halvorsen. Jasper Wood, violin; Denise Djokic, cello; Glen Mont· · gorTEry, piano. ,. CW 09 7:30: Viennese Gala. Strauss, Schubert, Lamer, Kreisler. Allegri String Quartet; Ja/TES Campbell, clarinet; Rian de Waal, Glen Mont· gomery, piano; Mary Lou Fallis, soprano; Moshe Hanmer, violin; Suzanne Shulman, flute; Simon Wynberg. guitar. . CW 10 2:00: An Afternoon in Italy. Wolf, Vivaldi. Moshe Hamner, Jasper Wood, viofin; Denis Brott, Denise Djokic, cello; Allegri String Ouar· tet; Festival Orchestra. -. CW 10 7:00: Fuial Party Musical Cruise. . TD •Gl;Jt!1jTl:Eliil1!iljmtm• The Barn, Buehlow Fann, near Ayr ON 519-273-2008; Festival Pass: JULY: 03 7:00: Masterclass with Linda Melsted. Ba· roque performance practice. , (auditors $10 at the door). Apply by June 15. 04 8:00: Incomparable Bach. Brandenburg Concerto #4; Harpsichord Concerto #2; Canta· tas 187 & 199. Carolyn Sinclair, soprano; Laura Pudwell, mezzo-soprano; Joseph Schnurr, tenor; Daniel Lichti, baritone; Michael Jarvis, harpsi· chord. ,. 05 3:00: The Muses' Struggle. Monteverdi: ·prelude to Orfeo; Rossi: Orfeo (excerpt); Corelli: La Fofia Variations; Lully: Trios pour le Coucher du Roy; Couperin: L' Apotheose de Lully. Narra· live by Patrick Jordan. Cofin Fox, actor; Karen Baumgartel, soprano; Alison Melville, traverse flute; Julie Baumgartel, Linda Melsted, violins; Am Marie Morgan, viola da gamba & ceUo; Terry McKema, lute & theorbo; Borys Medicky, harpsichord. 2: 15: pre-concert talk with Patrick Jordan. ,. 05 5:30: The Muses' Respite. Dimer. Order tickets by June 30. . 05 8:00: The Muses Reach a Truce. Clerambault: Orphee; Pergolesi: Orfeo; Leclair: Violin Concerto; Tartini: Devil's Trill Sonata. Karen Baumgartel, soprano; Kimberly Barber, mezzo· soprano; Alison Melville, traverse flute; Julie Baumgartel, Farran James, Linda Melsted, vio· lins; Patrick Jordan, viola; Ann Marie Morgan, viola da gamba & cello; Nicolas Lessard, bass; Terry McKema, lute & theorbo; Borys Medicky, harpsichord. $ 20, . 05 11 :OOpm: Bach: Goldberg Variations. David Louie, harpsichord. 10:30: Pre-concert talk .. ,$10. 06 11 :OOam: Brunch with Bach. Gennan ha· roque chamber music performed by Daniel Lich· ti, Doma Ellen T rifunovich, James Mason, Mar· garet Gay & Michael Jarvis. Continental brunch. Order tickets by June 30. ,. 06 3:00: Bach: Mass in B minor. Donna Ellen T rifunovich, soprano; Laura Pudwell, mezzo· soprano; Benjamin Butterfield, tenor; Daniel Lichti, baritone. Grand River Baroque Festival Enserrble and Chorus; Victor Martens, conduc· tor. , . Guel h Jazz Festival Guelph. ON 519-7634952 Venues: MS Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, 358 Gor· don St.; SG St. George's Anglican Church, 99 Woolwich St.; GY Guelph Youth Music Centre, 75 Cardigan St.; RR River Run Centre, 35 Wool· wich St.; CU Chalroors United Church. 50 Que. bee St. SEPTEMBER: 03 8:00: Iron Sky: Jerry Granel6 and Jeff Reilly (Nova Scotia) MS 04 12:00noon: TBA. MS 04 3:00: Julie Lebel dance piece with Scott Thomson (Quebec, Ontario) MS 04 5:00: TBA. MS 04 8:00: Evan Parker · solo (UK), Willem Breuk· er Kollektief (Netherlands) SG 04 11 :30pm: TBA. SG 05 12:00noon: TBA. MS 05 3:00: Evan Parker/Sarah PeebleslNilan Perera (UK/Ontario) MS 05 5:00: Kalaparush and the Light (USA) GY 05 8:00: OulfbtJcittf: Jazz opera CDn1Josed by D.D. Jackson; fibretto by George Elliott Clarke; vocalists Kiran Ahl\)Walia, Dean Bowman, Yoon FESTIVAL ALEXANDRIA Chamber music in an idyllic rural setting half-way between Ottawa and Montreal SUNDAYS AT 3 PM June 29th to August 3rd TICKETS: AND $10 Call us at: (514) 484-9076 or (613) 525-4141 July 1 - September 7 2003

Choi and Haydain Neale; instrumentalists John · Geggie, D.D. Jackson, Peggy Lee, Jean Martin, and Brad Turner. D~ected by Colin Taylor. RR D6 1 D:3Dam: TBA. GY D6 11:3Dam·7:DDpm: DaZoque! (QU); Great Uncles of the Revolution (BC, ON); Maroon (USA}; Primal Orbit (BC}. Carden St. Jau Tent. D6 4:DD: Peggy Lee Band (BC}; Mark Dresser Trio (with Denman Maroney and Matthias Ziegler} (USA/Switzerland} GY D6 8:DD: Mark Taylor, Myra Melford, Bourque Sirnnons (USA}; Steve Lacy Beat Suite Quintet with George Lewis (USA/France} CU D6 11 :3Dpm: Dama Suzuki and the Excalceola· tors (Germany/ON) SG · 07 10:3Dam: Paul Haines tribute: Evan Parker, Jesse Stewart, and others (UK/ON} RR D7 7 :DD: Jesse Stewart and Martin Tetreault (ON,QU}MS Harbourfront Centre Summer Festivals Toronto, ON 41 S.9734CXXJ; JULY: D 1 Canada Day celebration. Arts, crafts, food, music. D~6 Labatt Blues Festival. 10· 13 World's Fare: The Americas Now. Food, visual arts, dance, film, theatre, music. 18·2D see above. 25·27 Francophonix. Music, dance, film.. thea· tre, literature. ' AUGUST: D14 Guinness Island Soul. Caribbean music and arts. D8· 11i Masala! Mehndi! Masti! South Asian culture and music,. 15·17 TBA. 22·24 Sol Hot & Spicy Food Festival. With cultural performances. 29·Sep 1 Fresh. New arts & music. Huntsville Festival of the Arts HuntsviDe, ON. 800·663-2787, 705· 788-2787 www Venues: OG Delta Grandview Resort, 939 Hwy 60; TU Trinity .United Church. comer Main and West Streets; TH HuntsviOe Town Hall, Main and West Streets; SA St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, comer High and West Streets. Free daytime events not fisted; please see web· site, or caU for info. JULY: D4 8:DD: The Cottars. Celtic quartet. IJ. OG D5 8:DD: Rising Stars. Huntsville Festival of the Arts scholarship winners and alurmi. Classical, jazz, Broadway. ,. OG D7 7:3D: Duo Concertante. Mozart, Beethoven, 'Janacek, Chan. Nancy Dahn, violin; T 11110thy Steeves, piano. ,$10. TU DB 8:DD: The Arrogant Worrr.s. Comedy, music. $10-.0G D9 B:DD:· Michael Kaeshammer, jau piano. $10-.0G D9/15/17 7:DD: The Elephant's Nose. Play by Stina Nyquist. North Muskoka Players. $10, $ 5. TH 1 D 7:3D: Bel Canto Chorus of Milwaukee. Lau· ridsen: Lux Aetema; traditional songs & spiritu· als. Richard Hynson, director. ,$10. SA 1 D B:DD: Don Messer Jubilee. ·. OG 11 '8:DD: Jeff Healey's Jau W12ards. ·. OG 12 B:DD: Surrvner Romance. Show tunes by Porter, Rodgers, Lerner, Sondheim. Carmichael, Sinatra. Tamara Hummel, soprano; Gregory Dahl, baritone; Festival Orchestra; Kerry Strat· ton, conductor. ·. DG 13 2:0D: The Elephant's Nose. See Jul 9/15/17. 13 8:DD: Poetry of the Voice. Music of R. Strauss, Griffes, Weber, Kulesha. Pamela Hailes, soprano; Festival Orchestra; Kerry Stratton, conductor. ,$10. DG 15 8:DD: Songs and Stories. Linda Mclean, songwriter; Valdy; Jian Cihomeshi. ,$10. OG 16 7:3D: Borealis String Quartet. Haydn, Beethoven, Murphy. ,$10. SA 16 8:DD: The Pianomen. Sing along to music of BiDy Joel & Elton John. Jim Witter. $10-30. DG 17 B:DD: Prairie Oyster. Country. ·30. OG 18 B:DD: Alfie Zappacosta, singer/songwriter. -.0G 19 B:DD: Jesse Cook, Latin/flamenco guitar. ·.DG l\ll1!1Eli1tnill11i11!4il!JMmttlt!ll Kincardine, ON. 866453-9716; 519·396·9716; tickets: unless noted; series jau concerts: ; series classical concerts: ; all jau & classical concerts: $ 75 Venues: GI Governor's Inn. 791 Durham St. !Durham & Hwy 21); DR Kincardine Hall, Davidson Recrea· tion Centre, 601 Durham St.; KP Knox Presbyterian Church, 395 Durham St.; HS Kincardine High School, 885 Park Lane; AC Anglican Church of the Messiah. 412 Russel St. AUGUST: 04 B:DD: Heart Songs. Lisa Martinelli, jau vo· carist. GI D5 B:DD: The Three Hom Monster. Alex Dean, Mike Malone, Dave McMurdo, others. Jau. GI 06 B:DD: Interplay. Lome Lofsky, jau guitar; Brian Dickinson, piano. GI D7 B:DD: Jerry Bergonzi in concert. Jau. GI DB B:DD: Mve in Kincardine. Jau student showcase. $10. DR 11 B:DD: Piano Spectacular. Schubert: Fantasie for Piano 4 hands; other works. Lydia Wong, David Moroz. piano. KP . 12 B:DD: The Enchantment of Schumann. Pi· ano Quartets, other chamber works by Dvorak and Murphy. Rydonk Quartet, other performers. l

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