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Volume 8 Issue 3 - November 2002

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Hear the ·colour of •

Hear the ·colour of • JAZZ. NOTES by Jim Galloway Tales of the · Vienna Moods There is a fascinating story about Regular visits to the shop, listenhow Axel's father survived the war. ing to jazz records and buying when Towards the end of tht: conflict the he Could afford them became the pat­ Nazis created the 'Volksstunn', a rag- tern and little did Frau Libowitsky tag army of non-soldiers, without realise thatshe had sown seeds that training, without weapons, and.cer- would eventually blbssom as one of . tainly without any desire to fight, · the world's best jazz clubs. and sent them into the front line simply Around this time Axel also discovto extend the war. Axel's father, who ered the, Hot Club of Viel)lla, run was anything,. was con- by a musician called Johnny Parth. scripted, but avoided it, at least tern- They held Friday night sessions This month's artide comes from porarily, by injecting hls leg with where someone would select an art­ Vienna where I am m~ing my an- milk; this, apparently, had the effect ist, play recordings and discuss his nual pilgrimage and soaking tip the of causing it to swell severely' ren- or her career. On Saturdays they atmosphere of this lovely and his- dering him unfit for service. held jam sessions. tork: city as well as spending time It was a . ruse used by many' but _ When Axel left school he worked with some of the very special peo- · was detected . by the army who, for a time tran5Jating science-fiction , pie in my life. showing no milk of human kindness, stories and writing his own. He re- What follows is about one of those sentenc'ed E

I said that there was a 'boy meets ,girl' ingredient in this story. Seven months after the club opened Axel met Til.lie - immediately lost inte~est in any other girl friends and fast month they celebrated their 27ih anniversary '. One of her regrets is that before she and Axel got together she missed Ben Webster at the club! They have a son, Julius, riow a teen~ ager and through their dedication to the music they have a family of friends , jazz musicians around the world who have been able fo make The Ontario Provincial Honour Music Director of the Open Mike their mu.Sic echo in a 500 year old Band 2002 is performing at the Show. Conductors will be Denise cellar in Vienna - Jazzlahd ~ Toronto Centre for the Arts on Grant, from U ofT, and Jack Long A recent editiori of Downbeat lists Thursday Nov 7 at 8pm. Dr. Den- of Long ·&. McQuade. The music 100 of the. great jazz clubs through-' nis Prime will lead the band and their for the event (arranged by True North out the world. Our Own Montreal special guest artists, the True North Brass tuba tyrant Scott Irvine) is Bistro and Top O' The Senator are Brass in a program of music by available for .00 per book. Furlisted. So is Jazzland in Vienna. Holst, Ticheli, Cable and Van der ·· ther info and registration forms can Congratulations Axel and here's to Roost. Tiykets are /adult, / beobtainedbycalling416-222-8282 the next 30 years. student or senior. The event is be- (ext. 2164) or by email: ing put on by the recently formed Registra­ Jim Galloway can be reached at Ontario Band AssQciation. You tion forms shou.ld also be available can find out more about the OBA at at most school music suppliers. BANDSTAND its website: There are a number of concerts One of my favourite seasonal events worth taking in this month. is the Christmas Tuba Festival. I Standouts include the Hannaford managed to attend the first 3 or 4 Street Silver Band w/pianist Anyears, but work comril.itrnents have " drew Burashko on Nov 10. The by Merlin Williams There ',s plenty to get to this Long & McQuade's annual fall kept me away since.Watch out! I'm University of Toronto Wind Enmonth, so here we go! clinic series starts ort Saturday Nov going to be back this year, eupho7 semble, Toronto Youth Wind Or­ First of all, 1 have one more cot- 2 with bass trombonist John Capon. nium in hand, .and my five minute chestra, York University Wind rection to the community band list. The clinic Is entitled "Some .Ne. w , brasschopsfiort1.fied. · . w' 1·th1~rgequan "' - S ymp h. ony, . H ar t H. ouse · · S ym- The website for the Hamilton Con- Twists on Jazz Improvisation". On tities of hot chocolate. The Tuba Fest phonic Band and Northdale Con-· . cert Band sl:to.uld · · read: http:// Saturday Nov 16, brass mouthpiece takes place Wed Dec 4 from 12:30 cert Band are all presenting con- www My apolo- maker Gary Radtke will explain the - 1: 15pm at Nathan Phillips Square. certs during this mo.nth. I urge you gies to the band for the error. various components of the brass It's open to all players of the tuba to che. ck the main listing· s section of mouthpiece. A selection of his prod- family (including euphonium, bari- the Wb,olenote for complete details The Regimental Ba nd of The ucts will be available to try. tone and sousaphone) and anyone on these and ma1w other musical de­ Lorne Scots ·(Peel; Dufferin and "McConnell on Music" is the focus who likes to sing carols. Make sure lights. Halton Regiment) is.relocating from of the clinic on Nov 23. Veteranjazz · you bring a music stand with clips, Hamilton to Brampton. Director of trombqnist, composer and arranger and a cushion (those metal chairs are Music Henry Verschuren CD is Rob McConnell will be on hand to COLD!) Participants are encouraged looking to fill vacancies within the talk about the music business, and to decorate their instrumerits, and group, which uses a standard con- whatever else strikes his fancy (as themselves, if so desired. The event .cert band instrumentation and plays . he so eloquently does). The series will be Emceed by Orin Isaacs. a . wide variety· of music. There is wraps up on Sat Nov 30, with tenor absolutely no requirement for arty saxophone titans Pat Labarbera and musician of the Regimental Band to Kirk Maqlonald. they will be talkenroll in the Canadian Forces to.par- ing. about saxophone technique and ticipate fully with the band. How- jazz improvisation,, as well introducever should one wish to do so, the ing ihe new Selmer Reference 36 and opportunity is available. 54 mOdel tenor saxes. · The band has just received mon- Make s~re to bring your mouthies from the Trillium Foundation, and piece aijd try the new horns. All of has new music, instruments and uni- the sessions will be h¢ld from 2-4 forms. If you 're interested, or would p. m. in the band department at Long · like more info, contact Director of & McQuade's main location, 933 MusicHenryVerschurertCDat416- Bloor St. W. (W. ofOssington) in 564-3126, Fax: 905-450-7937 ore- Toronto. If you need more info, call mail: • . ' 416-588-7886 ext.410. Merlin Williams is a Toronto-based woodwind pelformer and arranger. If you have news of an upcoming band event, contact him at (416)489-0275, or by e-mail, ONTARIO PROVINCIAL HONOUR BAND Featuring the province's most talented young instrumental musicians. Conducted by Dr. .Dennis Prime , with guest artists ' TRUE NORTlI BRASS Thursday November 7, 2002 at 8 pm Toronto Centre for the Arts Adult .00, Sen/St/Child .00 Group· rate (20+) 3 .00 each Tickets available at TicketMaster 416-872-1111 or at the Toronto Centre for the Arts Box Office Presented by the Ontario Band Association ·Brass · Woodwin.d · String·Instruments · Guitar Buy direct from the Distributor , AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR• Armstrong, Artley. Besson. Benge · Boosey & Hawkes, Buffet , Conn Getzen. Jupiter, Keilworth, King Ibanez Guitars, Scherl & Ruth String Inst ~1~~HARKNETT Musical Services Ltd.~ MUSIC BOOKS BEST s·ELECTION OF· POPULAR & EDUCATIONAL MUSIC Piano · Guitar : Instrumental Mid-Town Store 416-423-9494 943Eglinton Ave, E. (W of Leslie) (Next door to Robert Lowr~y ·s Piano Experts) Main Store 905-477-1141 2650 Jotm Street Qust North of s.te~ les ) www.thewhole note .coni 21

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