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Volume 8 Issue 3 - November 2002

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190 King William Street,

190 King William Street, Hamilton. 905·522· -Tribal Productions. Whiskey Serenade. By 7529, 1·800465·7529. Ralph Small & Mitchell Kitz; Eli Kukawitz, director. -Toronto Operetta Theatre. The Best of Broad· New Canadian musical. Previews Nov 6 & 7; Nov way Part 2. A Gala Benefit Concert. Tunes from 8·23. T ues·Sat: 8:00. ,; previews: ,. Kismet, My Fair Lady, The Merry Widow & The · Toronto Centre for the Arts, 5040YongeSt.416· Pirates of Penzance. Elizabeth DeGrazia, Fred Love 870·8000. & Guillermo Silva·Marin, performers; Derek Bate, -TrypTych Productions.Beethoven: Fidelio. In music director/piano. November 3: 2:00. Jane concert. Catherine Tait, Kathy Demoney, Lenard Mallett Theatre, 27 Front St. East. 416·366.J723. Whiting, Ross Darlington, Marcel Beaulieu & other . performers; William Shookhoff, music director. JAZZ: CLUBS Alleycatz24a9 Ytrf]BSt. 416481-6865.Every N' Awlins Jau Bar and Dining 299 Kiry st. W. Mon8pmStevieGee&Co;everyTues8pmVIVian 4165951958. ca;..] style cooking and New Ckmint & Co (except Tues Nov 5); every Wed CllistOJie'PlockT rio;eveiy Tiu9pm TheFloww/ Oasis 294Colege St. 416-9750845 Calos Morgan; every SlJ19pm (except Nov 24) Occasional jazz. Call for ootails. "JamSession"w/TonySjriiger.Nov 1 (9pm) SOOar; Nov 2 (9 pm) Haloween Disco Party w/ Disco Pilot T avem 22 Cumberland 4169235716. Est. lnferoo; Nov 5 Llris&Rmee Trio; Nov 8 (9 pm) The il 1944 with a tracfrtion of live jazz every Saturday Noniads; Nov 9, 15 and 23 (9 pm) Soul Mothers w/ Ccrey ~Nov 16, 30 (9 pm) Planet Earth; Nov Ouigley's2232 OueenE 4166999998 22 (9 pm) SOOar; Nov 29 (9pm) DebbieJolvlson Reservoir Lounge 52 Wellington 4169550887. Bali Live jazz of ti'e swing variety Mon tlrough Sat. Good Artbar 12140ueen W. SmaUroomin Gladstone tire music i1 an iltinate, casual back!J'Ollf'ld. . H~tel ~ T oconto performers. Cklsed Slll. RexJau& Blues Bar 1940ueenSt. W, 416 Ben Wicks424Pariament 4169619425. Nov • l6wmkeyJack(8:~nocover West & Monday's Millionaires, 9pm U Cameron House 4D80ueenSt. W. 416703 0811. One of last basOOns of okl-wclrtct Queen St. W. Swing Street 9:30pm Classic Jazz Jam (Guest C'estWhat61F/'Of/fE416 8679499 Hosts: 5•, Greg DeDenus, 12" Harris Mark Lusher, Sat afternoon traitional jazz from The Hot Five J11221Tiakers. 29MelissaStyfianouTrio;Sun Nov3, 10, 17, 24 Gate403 4D3Rorx:esvales4165882930. West Jaiz Brunch with Dan Farrel Trio 12:30pm; Nov 1 and cUJ te!Jiar1y fea!IIDJjazz. Cal for ootails. Grossmans's279.s'p.D.wA1111.41fi.9717000. Hubert Band, 7pmJarrie Reynolds Trio, 9:30 CO Every Sat Mat Every Mon. legendary Toronto cklbdefiiteyflllky. Sat mat w. K'xl Basteunl the Django, 6:45 Ouadn4Jed, 9:30 pm CD release party, Release Party: Yoori Choi Ouartet; Nov 3, 3pm Cltb H

clTOnokigical study of his quartets. 3rd in a series. 273 Bloor St. West.416408· 2825. •November 46:00: Toronto Public library. PerformirgAlts Lect/Jf(!Series. Keny Stratton, broadcaster, caxluctor, rrusic dioctorof till Toronto l'tilanroiiia. TorontoReferoocelliay, 789Yonge St.416-393-7131. Free. •November 11 8:00: Toronto Wagner Society. lntervie)rv with Canadian tenor Paul Frey. Arts and Letters Club, 14 Ernst. 416-593-8557. Donation (- suggisted). *November 13 7:00: little Pear Garden Collective.Xun Style PekiffJ Opera Lecture (Effllish & Mardarin Ctirese/. Demonstrations: till st~· step irocess of traisfonnation ilmqi makel4J; rroverrmt &(Bfornmce uni(ue to till Xun style of Peki1g Opera; display of Pekiig Opera costures. Kinnear Education lreatre, Ait G

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