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Volume 8 Issue 4 - December 2002/January 2003

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She told me that nwst of

She told me that nwst of their audi- ence, according to research dorre at its Sunday ~~mber 15 . concerts finds out about their concerts -3:00: M1ss1ssauga Choral Society. through The WholeNote. "Quite sim~ , MondayD~r16 . ply we could not be doing' what we -7:30:StJames CathedralCho1rofMen sand copies of the issue will be distributed, almostall of them to regular read­ IAJE still plenty of interested people out there Early in January thousands of delegates who have not yet become users of our ers. So, in. the same spirit as I started magazine. (And if you can't find a by Allan Pulker to the 30th annual conference of the by urging you to introduce someone IAJE (Intematiol)al Association for Jazz spare copy of the magazine ~round, Welcome to the seventy-fourth issue Education) will be in Toronto, the first to Handel, I urge you to introduce The send "them to our website at of The WholeNote (Well, the first fif- time they have taken their deliberations WholeNote to somebody who doesn't!) · teen were called "Pulse"' but it's the outside the United States. They can be know about us· yet: I know, there .are same publication.) assur~ of a welcome warmenhan the · HANDE('S MESSIAH: QUICK PICKS HANDEL REIGNS weather! For details consult the concert listings commencing on page 31 This being the December/January is- And while on the subject of inusisue, there are plenty 0f performances cal education, witli this issue we are - 2:30: Calyx Concerts.Exceqits . -8:00: T afelmusik Baroque Orchestra. Sunday December 01 Thursday December 19 , of Handel's Messiah to be found in h, launching a new section (Education Friday December 06 -8:00: Toronto Symphony Orchestra/ as the love affair with this great work Front, page 30). For all of us the fucontinues. well into the third century . ture has to be now in order to keep our Saturday December 07 Friday December 20 - 7:30: Elmer lseler Singl!rs. Handel.· Messiah. Toronto MendelsS~hn Choir. after its composition. If there is a rea- art alive. - 7:30: Arcady Ensemble. Hand&.· Messiah. -8:00: J afelmusik Baroque Orchestra. son for thisit is the work's accessibil- · OUR READERS' DEEDS Wednesday December 11 Saturday December 21 ity; it is music that touches the listener I recently met by chance, at a concert, - 8:00: Toronto Choral Society. - 7:00: Toronto Symphony Orchestra/ in a most extraordinary and· personal the chair of the board of one of the Handfi: Messiah (Patt 1). Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. • way, as if it was written especially for dozens of small concert series that are Friday December 13 - 8:00: T afelmusik Baroque Orchestra. each person who hears it. the glue of our city's musical culture. - 8:00: Markham Theatre for.Performing Sunday December 22 Arts.Handel:Messiah. EfnerlselerSin!J!ll's - 2:00: Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra. As su~h it can provide an entry point to classical music for the young or the uninitiated, anyone who has' not yet 'acquired the taste. For many people it retains a special status as a milestone in ' their musical education. If you' re considering taking .advantage of the TSO' s special offer to WholeNote readers (on page 2) consider giving the free Messiah ticket to someone for wl}om the experience could be, literally, the gift of a lifetime. (There is a "Quick Pick" guide to all our listed performances of the Messiah at the end of this col'umn.) 'd . "th t Th WholeNote ,, and Boys/Cathedral Pilgrim Singers. are 01ng WI OU e ' MessilJJ(CmstmasPation) she said. The reality, of course, is they · could not be doiilg what they are do- TuesdayDecember17 -8:00:StClement'sChurch. TrilliumBrass ing without WholeNote's readers, who Diiltet& Tlxxnasfitches,agan. Exceipts are not only reading the magazine but also using it for what it' was designed Wednesday December 18 - 8:00: Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra. to do - to guide them to live music. -8:00:TorontoSymphony0rchestraf . With this issue we are crossing a new threshhold - more than thirty f!lou- Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. Sirg-Alory Messiah. - 3:00: Toronto Symphony Orchestra IT oronto Mendelssohn Choir. · FURTHER AFIELD: S'aturday De~ber 07 - 7:30: Milton Choristers. Choruses & arias. - 7:30: Mohawk College Singers. Messiah. CCJnlllete Covent Garderi VIJSion. · Saturday December 14 - 8:00: Elora Festival Singers. A Village Messiah. , Monday December 16 - 7:30: Brott Autumn Music Festival 2002. 10 New sessions starting throughout tl~e year· Free evaluation Toronto: 416-922-2014 North York: 416-221-4684· Mississauga: 905-272-4444 ·Part-time French· courses at all levels groups • private • companies • _conversational writing • business • legal • babies •children www. alliance-francaise. com 21\eS ' •Complete stop list organs, including Roy Th Hall & Convocation Hall •Many jiistorical & technical details and a glossary of terms. A publication of the Royal Canadian College of Organists Toronto Centre Order from: Norma Brubacher 15 Naylon Street, Maple, Ontario i.6A l.R8 Phone/fax: · 905-832-1600 . . Web: Organs of Toronto Alan Jackson & James Bailey 176 pp, sewn, paper ISBN: 0-9689713-0-x ·00 PLUS SHIPPING & Hll NDLJNG Supported by a grant from The Trilliom Foundation "l rejoice [in this book], as will anyone who loves organs and knows what an important part they have played, and continue to play, in the life of the city." john Fraser, hom the Pie/ace December 1 2002 - February 7 2003

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