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Volume 8 Issue 4 - December 2002/January 2003

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activity - make music -

activity - make music - Rapoport describes his with machines? And work as a setting of 3 how do these machine songs for mezzo sonoises. fit into the tradi- prano and string quartion ofWestem'music? tet, on the poetry of Mario's solution to this Barker Fairley - a poet, problem was unique and painter, German ingenious: he made· the scholar, and one of the confrontation between mpst distinguished fighuman and machine ures in the history of both the subject and con- the . University of Tote;x:t of his. work. It's Davidovsky ronto, -The poems are not that the human and the machine rhapsodies onyarious Canadian landfight, but that a new object is ere- scapes of various types. Chan Ka. ated that presents these sounds in a Nin's piece is "a social comment on way that is understood - in the con- the diversified cultures of Canada. text of classical music's idea of the The French title reflects the comheroic soloist." "I was trying to invent an entirely new space out of both media," explains Davidovsky, "to extend traditional instruments with electronic J sounds and to humanize electronic sounds with traditional instruments." In additio,n to new works by rising and talented student composers, the U of T Festival will also present various faculty and alumi¥ compositions, including Gary Kulesha's Sixth Chamber Concerto, Chan Ka Nin's Par-fi, par-la ("this way, that way"), and Alexander Rapoport's Northscapes, among others. poser's interest in Quebec's heritage. On a personal level this work also reflects the composer's search for his own identity." Contact the University of Toronto Faculty of Music' for further details and complete -scheduling information. I'll be back in February',. with more new music content. In the meantime, remember that Santa Claus as we know him was a marketing device invented by the Coca-C9la Corporation. LOOKING FOR CONCERT LISTINGS FOR NEW MUSIC ONLY? WWW.TORONTOHEARANDNOW.COM NEW MUSIC COALITION NEWS AMBITIOl)'S .MARKETING INITIATIVE LAUNCHED! ListMe for New Music With the support of the Shared Initiatives Program developed by the Canada Council for the Arts, members of Toronto's New Music Coalition will officially launch ListMe, a new and ambitious audience development tool, on Monday, December 2, 2002. Look for the official ListMe website at after that date. Modelled after Montreal's very successful LaListe' established in 1992, ListMe is a unique mailing list that will be shared amongst Toronto New Music presenters and organizations that have opted to belong to the ListMe collective. It has been designed for people who would like to be kept informed of New Music events, concerts and performances. How ListMe Benefits the Public It'~ FREE for the public· to SUBSCRIBE and GET ON THE ,LIST! The public is invited to submit their names for iqclusion on the ListMe database in order to be kept informed of the latest ·New Music events, concerts and perfonilances. Everyone who ·subscribes will be asked what type of music events they are particularly interested in (i.e. new music, live electronic, classical, etc.). LiStMe subscribers will receive announcements by mail and/or e-mail based oq their selected interests. Other subscription advantages include: one free concert chosen from amongst the current ListMe organizations, TWO-FOR-ONE admission to ·the Art Gallery of Qntario (Tues-Thurs, not including special exhibitions, valid through May 29, 2003), a 153 discount on Canadian composer CDs in the New Music section at Sam The Record Man and the possibility of winning a collection of Canadian New Music CDs if registered before March 1, 2003. CONTINUES ON PAGE 20

Hi Long & McQuade - Muskm! Jns.tnmHmts Recording media provided by Q:@!ll U ~·~ l V F.RS JTY Cf TORONTO

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