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Volume 8 Issue 4 - December 2002/January 2003

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ListMe, continued from

ListMe, continued from page 18 The ListMe website -" offers an interactive calendar of New Music events in Toronto with detailed information on venues and upcoming events including descriptions, maps, prices, box office µumbers, biographies, photographs and links to performer and presenter ·websites as well as a link with LaListe in Montreal. How ListMe Benefits Member Organizations: ListMe offers an opportunity to raise the profile of Toronto's New Music community, resulting in a greater awareness of the contemporary music scene in Toronto and its ml\fly diverse efforts. Through pooling resources, and day-to-day of the database, ListMe aims to expand the new music audience base. The inaugural members of the ListMe collective are Arraymiisic, Continuum Contemporary Music, Ensemble Noir, Evergreen ' Club contemporary gamelan, Hannaford Silver Street Band, Music Gallery, Music Toronto and New Music Concerts. Each organiz.ation will have access to the collective list and be able to tailor it to its specific needs for specific conce~ as subscribers will have indicated which types of music and events they are particularly interested in, How to Subscri:IJe to ListMe: Subscribing to ListMe is FREE. Registration forms are available at ListMe member concerts, online at or by calling Planet Blue, the administrative office for ListMe, at 416-5994545. · The listMe collective gratefully thanks the following/or their support: Canada Council for the Arts, Perkins Mailing List Services, Eye Weekly, _An Gallery of Ontario, S

CANADIAN CO POSERS centrediscs special edition PORTRAITS find it online at This series documents the last fifty years of. Canadian composition. CD sets combine full-length documentaries on t.he composers' lives and music with an anthology of their most important works. Available at select record stores across Canada, or through the Canadian Music Centre Distribution Service, 20 St. Joseph Street, Toronto, ON, M4Y 2J9 N 0 ;;; Cl '-' '-' ::::; '-' - CENTREDISCS CENTREDISQUES N 0 "" CX) Cl w '-' ::::; '-' for more information 416-961-6601 21

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