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Volume 8 Issue 4 - December 2002/January 2003

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Mahler: Symphony No.IO,

Mahler: Symphony No.IO, realized Clinton A. Carpenter. Andrew Litton and The Dallas Symphony Delos DE 3295 Heavens! Not another Mahler 1Qtl•. Yes and no. A recording of the Carpenter version was released in 1995 conducted by Harold Farberman with the Philharmortia Hungarica [Gold String #024] and distributed almost ~ xclusively through audi~ dealers. After bein¥ so· enthusiastic about the Wh~eler version on N axos recently, I . confess that while the· Wheeler is satisfying cerebrally, this new · recording of Chicagoan Clinton Carpenter's 1965 edition is a knock-out. Except for the first movemertt, the well known Adagio, the completed scoring of the other four movements is at best speculative. Scholarly but speculative. They are not even re-creations, for, until Mahler would have laid down his pen on the totally completed score there may have evolved a work discarding the passages in progress.· Bottom line right now is that the Carpenter version is more tragic and broader than the others. Also darker and more richly orchestrated without ever sounding, to these ears at least, illogical .or out Viol~ns du monde · L~ Pieta ~ith Angele Dubeau, Leader and Violin Soloist Analekta AN 2 8721 two movements from Swedish composer Dag Wiren's Serenade for Strings and a quirky number that Dave Brubeck wrote for the group entitled Regret. Alas, for the most part, the recording is a pl~asant, slightly innocuous collection of music desi·gned to s.oothe and entertain, not challenge. It would be nice to hear the group sink their ,teeth into weightier repertoire. · Larry Beckwith of context. Thi final pages still The brilliant Montreal violinist leave Mahler quietly a"sking the Angele Dubeau founded La Pieta unanswered question. Need I say in 1997 and in a relatively short that I prefer Carpenter to any of time, they have. established the various Cooke or M~zzelli themselves as one of Canada"s 'versions? While 'the Wheeler leading string ensembles and most retains its individual attraction, for successful small businesses. While extra horsepower this is the qisc to this recording is designed a~ a Haydn Concertos own. . lighthearted musical tour of the Pacific Baroque Orchestra •' The Dallas Symphony sounds world, there is a stylistic sameness Marc Destrube, Leader and· exceptionally together and focused to the bite-sized selections. We. Violin Soloist . under Litton's direction in this have "cleaned up". takes on Atma ACD2 2287 demonstration-quality recording._ klezmer, Hungarian. and even Bruce Surtees American pop styles, as if filtered The violin concert?s of Joseph. through the same lens. Buried in Haydn - along with .those ~f the middle of the disc are some contemporary 1ean-Mane Leclair interesting cuts, though, especially · - are unjustly overlooked gen_is of

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