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Volume 8 Issue 5 - February 2003

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JAZZ: CLUBS CONTINUED Meurows 1546 Queen W. 416 535 4906. Parkdale neighboufhood p00 featuring jazz and bkJeS on Saturday afternoons, Sunday evenings and a five jam every other Wednesday. Montreal Bistro 65 Sherboume 41 S 363 0119. Feb 1 Mark Eisenman Trio w/ John Sumner & Steve WaUace, Feb 3 (special 8:30 start time} The Ron Davis Trio and featuring Lori. CuUen- CD release, Feb 4-8 Cedar Wah on Trio w/BarryElmes&Dave Young, Feb 10Marc Atkinson Trio, Feb 11·15JimGaUoway/Doug Riey Guartet w/lorne lofsky and Don Vickery, Feb 17 Adi Braun and the Doug Riley Quartet. Feb 18-22JoanileBrackeen Triow/Terry Clarke&Don Thompson, Feb24Nl/ffl'/8n MarshaU Villeneuve Quintet, Feb 25-March 1 The Dave McMurdo Quintet featuring Mike Ma/onew/PatCollins, KevinOempsey@Tues- Thurs Reg Schwager. . N' Awlins Jau Bar and Dining 299 King St W. 416 595 1958 Cajun style cooking and New Orleans style jazz. Oasis 294 College St. 416-975 0845 Occasional jazz. CaH for details. Orbit Room 580A College St. 416 763 3470 Pilot Tavern 22 Cumberland 416 923 5716.0ne of T ()f()f1fo's oldest watering holes, established in 1944 with a tradition oflive jazz every Satu!1'8Y aftemoon. . Ouigley's 2232 Queen E. 416 699 9998 Reservoir Lounge 52 Wellington 416 955 0887.livejazzoftheswingvariety Monday through Saturday with the emphasis on good time music in an intimate, casual background. Rex Jazz & Blues Bar 194 Qu~en St. W. 416 5982475. Feb 1 (3:30)JohnCheesman0rch. (7pm)Amanda Martinez(9:30pm) Jake & the Blue Midnights, Feb 2 (12:30pm) Ronley Teper (3:30pm)Bevmfy Taft(7pm) The Bots Bros. · (9:30pm) Ymcet Wolfq Quartet, Feb 3 (6:30pm) C8f1Jy West (9:30pm) Katherine Bates Quintet, Feb 4, 11, 1 B & 25 (6:30pm) Swing Street, (9:30pin) Classic Rex Jazz Jam, Feb 5 (6:30pm) The Dowling Brothers, (9:30pm) Nick Fraser, Feb 6 (7pm) Kem Quain (9:30pm) Sean Bray, Feb 7 (6:30pm) Melissa Stylianou (9:30pm) BomieBrett Quartei, Feb 8 (3:30pm) Swing Shift Big Band (6:30pm) Manda Martinez (9:30pm) Roberto Occhipinti Trio, Feb 9 (12:30pm) Hooley Teper (3:30pm) Holy Clark (7pm) The Botos Bros. (9:30pm)FllN11Montreat TheGodsofTaste,Feb 10& 17 (6:30pm) t:arey West (9:30pm) Humber College Student Jazz Ensembles, Feb 12 (6:30pm) The Downing Brothers (9:30pm) Ernesto Cl!IVini Trio, Feb 13 &20(630pm)ZootJones Trio, Feb 14&21 (6:30pm) Melissa Stylianou, Feb 13 (9:30pm) Duncan Hopkins Quintet + 1, Feb 15 (3:30pm) laura Hubert Band (7pm) Murley/Turcotte, Feb 16 (12:30pm) Ronley Teper, (3:30pm) Club Ojango, ( 6:30pm) The Botos Bros. (9:30pm) From Paris: Karf Jannuska, Feb 19 (6;30pm) The Downing Brothers (9:30pm) Patrice Barbanchon, 1 Feb 20 & 21 (9:30pm) Kirk Macdonald Quartet, Feb 22 (3:30pm) The Jazz Mechanics Big Band (7pm) Amanda Martinez(9:30pm) Geoff Young Trio, Feb 23 (12:30pm) Ronley Teper, (3:30pm) Freeway Dixieland, (7pm) TheBotsBros. (9:30pm)ArtieRothQuintet, Feb 24(6:30pm) Carey West(9:30pm)John Macleod's Rex Hotel Orchestra, Feb 26 (6:30pm) The Downing · Brothers (9:30pm) Kevin Brow, Feb 27 (6:30pm) Kevin Quain (9:30pm) Quinsin Nachoff, Feb 28 (6:30pm) Melissa Stylianou (9:30pm) Kirk MacDonald Quartet. Rhodes Restaurant 1496 Yonge St.416 968 9315. Feb 1 lorne lofsky (guitar} Kirk MacDonald (sax}, Feb 5 lee Wallace (guitar}, Feb 6 Fred Ouligal (sax} Ian Bargh (piano}, Feb 7 Bill McBimie (flute} Bernie Senensky (piano/, Feb 8 San Murata (violin} Neville Barnes (guiiar}, Feb 12 Danny McErlain (piano}, Feb 13 Nl/ffl'/8n Amadio (piano} Duncan Hopkins (bass} Feb 14 Fran* Wright (vibes} Ian Brjfgh (piano}, Feb 15 Gary Benson (guitar} Duncan Hopkins (bass/, Feb 19 lorne lofsky (guitar}, Feb 20 Bob George (piano} Tony Ouanington (guitar}, Feb 21 Shawn N~quist (sax} Reg Schwager (guitar}, Feb 22, S11T10neJohnson (vocals}, Jim McBimie (piano}, Feb 26 Mark Zaret (piano}, Feb 27 Tony _ Quarrington (guitar} Kirk MacDonald (sax}, Feb 28 Ken Fornetran (sax} David Occhipinti (guitar}. Rockit 120ChurchSt 4169479555. Sassafraz 100 Cumberland 416 964 2222. Sat Sun brunch w/Roy Patterson Duo Top O' the Senator 253 Victoria St. 416 364 7517. Feli1 ·2Kollage, Feb4-9 Caro/Weisman Quintet, Feb 11-16 George Evans Quintet. Feb 18-22 Scott Hamihon, Feb 25-27, David Occhipinti Quartet, Feb 28 Una Allemano Four. The T ranzac 292 Brunswick Ave. 416 923 8137. Every Wed. 9pm: Grande Bouche Swingtette (gypsy swing jazz, free}; Every Fri. 9pm Dixieland music (free} Victory Cafe 581 MarkhamSt.416 516 5787. located beside Honest Ed's this spot is the Thursday night home of Club Django. Whistlers 995 Broadview Ave. 416 4211344 Sunday 9am-12':30pm Pat Carrey's Jazz ANNOUNCEMENTS, LECTURES ETCETERA AN.NO U NC'EMENTS *February 7 6:00: Toronto Homes for the Aged/Knights of Columbus/Bendale Acres Volunteers. Night of Knights. Gala of dining & entertainment with the Mississauga Big Band Jazz Ensemble. Delta Toronto East Hotel, 2035 Kennedy Rd. 416- 392-2700. 5(gala ticket), (entertainment ticket). Proceeds to the Bendale Acres bus campaign. *February 8 6:00: Toronto Children's , Chorus. GALA 2003: Sharing The love of Music. TCC Chamber Choir, Jean Ashworth Bartle, conductor; dinner, dancing & auctions. Marriott Hotel Eaton Centre, 525 Bay St. 416-932-8666xl11. *February 14 7:00: Beach Arts Centre. Valentines Dinner and Dance. Dinner, entertainment, silent auction, draw, door prizes & dancing. 17 Musgrave St. 416-690- 4552. . Fundraiser for the BAC. *February 14 7:00: Galaxy All-Star Orchestra. Valentine's Day Big Band lovers' Ball. Music from Glenn Miller to Tom Jones & more. Ian Jutsun & Robin Lea, vocals; Eddie Graf & Ross Wooldridge, leaders. Dinner 7:00-8:00; dancing 9:00-midnight. Toronto · Colony Hotel, 89 Chestnut St. 416-861-0288. (dance only), (dinner/dance). •February J 5 6:00: Toronto Sinfonietta. Have a Heart. Reception, dinner, silent auction, Valentine music in the pops tradition performed by members of the Toronto Sinfonietta, followed by music for dancing. George Jonescu, Master of Ceremonies. Le Pare, Markham, 8432 Leslie St., Thornhill. 416·4·10-4379. . In support of Columbus Boys' Camp & Toronto Sinfonietta. •February 17 6:00: Fine young Classicals. Fundraising Event. Mary Lou Fallis, speaker; best-loved opera arias performed by FYC collective members; Bar Mercurio, caterer. Trinity-St. Paul's Church, 427 Bloor St. West. 416-707-1446. . All proceeds in support of the artists & composers' of the FYC second season. •February 21 & 22 6:45: Toronto Consort. Midwinter Marvel Silent Auction. Drop by before the performance of Monteverdi's Orfeo to enjoy light refreshments & bid on a variety of items. Navigators . , Pl~ce final bids during the concert intermission & redeem your won item at the end of the concert. Gymnasium, Trinity-St. Paul's Centre, ,427 Bloor St. West. 416-530-4735. *February 22 8:00: Cantabile Chorale. · Fabulous Fifties Fundraiser. Nostalgia disk . jockey service; silent auction; light buffet , supper; surprise guest appearances. Bayview Hills Convnunity Centre, Spadina Road & Weldrick Rd. East, Richmond Hill. 905-731· ,8318. . ' *F.ebruary 23 7:30: Toronto Youth Wind Orchestra. Rhapsody and Blues: Dinner, . Concert & Silent Auction. Wine, dine and dance the evening away. Le· Pare Convention Centre, 8432 Leslie St., Thornhill. 416-712· 6582. (dinner/concert), (concert onlysee daily listings). ·~arch 1 6:30: ~ultate Chamber Smger~ . Fund-raising evening. Refreshments, entertainment, silent auction, balloon pops & more. Arts & Letters Club·of Toronto, 14 Elm St. 416-971-9229. *Exultate Chamber Singers. Choral Composition Competition. Canadian composers are invited to submit sacred a cappella choral works of 3-6 minutes in length, to be performed on May 9, 2003. Deadline: 1February14, 2003. 416-971-9229 ' LECTURES •Feb 5 12: 10: U ofT Faculty of Music. · · Symposium on John Beckwith' s opera Taptoo! with the creative team & composer John Beckwith, and excerpts perfonned by members of the cast. Chaired by lain Scott. Walter Hall, 80 Queen's Park. 416-978-3744. Free. •February 17 6:00: Torgnto Reference , Library. Performing Arts lecture Series: Anton Kuerti, pianist. 789 Yonge St. 416-393· 7131.Free. *February 25 7:30: Ensemble Noir. Diversity Project: Meet the Composer. Seminar by Nigerian composer, scholar & ethnomusicologist Dr. Akin Euba on new trends in African music. Room 330 Edward Johnson Bldg. 80 Queen's Park. 416-923- 9400. Free. *March 3 6:00: Toronto Reference - Library. Performing Arts lecture Series: Paula Citron, arts writer & broadcaster in classical music, dance & theatre. 789 Yonge St.416·393-7131.Free: · •March 7 7:30: Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Toronto. The Golden Age of Operetta. Lecture with soloists & group singing. Cody Hall, St. Paul's Church, 227 Bloor St. East. 416·221-4864. Free. *Return to Learn. The Genius of Four Masters: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert. 6-parl lecture series that will explore the individual genius of each composer and the role that each played in creatiog a new. world of musical thought and sound. Mila . Filatova, lectur,er. Tuesdays from March 4- April 8, 1pm-3pm. North York Central Library, 2nd floor, 5120 Yonge St. 905-764· 7168. 0(pre-registration required). Transforming Bright Minds into Great Achievers _ ~om.poser Peter Ware, M.M. Yale' University . Guitarist Lynn Harting-Ware, M.M. Kent State University Music Classes in Preparation for RCM Examinations . Rudiments, Harmony, History, Analysis, Counterpoint Class Sessio.ns Begin: May, July, September and January e mail· theo @ ~'or Course Listings & Free MP3s: 43.:10 Steeles Ave. E. (Market Village) Fl04A, Markham, ON February 1 - March 7 2003

lij•11I!?!t1[•J~ljl;;\•J~1· CONTINUED FROM PAGE 24· Pqrent. Power by Cynlhia Dann-Beardsley "What do you do?" somebody asked me the other day. "What do I do about what?" my brain snapped )ack. I trapped the thought in my head before it became words. I was, after all, at my child's swim practice-not at a political forum. At least not on that day. Swim practice, the schoolyard, the streetcar and the doctor's office are all great places to be. I am an CiPvocatedoing my best to put my mouth where my passion is: on children and music. Parents are.ali.mys talking and, sooner rather than later, they are on to their child's education. I casually steer things towards music. My passion.for children and music brought me together six years ago with · a committed group of parents from across the city. Aptly named the Toronto District Music Coalition, we 'lloice d. 9Jiano .fessons In your own home given by a qualified teacher -Reasonable Rates -R&B, POP, Classical -Conservatory Grades . 416-767-8779 represent~ from all fonner boords of the now Toronto District School Board. Our position paper states that every child in the TDSB must have access to a quality core music program presented sequentially from the start of elementary school to completion of seconlary school. · We are resolved that music be taught by specialists during the regular school day. Music is not a frill; it is a government-mandated subject just like Mathematics, Sew and English. 0ur children are not taught Spelling at lun:htime by someo~ither a teacher or a parent-who happens to like words. The same standards shall be applied to our children and music. Music is a perfonnance-based subject and all students must have the opportunity to sing and play in the classroom, the auditorium, at festivals, camps and TDSB con::erts. Members of our executive meet regularly with the TDSB Music Advisory Corruniuee as well as with our membership at large .. We also talk to parent groups, teacher groups and school coun:ils. fur furtrer infonnation, please e-mail us: A.R.C.T., B. MUS. ED .• B.ED Private and Group Instruction • Piano. Voice. Guitar. Woodwinds & Brass, All Styles • Singing Classes, Performance Skills • Feldenkrais. Mitzvah'& Alexander Posture and Movement Techniques • Harmony & Chords. Play by Ear • RCM Exams, Theory, CD Demos (416) 620 - 1231 ArrClymusic on-line edJ continued from page 24 response that would take ·into consideration instrumentation, technique, and thooretical issues such as dissonance and improvisation. Useful questions to consider: In what ways do these musicians use their insnurnents differently than you are used to? What techniques do these musicians use to achieve "antiharmonic" or dissonant sounds? Having listened to the various excerpts of new music provided on the site, describe what you hear. ~at do you notice about the use of sounds? How do these pieces compare to those you've heard and played earlier in the year? THE WEBSITE WILL BE LAUNCHED officially at a media event in early February, where Arraymusic will also unveil a new website make-over (complete with interactive sound programming and extensive new content) by w~b designer Arturo Parada, also known as Durothethird ( Arturo has recently been featured on City . TV as ·a graffiti artist who, while www Lyric Soprano A rich and warm voice combined with an impeccable presentation! * Available for operas, oratorios, recitals, orchestral works, etc ... *Great packages for weddings, corporate events or any special occasion! * RCM registered teacher (private.lessons for all ages / levels) *Also offering coaching in French diction (416) 630-5786 . ' continuing to create large scale murals. in cities across the world, has moved into the world of multimedia. I To attend ArrayLive on Feb 22 at Glenn Gould Studio or have a group view the live webcast of the concert, Array Live, contact Orristina Loewenat416-532-3019, send email to, or visit the website and have a look around. Things are changing fast. · Rick Sacks, proprietor Rik's Cafe Canadian, Stephen Voyce, Arraymusic · A note to PC users: those with PC teChnology will be required to de-activate ActiveX, install Quicklime (versioa 5 or later) an! then reacth;ate ActiveX (see easy to use instructions provided on our website). Moreover, you 'will also need a high speed connection (cable or dsl) to view the video. lt 1 s summer i.n Mqrch in WholeNote continued from page 24 · our readers pursue their musical interests widely within the .province, out of province, and indeed out of Canada . Organizations with summer 2003 programs and activities which fit the criteria· for our annual March SUMMER MUSIC feature are hereby invited to participate. There is no cost to you for ~his listing. Information mustbe received by us no later than Februfiry 15. For details, inquire by e~mail to or by phone to David Perlman at 416 603 3786 . YOUR VOICE n:/Qrganic and functional · vocal training to gah~ . l ~ ' access to your full range, resonance and vocal freedom ..For singers, public speakers, teachers, clergy, or if you just want to enjoy, using your voice! ·

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