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Volume 8 Issue 5 - February 2003

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two loyal friends." An

two loyal friends." An inexpensive but priceless collection. Let me say right off that the Beethoven concertos with Kempff, van Kempen and the Berlin Philharmonic (1953) are my very favourite versions. reading of the usual two Tristan excerpts from Berlin in April 1954. Included is a Tchaikovsky Sixth from Cairo! Every selection is stamped with Furtwangler's distinguishing quality of viewing a score's notation Although well prepared, these as a point of departure. The mono performances convey an atmosphere sound is variable from good to of spontaneity and high spirits with . adequate. · Kempff articulate and vital. These mono recordii:igs are crystal clear, dynamic and models of the recording art. Add the superior versions of the Brahms First, the Schumann,. Mozart's k.271 and k.450, and both Liszt concerti and this box can be declared a necessity. I remember my disappointment with the Philips Jochum/Concertgebouw Beethoven (late 1960s) cycle because it fell short of the earlier DG versions. These performances are never idiosyncratic but characterized by the meticulous attention to details, the turn of a phrase, and nuances within a tempo withqut ever losing the arch of each work. When actually listening to these recordings the listener is aware of Jochum's special way with Beethoven and the conductor's unjaded thoughts. These perfonnances bring an appreciating smile. Two orchestras are involved here, the Berlin Philharmonic (2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8) and Jochum' s own orchestra, the Bavarian Radio Symphony. Symphonies '3, 6, 7 and 9 are mono recordings. This set will be most appreciated by a knowledgeable listener. Mel Torme with Ray Anthony and his Big Band Playboy Jazz PBD-7508-2 Made in 1993, six years before his death, this recording from the Playboy Jazz Festival serves as a reminder of just what a musical singer Mel Torme was. The phrasing, the overall musicality of the man, his voice which, although perhaps not quite so smooth as when shades and colours in between. he was first known as .The Velvet Audiences knew he would risk Fog, is nevertheless a wonderful anything - including his exception- instrument - · all ·of these things ally beautiful sound - for dramatic combine to make it an album that effect. should be required 1 istening for Even though the sound quality is every aspiring jazz singer. Without inevitably uneven, there are many question, Mel Tonne was one of the reasons to cherish this remarkable greatest jazz vocalists of all time. collection, compiled from various Born on September 13 , 1925, recordings of live performances. Torme;s show business career began Where else, after 1a particularly early - at the age of four when he. impassioned Sweeter than Roses, sartg You're Driving Me Crazy! at would you 1'ear Vickers comment Chicago's Blackhawk club. to ;m audience: "That must have The album is a tribute to the big been some kiss!". band er.a. Along the way he Included are three selections from acknowledges Tommy Dorsey, Schuberts'sDie Wintereisse, which, Harry James, Duke Ellington and when I heard it some twenty years Benny Goodman. Torme's phrasing ago at the Guelph Spring Festival, is immaculate and his built-in sense was wild and outsized. But it was of swing sits right in the slot with . indescribably moving, and remains the band; they spark each other and Founded by Brno Conservatory unforgettable. the result is ~n inspired programme· students in 1947 the original Janacek The Tristan I heard in Montreal · of tried and true material from the Quartet changed with the death, · in in 1976 (also available from V AI) 30's the.exception being I'm Gonna 1973, of the first violin, Jiri was transcendent perfection. Go Fishin' from the 1959 film Travnicek. Over time all the Included here is a mesmerizing "Anatomy Of A Murder" for which originals were gi_me. DG honours performance from the Teatro Colon Duke Ellington wrote the music. The that first quartet by gathering with the incqmparable Isolde· of .members of Torme's own trio, together· their recordings from Birgit Nilsson. pi;mist Jabil Colianni, bassist John Westminster, Decca, and the DG A second disc contains a fascin- Leitham· and drummer Danny archives. Most music lov.ers will ating interview from 1999, in which Osborne, get a chance to show their never have heard any of the Vickers shares his passion for music, paces on a burning version of It reeordings of this outstanding group. his identification with his characters, Don't Mean A Thing. The band is a Unfailingly expressive, their original· and the religious conviction that little rough in places, especially on interpretations more than hold their. underlies his extraordinarily Sing, Sing, Sing, but I'll take the own with the current favourites. The generous interpretive spirit. electricity of a live.performance and repertoire comprises Haydn, Pamela ,Margle_s a few clams any day over a flawless Mozart, their incandescent Mendel$- but dry studio recording. sohn Octet with the Smetana Quartet, Concert note: On Tuesday, April 8, Jim Galloway Beethoven, Brahms and Dvorak Marc-Andre Hamelin; who accompiano quintets ~ith Eva Bernathova, panies Vickers in Enoch Arden by Smetana, and.Janacek. A treasure- Richard Strauss on ·the VAi disc, chest for appreciative chamber music gives a recital at Glenn Gould devotees. · Studio. . Bruce Surtees Jon Vickers: A Tribute on his 75th Birthday Jon Vickers, tenor V AI Audio V AIA 1201 Canadian tenor fon Vickers brought Furtwangler's disciples will be to the stage an ele~trifying intensity delighted "with these 18 live thatcouldneverbecapturedinstudio recordings dating from the recordings. It wasn'tjust his ringing passionate October 1944 Bruckner. ' fortissimo, heart-breaking pianis­ Eighth from Vienna to the b~oad simo and extraordinary range of Live At The Playboy Jazz Festival Modeste Mussorgsky - Boris Godunov George London; Orchestra and Chorus of the State Academic Bolshoi Theater, USSR; 52 February 1 - M arch 7 2003

Bril Ii ant Artists, Musical Giants February 2003 Selected Concerts Joaquin Valdepenas Miguel Harth-Bedoya, conductor Joaquin Valdepefias, clarinet Programme includes: Rimsky-l

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