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Volume 8 Issue 6 - March 2003

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· There is only one

· There is only one concert at Humber Coll~ge listed, but probably many others not. A call to Humber at 416- 675~22 x3427 might prove fruitful to those of you interested in previewing/preauditioning the next crop of graduates from· its jazz program:. York Univers\ty lias 19 events liSted in this issue of·The WholeNote and the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto ruis 18, but, again, many, many excellent stu

gary and whose music was present- . It will be very interesting to make Opera · . . · • · McAndrew with a libretto by GJ ed by S6undstream8 Canada on Feh- our own assessment of his work at Like early music, opera is not reaily Portman will receive its pr~miere in Hamilton on May 23 and will come ruary 6 with the music of Chicago this eoncert, It is reassuring to know . my beat, but I couldn't resiSt dos- Symphony Orchestra coinposer-in- . that the search for the "right" con-. irigas.I began. 'March 23 is. an op- · to Toronto for one performance on residence, AuguSta Read Thomas. ductor is a universally problematic portunity to gefreadyfor the operat- May 25.) On March 6 and 8 the orchestra issue .in the orchestral world, and ic rush of April by going to see ,,...,m..... T"'ll"ll..,....,.,..,.,....,nnr..,..,"""....., will be conducted by former Minne- not one peeuliar to our orchestra. scenes from a new opera in develsota Symphony conductor, Eiji Oue; No stranger to the Toronto music opment, Andrew Ager' s Frankenwhose ten years there 1¥1ve received scene, Sir Andrew Davis returns to stein, presented at Victoria-Royce extremely mixed reviews. While he conduct the TSO on April 2, 3 and Church by Tryptych Productions. led the orchestra through three (by 5 in a program that includes Bruc:k· (And after the April onslaught; anall reports highly successful) tours, · ner's Syinp!iony #7. two in Europe and ~me in J apaf!, one commentator called him "lioth shallow and gifted. His flair for co!Or and excitement was · always mixed . with a baffling lack of concern for the details of the music. He thrived on flashy, loud effects and seemed at home in only a narrow range of repertoire; his programming show~ neither a discernible point of view nor any appreciable interest in the music of his own time, unless it be the music of Copland or that of his own mentor, Bernstein." The same writer quoted Minnesota Orchestra Board chairman Douglas Leatherdale applauding the decision to hire Oue primarily be- · cause he "got the orchestra to where . a realiy first-class guy like Osmo [Vlinsk, Oue's suecessor, who starts in September 2003] could say 'I warit this orchestra.'" other i:iew opera, Cassandra by Ian +Guitars +Music books +Amps +Digital pianos +Keyboards +Lessons +Accessories +Music software YAMAHA&~y 4 Area Locations: +2431 Yonge St., Toronto 416-485-8868 +Scarborough Town Centre 416-296-8840 +Square One Mississauga 905-,896-7766 +349 King St. W., Oshawa 905-576-2414 MUSICAL INSTRUMENT EXPERTS, MAKERS AND DEALERS SINCE 1890 Visit our i1ewly expanded Bloor Sn~eet location for.even greater· selection of the world's great Pianos, Fine String Instrli.ments, Prim Music and Childrenjs Music Spc c i ~1I d es R e m e n. y house of mus 1 c . . . . 210 BLOOR St. WEST 416.961.3111 {just W. of Avenue Rd'., City Parking in Rear) www.iemenyi.coin March 1 - April 7 2003 13

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