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Volume 8 Issue 6 - March 2003

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CHORAL SCENE I by Larry Beckwith This month and next are busy ones ver Chamber Choir (7:30pm) exfor choirs in Toronto beginning with , ploring music for double choir and the first weekend in March, which the Victoria Scholars (8pm) in an is absolutely jam-packed with cho- all-Canadian program featuring their ral events of one kind or another. famous alumnus Michael Colvin. I Th B ll'A t s· · rfi th hope we can all get to at least two of . e e r e mgers pe orm e these' Requiem by Johannes Brahms on · March 1 in the evocative surround- The Orpheus Choir of Toronto ings of St. Anp.e's Church, If you has been in a period of transition show up at 7: 15, you'll be treated to since the departure of their dynamic an information session about the and long-time conductor Brainerd Group of Seven and their connec- Blyden-Taylor. ltwaswithgreatjoy tion with the beautiful church in To- that they were able to announce the ronto's west end. The same recent hiring of Robert Cooper as evening, the Exultate Chamber their new director. Cooper brings Singers host a March Mardi Gras with him impeccable credentials, at the Arts and Letters Club featur- superb musicianship and a wondering food, drink, performances by the ful way with volunteer singers. His choir and their special gues_t, jazz appointment signals a new era in the singer Adi Braun. Call 416-971- lifeofthisimportantTorontochoir. 9229 for tickets and/or more infor- He takes up the helm at the beginmation. You can catch Exultate in ning cif next season. In the meanconcert later in the month (March time, they're in concert on March 7 '21). THERE ARE so MANY thrilling choral concerts happening on March 2 it's hard to know where to start. Chronologically, they include the Hart House Chorus (2:30pm) singing Howells, Britten and Palestrina; the Toronto Camerata (3pm) performing Victoria and Howells; the Toronto Classical Singers (4pm) tackling Handel and Schubert; the Elmer Iseler Singers and the Vancou- under the direction of an interim conductor, in a performance of Haydn's Paukenmesse. You can hear Cooper's wotk with the University of Toronto Women's Chorus later in the month (March 29). THERE' s MORE HAYDN at Massey Hall on March 7 and 8 with Tafelmusik 's performances of The Seasons, under Bruno Weil's direction. , At nearly 70 years of age, Haydn undertook to write his second orato- AUDITIONS ~%:~«.X::-iXXX:X:W

WholeNote' s May Choral Celebration: Your Choir is Invited! \ One more thing we can be sure of (along with death and taxes) is that the March 21 Toronto Mendelssohn Choir performance of Mozart's Requiem and Raminsh 's A Shining Peace will exude professionalism, which brings me to my point-that the choir, apart from a core of about two dozen paid professionals, is actually a shining example of how our remarkable choral scene is built on an extraordinary bedrock of amateur participation, at evr-:ry level. This culture of participation is a powerful factor in our musical cul- ture. After all, there would be no, or at least, very few choirs if all the singers had to be paid. And who would be in the audience? And as for that "something in the water" which makes Canada such fertile ground for producing professional singers in demand around the world, who can doubt that it is the immersion in choral singing that has given so many of our singers their start? All this is to say we thii1k it's time to celebrate! In our May issue we will be turning our lens in an organized fashion on the choral scene, including publishing profiles of all the choirs in our distribution area who Jubilate Singers Auditions Isabel Bemaus, Director. Chamber choir with wide - ranging, challenging, multilingual repertoire and 3 concerts a year has openings in all sections (Bass 2 and Tenor for men). Open rehearsal Tues. Mar. 25 at 7:30 pm at St. Leonard's ~hurch, 25 Wanless (near Yonge & Lawrence). Auditions Apr. I 5:45-7: 15 pm: email ot call 416--322-6517 evenings until 10 to arrange a time. Please join us for Sounds of Eastern Europe, March 22 (see ad). submit one in time. (Broadly speak- Peterborough. ing, that's from Oshawa to Hamil- There ate petails in the publicaton along the lake, and then in an tion calendar at the foot of this page. arc north to Kitchener/Waterloo, Do join in! Guelph, Orangeville, Orillia and . Allan Pulker, publisher The Ontario Region of the Canadian 'Music Centre presents ~~~f~(t/~ · LYDIA ADAMS, CONDUCTOR in the Professional Readings .Project Sunday, March 30, 3:00 - 5:00 PM · Walter Hall, Edward Johnson 'Building, 80 Queen's Park The Elmer lseler Singers will be reading through new Canadian choral works by CMC Associate Composers Michael Horwood ("Psalm 121" for SSA and piano) and Victoria Maidanik ("Dolci Tormenti" for 16 solo voices, strings, harp and two woodwinds). FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC The Ontario Region of the CMC gratefully acknowledges the support of The SOCAN Foundation an'd the Government of Canada through the Canada Music Fund for their support of this initiative. WholeNote's Publication Schedule and editorial special focuses: April 2003 to March 2004 April 1 to May 7, 2003 (Volume 8 #7) Editorial Focus: Opera Publication date: Thursday March 27 May 1 to June 7, 2003 (Volume 8 #8) Editorial Focus: WholeNote's Choral Celebration Publication date: Tuesday April 29 Count Your Choir In! WholeNote Magazine invites all choirs in Southern and Southwestern Ontario to partiqipate in Choral Celebration, a special feature which will appear in our May 2003 edition. With a monthly circulation of over 30,000 copies, WholeNote provides reliable monthly live concert listings to an enthusiastic circle of readers in Southern Ontario, many of · whom are also active participants in choirs, ensembles and orchestras. WholeNote's Choral Celebration will include a free directory entry for every participating choir, telling. readers who you are, how often ·you rehearse and perform, how to get in touch, ·and where and when to audition or apply to join. Deadline for directory entries: Friday, April 4. To count your choir in Ca/1416-603-3786 or e-mail for details. June 1 to July 7 (Volume 8 #9) Editorial focus: OveNiew of Summer Music Festivals Publication date: Thursday May 29 . Festivals that were in The WholeNote last June will be contacted. If your festival is new or was not in the magazine last year, please contact us to be added to the summer festival list. July 1 to September 7 (Volume 8 #10) Editorial focus: Summer Festivals Detailed Listings - · . Publication date: Friday June 27 September 1 to October 7 (Volume 9 #1) Editorial Focus: Communfty Bands Publication date: Thursday, August 28 October 1 to November 7, 2003 (Volume 9 #2) Editorial Focus: WholeNote members, 2003-04 Publication date: F.riday September 26 November 1 to December 7 (Volume 9 #3) Editorial Focus: New Music Publication date: Thursday October 30 Dec: 1, 2003 to Feb., 2004 (Volume 9 #4) . Editorial Focus: TBA Publication date: Thursday November 27 February 1 to March 7, 2004 (Volume 9 #5) Editorial Focus: Music and Health Publication date: Thursday, January 29 Mar 1 April 7, 2004 (Volume 9 #6) Editorial Focus: Summer Music Education , Publication date: Thursday February 26 The listings deadline is always the 15'h of the month before the month of publication. Please note that we publish listings for the first seven days of the month following the publication month. Therefore if, for example, you have a concert between May 1 and 7 please get your listings to us by March 15 for inclusion in the April issue's May 1-7 listings. Listings must be submitted in writing by e-mail to (this metho'd strongly preferred), by fax to416-926-7539 or by mail or han.d delivery to 60 Bellevue Ave. Torpnto ON M5T 2N4. The display advertising reservation deadline is always the 18'h of the month preceding the month of publication except when the 18'h is a Saturday or Sunday, in which case it is the following Monday. This year April 18'h is Good Friday, a siatutorY holiday, so the advertising deadline forthe May issue will be Monday, April 21. Listings: Simone Desilets: or416-323-2232. Editorial: David Perlman: o'.416-603-3786 March 1 - April 7 2003 17

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