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Volume 8 Issue 6 - March 2003

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TORONTOHEARANDNOW CURRENCY? After stating, last issue, that only perusing a new TSO season schedule will answer questions stemming from the appointment of a new Music Director, things are looking bleak for the many of us who covet the sound of the orchestra playing music that is current and new. Only two Canadian works appear in the TSO's 2003/2004 season, both arriving with guest conductors. Admittedly, given his recent appointment, Peter Oundjian would have had nothing to do with selecting this season, but it remains a strongly negative collective statement regarding the orchestra's commitment to anything other than a museum repertoire. To repeat: There is no progress in moving backward and entrenching oneself in a floundering formula - the only business that maintains itself by not changing makes Buckley's mixture cough medicine, and it, like the anachrony of the season just announced, leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Imaginary frontiers invisible to the eye of flesh. (Samuel Beckett) This March, the unstoppable John Weinzweig will tum 90, and New Music Concerts will celebrate that fact at the Glenn Gould Studio with old and newly conlmissioned works by him and his former students/colleagues Harry Freedman and John Beckwith. Titled Pioneers! 0 Pio~ neers!, it will feature Weinzweig's Woodwind Quintet (1964); Prologue (NEW MUSIC) by Paul Steenhuisen John Weinzweig to a Tango (2002, premiere) for mezzo and four violins, Freedman's Quintet (1962), Phoenix (2003, premiere) 'for string quartet and Beckwith's A Domestic Song Cycle (1959) and A New Pibroch (2002, premiere). For more information on both Weinzweig and Beckwith, see our recently conducted interviews, both of which reside on the torontohearandnow .com website. This ongoing collection of interviews, now numbering fourteen (including this month's Plamondon/ Couroux talk) is an excellent resource for first-hand information on Canadian (and other) living composers and their work. The list currently includes: John Beckwith, Pierre Boulez, Barbara Croall, Omar Daniel, Michael Einnissy, Chris Paul Harman, Udo Kasemets, Alexina Louie, Robert Normandeau, James Rolfe, R. Murray Schafer, Linda Catlin CONTINUES ON PAGE 20 du, Maurier ARTS 18

torontda rtsbounci I An .rm'• 11n11u1 bodrol th• Cll)'~f Toronto OHTAUO AlTS COUNa. COKSEl l1f5 MTS Dl L"OKTlWO Ne1t1 /huslc Concetzts. Robert Aitken, artistic director SUNDAY MARCH 23, 2003 • GLENN GOULD STUDIO CELEBRATING JOHN WEINZWEIG 1 S 90TH BIRTHDAY, WITH WORLD PREMIERES BY WEINZWEIG, JOHN BECKWITH AND HARRY FREEDMAN, PERFORMED BY MEZZO JEAN STll.,WELL, HIGHLAND PIPER MICHAEL GREY & THE ACCORDES STRING QUARTET INTRODUCTION 7: 15 • CONCERT 8:00 • / 10/5 ~ Box OFFICE 416-205-5555 Presented with the assistance of The Canada Council for the Arts• Ontario Arts Council ·Toronto Arts Council• Laidlaw Foundation· Roger D. Moore C. A. Delaney Capital Management Ltd. •The Fleck Family Foundation •The Julie-Jig,QS Foundation ·The Mclean Foundation •The SOCAN Foundation WWW.NEWMUSICCONCERTS.COM • 416-961-9594

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