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Volume 8 Issue 6 - March 2003

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TorontoHearandNow While CONTINUED FROM PAGE 18 some festival concerts concentrate Smith, and John Weinzweig. specifically on new works by Canadian composers, for a more comprehensive, non-ghettoized interna­ I'll walk where my own nature would be leading: It vexes me to tional perspective, others involve choose another guide: Where the world~renowned and topnotch ensembles such as Klangforum Wein grey flocks in ferny glens are feeding; Where the wild wind blows on and the Hilliard Ensemble, among the mountain-side. (Emily Bronte) others. The SMCQ has strategically commissioned 2 new Canadian As Toronto's scene continues onward, with many premieres and pieces on each of their concerts~ including my own new piece for concerts, between March 1 and 12, many of us will be en route to Montreal for the first ever Festival MNM Hilliard. In a brazen statement of (Montreal Nouvelles Musjques - A T a T • tistic director Bongani Ndodana's Rainmaking, Alice Ho's Ming, Martin ·scherzinger's Those Who Enter Stamping (Premiere), and Justinian Tamasuza's Ekivvulu Ky'Endere. Incidentally, March 1 is also the night that Raffi Armenian and the U of T Chamber EnsembJe gives a rare Toronto performance of Steve Reich's toe-tapping, African drumming-inspired masterpiece Tehillim (Hebrew for .. "psalms"). contrariness, simultaneous with the ANOTHER BIRTHDAY WILL BE celebrat­ Christos Hatzis Festival MNM, Marc Couroux's · ed when, on March 21, The Uni- as the Balinese refer to their home. Ensemble Kore will launch its own, versity of Toronto Faculty of Mu- It was Vi vier's final tribute to the late-night FREE RADICAL off-fes- sic has its Hatzis@50 Binhday Cel- people and land that inspired all of tival on March 6, 7, and 8). If you ebration, which features his com- his work since his first visit there in can get there, I recommend both. ·positions Melisma, Arctic Dreams, 1977. Originally written for per- · Meanwhile, Toronto's March be- Quartet #1; The Awakening, and cussion ensemble, Vivier specified 1 gins with more of the Ensemble excerpts from Constantinople. The that it could be adapted for any ap­ Noir's interesting Diversity Project list of excellent performers includes propriate instrumentation. Also on ( Peter Stoll, Susan Hoeppner, Bever- the concert is the Piano Quartet #1 ty2003-Concerts.htm). Let The ley Johnston, Scott St. John, Simon by the engagingly eccentric Gerald Wind Cry (March 1) has Liberian- Fryer, the Gryphon Trio, Patricia Barry (Ireland). born soprano Dawn Padmore re~· O'Callaghan, and Maryem Tollar. QUICK PICKS ing to sing songs from Africa and For more information on the com- Devotees of new music who prefer Diaspora, with music by pioneering poser and his work, visit his per- not to search the haystack of women composers Dorothy Rudd sonal and comprehensive monograph 1 · WholeNote's comprehensive Moore, Margaret Bonds, a se ectton website ( · of Spirituals, and other African com- listings for their pteferredfare can posers. Of particular interest this month is consult the detailed New Music The following night, they present also Continuum's March 27 con- listings on the WholeNote/New another·concertof African music for cert titled Inundation. Artistic Di- Music Coalition website ensemble and voice, featuring Akin rector iennifer Waring writes,"The's Ar· 1·as from Orunm1'lla's concertexploresborrowedor-recon- ms . t ea d . H ere, as an appe t' 1zer are Voices, Six Yoruba Folksongs, ar- ceived material (Irish, Balinese, etc.) my own "quick picks" from the It also features pieces that have been reworked_ Richard Ayres (UK/ list, in shortened form. ' Nethetlands) No. 34b Two Pieces March 06 8:00: Music Gallery. Duo for Cello and Ensemble is a secret Sheppard-Lanza. waltz and a chorale for the Cornish March 07 8:00: University of To­ 8 ·a· 0 R Q a ,_ T ·11 a M A R T Y II Thursday March 6, 8pm DUO SHEPPARD-LANZA The Composer Now series / Montreal-based duo of actress/singer Meg Sheppard and Argentinian-born composer alddes lanza perform uncategorizable music for voice, piano and electronics. · Sunday March 9, 5pm BARTULIS FEST The Composer Now series // In collaboration ·with NUMUS and Ergo Projects. Vidmantas Bartulis, author of chamber, symphonic, electronic and multi-media ·music, visits us.from Lithuania. Saturday March :22, 8pm BILL GILLIAM The Composer Now series / British·born, Toronto-based cci[Tiposer/keyboarcjlst has been exploring the links between jazz and new music for civer two decades. He presents three new scores composed after 9/11. Sunday March 30, 3pm · TALES OF SONIC WONDER Fresh Ears + each a.dditional family member The fourth in our series of Sunday afternoon family i:;oncerts. Barry Prophet and Janice Pamer· combine intricate polyrhythrns, ·exotic · te·xtures · and gentle m.elOdles to Illustrate new and ancient percussion styles and sounds. The Music Gallery, 197 John St. 416~204-1080 www.musicgallery.or~ artist Alfred Wallace. The work al- rortto Faculty of Music. John Beckmost never breaks a mezzo-piano · with/James Reaney: Taptoo! dynamic, and involves co-ordinated March 13 2:00: Northern District dance-like movement of parts of the Library. Compositions by Canµdibody that normally don't dance. an Women. Javier Torres Maldonado (Mexico/ March 30 8:00: Esprit Orchestra. Italy) Tiento is a complex, physical- Time Chant. ly demanding work for solo cello, April 03 8:00: Soundstreanis Can~ all pizzicato." ada. Serge Arcuri & Ingram Mar- . Claude Vivier's Pulau Dewata will shall. also be performed, in an ensemble Wishing peace for an, I'm off to version by Michael Oesterle. Pulau Montreal! Dewata means 'Island of the Gods', funding partners \ ·'\~::-1.,·' c!. f!':':~ ~~~ . ,, ArtGolleryofOntorio 20 M arch 1 - April 7 2003

NEW MUSIC COALITION News t-ounqup l{annaf ord Street Silver Bahd: New Adventures in Sound Art Requiem Mass for a aWrred Sladl news-flash: annrnmcing the lauoch of by ~ramwell Tovey has received a issue 5.3 of eContact!, a web-zine "Besi Classical Composition" 2003 published by the Canadian JUNO Nomination. Commissioned Electroacoustic Cominunity, that by the HSSB in 1999 . it premiered in includes web-versions and details of that November's Massey Hall New NAISA's 2002 publications and Music Festival with the composer events ( · directing. The work is on the econtact, choose 5.3). Also, NAISA HSSB's CD Voices On High (ORD has formed partnerships with CBC's 9324). Next perfonnance of this "Out Front," Charles Street Video, work takes place Saturday March 1, and the Canadian Society for 2003 at The Centre In the Square in Imependent Radio Production which ; 19tchener. The HSSB's newest '. promises to make our second annual cop'nnissionSoulRejlectionsbylrish Deep Wireless festival (May 1-31, born Dorothy Gates receives its 2003) an extiting one.· premiere Sunday March 23 at the Jane Mallett Theatre. · Arraymusic announce8 its 2003 Young Composers: Jennifer Butler, Alberta; Hector Bravo Benard, Mexico City;

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