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Volume 8 Issue 6 - March 2003

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Tom Fulton, A

Tom Fulton, A Reminiscence conJinuedfrom page 24 Tom Fulton about the direction the station might beheading. The show continued for some months without its familiar host, as the old ORT struggled into a new incarnation. It is oow a mild all-jazz staiion. Tom eventually landed on his feet at a very different Toronto station, spinning pop tunes for the over-50 crowd. He developed a new following of devoted listeners. W)lile between jobs, however, he had started to put together a fascinating plan for·a round-the-globe Internet arts radio station, based in Toronto, London, Sydney, am Los Angeles. He wanted his team of colleagues from "On the Arts" back together again, if at all possible, am he thought the international publishing CQmmunity might support his new vision, since he took authors seriously aiXl they respected him. Many were closer to Tom Fultbn than me. Many are reeling to hear that he should suddenly have died of a heart attack at age 58, walking out the door of an Oakville radio station after his weekday rooming show. Many qmnotimagine how difficult this is for his wife, Cheryi, am son, Jesse. He adored them. I canoot eveii explain why he was great to work with, am to work for. Ask his producers, Kate George am William van ·ru:e. They were part of his ORT family, am maybe they can explain. It was subtle yet palpable what Tom Fulton possessed - but he loved his craft, he loved the arts, am in a shy person's way he cared deeply about people. And oh, he was fun! Tom glowed with fun, ~ we glowed in his presence. Peter Kristian Mose is a Toronto music educator and critic. Iii Long & McQuade . - MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS• www.long-mcqu•d•.com SALES - RENTALS - REPAIRS - IN STORE FINANCING TRADES - USED INSTRUMENTS BOUGHT & SOLD BANDSTAND by Merlin Williams MyTop·TenWays to improve your community band 1. Get More Funding There's grant money available from the Trillium Foundation. There are sponsorships from b~sinesses. This is an important one, as many (though not all) of the other suggestions I'm . going to make involve the expenditure of some funds. 2. Recruit New Members Tired of hearing oboe cues played on trumpet or clarinet? Tired of incomplete sounding arrangements? Well, get some new_l;xxlies into your band to fill out the instrumentation. Most of the groups we list in WholeNote each September will tell you thelve gained members ... simply by letting it be known they have a . need. Contact area high schools too. They're your farm team. at least. 5. Commission Music I know this sounds daunting, but every band that 1 know of that has commissioned compositions or arrangements has enjoyed the experience. The band gets to play something they can call their own, and they'll often better their performing skills in the process. 'Again, this kind of project can inspire people to play their best and then improve on that. E~mail me, and I'll even tell you how to do it well and inexpensively. · 10. Take a Trip It doesn't have to be a world tour. Maybe just a day trip to play a park concert in another town. Getting everyone together on a bus IS a lot of work, but the sense of camaraderie is worth it. 6. Band Merchandise T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps.: .. you name it. Matching shirts ' I hope one or more of these ideas can give Y9~ a com~ortable summer finds resonance with your band. concert umform with ease. M~e Maybe you already have a website. sure yo~ have a smart logo. As with Great, get a guest clinician in. May­ ~uggest10n #4, make sure you get be you already have spiffy uniforms. mput from someone who knows Wonderful now recruit some new gr?phic design. And n 't make the bodies to fiil all of them. Try someshirts a dark colour 1f yo~ want to thing new. I dare you. use them as a summer umform. 7. Have a Guest Soloist/Clinician Guest soloists can do much to m­ spire a band. A well chosen soloist can also help attract audience members. Clinicians are an excellent idea. A skillful clinician can say the exact same thing the band director has said a hundred times before and make it fresh and appealing. Even coaches 3. Computerize helping out individual sections of the What should you computerize? Well, band can make big improvements to everything. Start with your band the sound of the group. membership list, including e-mail S. Enter Competitions addresses. Then put your mailing list This is a Jove/hate thing for many on it. (You DO have a mailing list people (myself included.) Thing is, for your audience, don't you?) Or- it can work really well. Bands Jove ganize your music library on it too. to have goals. It's very difficult to Make _sure you have a fax list with get people to work on challenging all of your media·contacts too. music if they can't see the point in 4. Put together a Website playing it. There are many opportu- This is almost part of #3, but it's nities for this every year. Kiwanis, such a big project it deserves to be Musicfest Canada and the CNE Band noted separately. This is a great way Competition spring to mind immeto meet your public, brag about your diately. latest a~hievements; tell people about 9• Record Your Band your _history and keep band mem- - Record your band as often as you bers info~ed. Get three people to can. Tape rehearsals and concerts. work on it. Someone who knows Documenttheprogressofthegroup. computers, someone who knows Let the people in the band hear what somethingaboutgraphicdesign,and they sound like. If they're really someone who knows how to write decently. Update it often; monthly Toronto 925 Bloor St.W. (416)588-7886 North York 2777 Steeles Av.W. (416)663-8612 Visit.the North York store's large print music department! Scarborough 1133 Markham Rd. (416)439-8001 Oshawa 380 Simcoe St.S. (905)434-1612 Brampton 370 Main St.N. (905)450-4334 Burlington 3180 Mainway D_r. (905)319-3330 Where the Music Begins. good, think about doing a CD. Brass - Woodwind - String Instruments - Guitar Buy direct from the Distributor AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR: Armstrong, htley. Besson, Benge Boosey & Hawkes, Buffet, Conn Getz en. Jupiter, Keilwoith, King Ibanez Guitars, Scher! & Ruth String Inst. Thank you to Cathy Harrnsworth of the Brampton Concert Band for her valuable input! I I 111 I 11 I I II. I I 1111 I I I I I I 111 111111111111 The HAMILTON TIGER CATS are looking for musicians to join the Tiger Cat Band for the upcoming 2003 CFL season. You must be 18 years of age by June 1 2003, own your own instrument except drums. The band will play at home games, parades and local events around the Hamilton area. For more info contact Rick Allen at either (905)388- 8236 press #2 or (905)547-2418 x 552. E-mail is - please leave a short bio-resume. There are several band concerts that are worthy of your attendance this month. Please check the complete concert listings for details. If you would like an upcoming band event to be featured in the Band Stand coliµnn, feel free to contact Merlin at (416) 489-0275; by e-mail, '; on the web, -merlinw/. ~1~~HARKNETT Musical Services Ltd . MUSIC BOOKS BEST SELECTION OF POPULAR & EDUCATIONAL MUSIC Piano - G\litar - Instrumental Mid-Town Store 416-423-9494 943 Eglinton Ave. E. (W. of Leslie) (Next door to Robert Lowrey's Piano Experts) Main Store 905-477-1141 2650 john Street Oust North of Steeles) 26 March 1 - April 7' 2003

ON OPERA by Christopher Hoile March is generally the lull in the opera world of Toronto preceding the deluge 'of productions in April when virtually every company in the city has something on offer. The most notable production this March is the Toronto premiere of the opera "Taptoo!" written by veteran Canadian composer John Beckwith to a libretto by James Reaney. "Taptoo!" will be performed by the University of Toronto Opera Division March 7, 8, 14 and 15 at 8pm at the MacMillan Theatre, conducted by Sandra Horst and directed by Michael Patrick Albano. Phone 416-978-3744 for General John Graves Simcoe, 1791, · tickets. · by Jean Laurent Mosnier This is Beckwith's fourth opera Simcoe, of course, was the heroic and his fourth collaboration with commanderofthe Queen's Rangers, Reaney. Their previous works are a regiment of Provincial troops who "Night Blooming Cereus" (1953.- remained loyal to Britain during the 58), "The Shivaree" (1978) and American Revolution. In 1791 he "Crazy to Kill" (1988). "Taptoo!'; became the first Lieutenant-Govemor came about as the result of a of Upper Canada. When the commission from the Simcoe Club position of the capital of Upper of Toronto about their namesake Canada in Newark (now Niagara.­ John Graves Simcoe (1752-1806). on-the-Lake) became problematic

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