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Volume 8 Issue 6 - March 2003

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~ M U S I C GALLERY INSTITUTE Alternative Music ~ducation for All Ages Percussion, Guitar & Computer Music . "One of the best workshops I've taken." "Excellent program, fantastic instructor." Spring Term begins March 31 FRESH EARS FAMILY CONCERT SERIES Tales of Sonic Wonder March 30 at 3pm For full details log on to contact Barry Prophet at 416-588-2514 or ~ 'Ioronto Schoo[ 'for Strings ~ 85 Collier St. Located near Yonge St. and Bloor St. Private Lessons Group Classes Qualified/Experienced Suzuki Instructors RCM Exam Preparation Junior Reading Orchestra, Chamber music Adult String Orchestra All Ages 3+ Adults Welcome Contact Julian Fisher ~ ~ 416-968-0303 www.torontoschoolforstrin INDEX OF ADVERTISERS as . I PHILIP l. DAVIS LUTHIER 0 6 ACADEMY CONCERT SERIES 49 FRED GAVILLER MEMORIAL FUND 40 ACADEMY Df Music 15 . GARY ARMSTRONG 6 RCM Music &.BaoK STORE 8 ACROBAT Music 60 GEORGE HEINL 15 REMENYI House OF Music. 13 ALDEBURGH CONNECTION 45 HANNAFORD STREET SILVER BAND 44 RENAISSANC~ SINGERS 46 AMICI 48 HARKNm MUSICAL SERVICES 26 Rav THOMSON HALL 2, 38 AMPHION OPERA 28 HEALEY WILLAN FESTIVAL 57 Rom CANADIAN COLLEGE Df ANALEKTA 9, 11 HELICONIAN CLUB 55 ORGANISTS 39 ANNO DOMINI CHAMBER SINGERS 46 JAMES SUGG 53 ROYAL CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC 36 ARRAYMUSIC 18, 41, 42, 43 JAZZ.FM91 25 Rom CONSERVATORY OF Music ASSOCIATES Df THE foRONTO JU BILA TE SINGERS 17, 43 COMMUNITY SCHOOL 57 SYMPHDNY44 KATARINA 8uLAT 55 SINE NOMINE ENSEMBLE 38 ATMA CLASSIDUE 61 LENA AUCLAIR 55 SINFONIA T ORDNTO 46, 49 BSS ERIN GILMOUR USTME.COM 20 SONY CLASSICAL 69 ARTS WORKSHOPS 33 LONG & McOuAoe 26 SouND PosT 7 CAMMAC CEDAR GLEN 34 l°)lAROUIS CLASSICS 68 SouNDSTREAMS CANADA 11, 4 7 CANADIAN ARMENIAN Assoc. MARY BuNDY 60 Sr. ~AMes' CATHEDRAL35, 39 FDR THE PERFORMING ARTS 42 MAUREEN SMITH Music STUDIO 54 STUDIO A·MIRADOR 62 I CANADIAN Music CENTRE 17 MIKRDKOSMOS 64 SUSAN CROWE CONNELLY 54 CANCLONE 62 M1RELA TAFAJ 54 T AFELMUSIK 14 CATHEDRAL BLUFFS MISSISSAUGA TALLIS CHOIR 46 SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 42 SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 46 TAPESTRY New OPERA 27 CBC RA010Two10 MODREDALE CONCERTS 44 T EMPUS CHORAL Socm 16 CBC RECORDS 63 Music AT METROPOLITAN 51 THORNHILL CHRIST CHURCH Dern p ARK 24 Music AT PORT MILFORD 34 CHAMBER Music INSTITUTE 57 CHRYLARK ARTS AND Music 45, 50 Music CHAMBER 64 TOREADOR RECORDS 64 CLASSICAL 96 FM 12 Music GALLERY 20 T DRONTO CONSORT 49 CLAVIERS BAROQUES 13 MUSIC GALLERY INSTITUTE 32 ToRDNTO EARL v Music CENTRE 15 CMC BouT1oue 65 Music T DRONTO 7, 31, T ORDNTO MENDELSSOHN CHOIR 4 COMMENSAL, LE 15 37, 39, 40, 45, 48 T ORDNTO SCHOOL FOR STRINGS 32 CONCERTS AT Sr. GeORGE's Mus1cK's HANDMAID 45 TORONTO ScHOOL OF Music 53 DN·THE·HIU 50 NAXOS 66 T DRONTD SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 3 CONTINUUM 18, 45 New Music CONCERTS 19, 43 T RYP T YCH PRooucr10NS 30, 43 DAVE SN10ER Music CENTRE 25 NORA MAIOAN 54 UNIVERSITY Of TORONTO BooKSTDRE 9 DAVID JENSEN HARPSICHORDS 14 NORTH T ORDNTO INSTITUTE VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT, THE 60 , Duo L'INTEMPOREL 50 DF Music 54 VIOLIN INSTRUCTOR 54 EARWITNESS PRDOUCTIDNS 20 NUMUS INC. 21 V1vA! YouTH S1NGERS 16 ELORA FESTIVAL SINGERS 48 OFF CENTRE Music SALON 50 VOCAL ART FORUM 16 EMI CLASSICS 67 ONSTAGE AT GLENN GOULD 40 VoCALP01Nr CHAMBER CHOIR 50 ESPRIT ORCHESTRA 19 OPERA EVERYWHERE 28 Vo1m47 EVENING OF FRENCH Music 50 OPERA IN CONCERT 27 WALTERSMus1cCENTRES 13 EXECUTIVE STEREO 67 OPERA MISSISSAUGA 7'l. WARE ACADEMY OF Music 54 Exum TE CHAMBER SINGERS 41 OPERA ONTARIO 29 WHDLENDTE MAGAZINE 17, 55 FACULTY OF Music, u OFT 35 ORGANS OF TORONTO 8 WoMeN's Mus1cAL CLUB FELDENKRAIS ORPHEUS.CHOIR OFT DRONTO 37 OF TORONTO 41 Oue!N Wesr Sruo10 55 PATTIE KELLY 54 . YAMAHA 62, 63 Fooo COACH HAZEL NEWTON 55 PAULA SHEAR 54 YORK SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 43 l#!•ll!!Ml[•J~lilft•J~I· Pcirent Power: .Pcirt: II Short-term Gqin; Long-term Pqitl by Cynthia Dann-Beardsley LAST MONTH I WROTE about the Toronto District Music Coalition, a committed group of parents from across the Toronto District School Board, advocating for a quality, sequential core music program in our public schools, from the start of elementary school to completion of. secondary school. .. You can reach us by e-mail at I AM NOT SURPRISED, or disappointed, that following last month's article the mailbox at is not suddenly overtlowing -­ inundated by a tidal wave of e-mails from hundreds of supporters, rushing to offer to help, or to complain about or praise their child's music program at school. As an executive member of the Toronto District Music Coalition, .I am used to the sometimes lengthy germination time of advocacy seeds. Planting continuously, I now know that there is always growth. It is often slow. That's frustrating to the over-zealous advocate who just can't understand why ALL the parents at the schooi'haven't called to complain that the children don't get Orff anymore. There are several reasons for parent passivity: 1) Parents don't know what to expect from a school music program 2) Parents are afraid to complain, or even enquire, lest the teacher or principal take this "irritation" out on their child or the parent 3) The "pot~stirring" label doesn't win friends in many schoolyards or education offices 4) There is a common ffiisperception that school music programs have never been any good and so half-measures are better than none. TEACHERS CAN UNKNOWINGLY contribute to the "charity" persona.of music. A Tor9nto elementary school recently shifted the funds that were allocated for a choir accompanist. The teacher, desperate, readily accepted the offer.from a very qualified parent to do it for free. The .school saved money, the choir had a pianist and everyone beamed with gratitude. "Gratitude!!" I clutched my head, "Don't be grateful for cuts. Be mad!!" Reality check: the funds are gone and when the goodwill of the parent runs out,. or that.child graduates, so will the music. The short-term gain that comes with such rescue strategies predicts long-term pain. And what about the schools without the parent will or skill to make do with less? They are ~t high risk of ending up with nothing. · INSTRUMENTS, SHEET MUSIC AND INSTRUCTION carinot be funded by bake sales, at-the-door-donations or the goodwill of School Councils. Noi · should they have to. Music is not a frill. Look in ~e mirror every day and say that out loud. Mu.sic is a core subject. Its treatment and funding must reflect this status. Don't settle for anything less. At a recent meeting with David Reid, executive director of the Toronto District School Board, the Coalition held him accountable for sending strong messages of value to superintendents and principals . . "These are the power levels that must understand that the delivery of the provincially-mandated music curriculuffi is not optional." Too many principals think it is. THE AMAZING THING about speaking up.for music- whether you are teacher or parent-is that by doing so you speak for all children in all schools. Advocacy is cause-specific, not site-specific and the arguments for a fully-funded, quality, sequential, core music program benefit ALL children. Ripples can become tidal waves. Tidal waves of parent power have re-instated concerts when the ax had fallen, removed programs· from the guillotine moments before the chopper fell and moved music from lu1,1chtime to fulltime. So, as you peruse this issue of WholeNote- rich with opportunities for summer music-making-think of the hundreds of children who won't make music this year, because the Toronto District School Board has cancelled all but one of its camps. Do I detect the first ripple in the tidal wave? 32 March 1 - April 7 2003

. WHOLENorn's 6TH ANNUAL h ff . . T e Ban Centre Summer Music Education Roundup Music & Sound Programs We are pleased to present our sixth annual survey of summer Mail: Box 1020, Station 17; musical education opponunities, with something for everyone, from Banff, Alberta; TlL 1H5 elementary school students to young or mid career professional Phone: 403-762-6180 musicians to adult amateurs who want to keep growing. The or ~-800-565-9989 . 1. d '"' d b"l" if h . '"' dh Fax.403-762-6345 varzety, range, qua zty an aJJor a 1 zty o w at zs oJJere ere E-mail: arts are most impressive, and for those of you who have decided to make Website: this the summer for musical improvement (yours or a family Contact person: Karen Harper, member's), this feature should provide you with a fine stepping Office of the Registrar stone on the path of finding the school/workshop/camp that is right for you. Do something for your musical self this summer! Regardless of your level of skill or aspirations, there is something here for you. -Banff Ceritre -BSS Erin Gilmour Arts Workshops -CAMMAC .Cedar Glen -CAMMAC Lake MacDonald -Centauri Summer Arts Camp -Choirs Ontario Summer Choral Program -ClassiCal Pursuits -COC Altamira Summer Opera Camp -Continuing Education, University of St. Michael's College -Guitar Workshop Plus -Healey Willan Festival -Interprovincial Music Camp -Kincardine Summer Music Festival -Le Domaine Forget -More Than Music Summer Music Festival PARTICIPANTS -Mount Royal College Organ Academy · -Mount Royal College Pipe Organ Encounter · · · -Music at Port Milford -Orford Arts Centre -Royal Conservatory of Music -SOOwtime Music Theatre Daycamp -Southern Ontario Chamber Music Institute -Southwestern Ontario Suzuki Institute -Summer Opera Lyric Theatre -Tafelmusik Baroque Summer Institute -Thornhill Chamber Music Institute -Tryptych -Violin Craftsmanship Institute Location: Banff, Alberta Application deadline: February 7, 2003 Program dates: - Chamber Music (June 9 - 27) - Master Classes for violin, viola, cello, flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassOOn (June 30 - July 18) - Double Bass & Brass Residencies (July 3 - 12) - Song in Collaboration (July 21 - August 1) - Keyboard Festival (July 21- August 8) - Concert and Opera Orchestra Residency (July 21 - August 10) Fees: Varies according to program, but financial assistance and scholarships are available. Residential: Yes Age groups: all Levels: intennediate -advanced Other activities: Recreational facilities, perfonnance opportunities during the Banff Arts Festival, collaboration with other artists and disciplines. These programs are dedi.cated to supporting emerging and mid-career artists and to provide artistic di.rectiori suited to each indi.vidual. The goal is to nurture the creativity of musicians and audi.o engineers in a setting that allows for maximum personal artistic development and interqction with other musicians and artists in The Bar!lf Centre community. This year's deadline~ passed, but we invite you to inquire early about fature programmes. BSS Erin Gilmour Arts Workshops 298 Lonsdale Rd., Toronto ON M4V 1X2 Phone: 416-483·4325 ext 2740 Fax: 416-481 ·5632 • Website: Contact: Mari Drexler, Administrative Assistant Location: The Bishop Straclµn School, Toronto Application Deadline: First-Come First-Served Audition Dates: For dance scholarships April 26 2003 Programs: - Musical Theatre credit course (ages12-18), Strings (ages 9-15), Choral (ages 10-16) Residential: No Agel. 7-18 Level: All levels Other: Scholarships/ Financial Assistance available. Supplies are provided. Lunch is provided .. Optional SUMMER MUSIC EDUCATION ROUNDUP continues next page Arts· for Kids - Year Round Fun at BSS! March 1 - April 7 2003 The Bishop Strachan School INSl'IRE THE MIND. NllllTlllll'. THE Sl'll\IT. 298 Lonsdale Road, Toro~co, Ontario M4V I X2 Erin Gilmour ARTS WORKSHOPS Your child's key to the magic of art. Summer Workshops: July 2 - August 15, 2003. SP . SP Musical Theatre Voices in Song Full String Ahead. (credit course) (choir) with Ian Guenther with Wayne Strongman Also Offering: Film Editing• Senior Film and Video• Junior Film and Video• Acting for Stage and Screen• Art and Dance• Hip Hop• Senior Photography• Alternative Media •Shakespeare For KidZ •Comedy! Comedy!! Comedy!!! •Kid prov• Design Practice• Location Sketchi)lg Ages 7 -18. Co-educational. Scholarships available. Enrolment is limited. Book Now. For further information contact: Mari Drexler, Administrative Assistant, 416-483-4325 Extension 1164· 33

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