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Volume 8 Issue 6 - March 2003

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FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 8:00

FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 8:00 PM THE ROYAL CONSERVATORY ORCHESTRA SIMON STREATFEILD conductor, LI WANG piano Shostakovich: Festive Overture Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No. I Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring LOCATION: George Weston Recital Hall, The Toronto Centre for the Arts 5040 Yonge Street, Toronto TICKETS: Ticketmaster (416) 870-8000 ADMISSION: adults, students & seniors ...... ·· ···· ·•··· ·· ····· ·· ·· ·· ·····•· ············••·•··•·• ··•····· ···· ·•···•·····•·······•• ········•··········································· ······················· ··························• ••·••••·••••• ••••••·• •·•·•• ········••·•• ·•· ·········•T••·••·•• . ... . ........ ... .. ..................... ... .... ................................... .... .................................. ... .. ........... .. ........ ....... .. ........ ... ..... ............. .. ......... ..... .. .......... ........... . FRIDAY, MARCH 21, 8:00 PM . IN CONCERT: ANDREW MCCANDLESS trumpet, · With JAMES GARDINER . trumpet, GORDON WOLFE trombone, PATRICIA KRUEGER piano Music by Stevens, Honegger, and Reynolds World Premiere by Tomehak LOCATION: Mazzoleni Concert Hall, The Royal ·Conservatory of Music 273 Bloor Street West, Toronto TICKETS: The RCM 'Box Office ·(416) 408-2824, ext. 321 ADMISSION : adults, students & seniors FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 7:30 PM MONSTER PIANO CONCERT Featuring international award-winning pianists fom the Artists Diploma Program of The Glenn Gould School LOCATION: Yorkminster Park Baptist Church 1585 Yonge Street, Toronto TICKETS: The RCM Box Office (416) 408-2824, ext. 321 ADMISSION: ad~lts, students & seniors SATURDAY, MARCH 29, 7:30 PM MONDAY, MARCH 3l, 7:30 PM FRIDAY, APRIL 4, 7:30 PM SUNDAY APRIL 6, 7:30 PM MOZART: DIE ZAUBERFLOTE (THE MAGIC FLUTE) Performed by the Opera Workshop of The Glenn Gould School BRAHM GOLDHAMER artistic director JENNIFER TARVER stage director LOCATION: Mazzoleni Concert Hall, The Royal · Conservatory of M ~sic 273 Bloor Street West, Toronto TICKETS: The RCM Box Office (416) 408-2824, ext. 321 ADMISSION:. adults, students & seniors THE ROYAL CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC WWW.RCMUSIC.CA 36 www.the~holenote . com March 1 - April 7 2003

Howells: Requiem; Britten: Choral Dances from Glorianna; Palestrina: Missa Papae Marcelli (seklctions). Jom Tuttle, director. Calvin Clllrch. 26 Delisle Ave. 416-946-9931. ,. - 3:00: Chrylark Arts and Music Series. Valerie Siren, soprano i11 Recital. Music by Sibeliu5, Bratvns & Glick. Guests: Stefan Glick, cello; Cecilia lgnatieff, piano. Heliconian Hall, 35 Hazelton A~e. 416-654-0B77. . - 3:00: Singing OUT! Somewhere in the' Night! Central YMCA. See March 1. - 3:00: The Liturgically Hip. Soaring w#h the Spirit. GQSpel, jazz, roots, traditional music. Living Arts Centre,4141 Living Arts Dr., · Mississauga. 905-306-6000. -B. - 3:00: Toronto Camarata Chamber Choir. /Jfe's Mysteries· Songs of Death and /Jfe. Music by Lechner, Victoria & Howells. Grace Church onthe-Hil, 300LonsdaleRd.416-48B·7B84. ,. -4:00: Halton Youth SylJ!phony/Halton Youth Chamber Orchestra. Songs for Spring. Britten: Sit1J1e Syn1Jhony {selections); selections from the Classical repertoire; new classics from tlie movies. Guests: perfonners from the Oakville Chamber Music Festivat Andrew Chung & Janez Govednik, conductors. 905-616-2760. Nelson · High School, New St., Burlington. F~; donations gratefully accepted. - 4:00: Toronto Classical Singers. Handel: Dettingen Te DBllll; Schubert: Mass in B flat. Mary Bella,. soprano; Elaine Robertson, alto; Lenard Wliting, tenor; Bruc8 Kelly, bantone; Talisker Players;.furilen Petrenko, conductor. Christ Church Deer Park, 1570YongeSt.416- 443-1490. ,. - 7:00: Gabriel Productions. Peace in the Valky. Gospel favouites and cont8111JDrary classics. Allisoo Lynn, soloist; Boni Strang, piano; . Gerald Flenming. guitar & other performers. St. Jam's Church, 19 Don Ridge Dr. 416-222-B556. , $Blunder 16). Proceeds to support iqlroving the accessibiity oi the church through Buikilg for the Future C11J118ign. - 7:00: Massey Hall. TangoBlll!flOSAires · 77Je Golden Age ofT ango. Cynthia Avila, vocals; Osvaldo Daniel Ruggiero, barxfoneon; 6-piece orchestra; dancers; Fernando Marzan, conductor/ piano/rrusic.lflrl!Ctor. 15 Shuter St. 416-B72- 4255. -. . - 7:00: Roy Thomson Hall. Sarah Chang, violin, and Lars V~piano. 60 ~St. 416- B72-4255. *CANCELLED* - 7:30: Elmer lseler Singers. Cathedral Grandeur. Music for double choir by Sanders, Braim;, Ravel, Gershwin, Buhr, Healey & Schafer. Guests: Vancouver Chanter Choir; Jon Washbun & Lydia Adam, conductors. St. Jil118S' Cathedral, 65 Ci.irchSt.416-217-0537. ,, group rates. - B:OO: Ensemble Noir. Diversity Project: Dmnmilla 's Voices. Music by Euba, Ndodaila, Ho, Scherzilger & T arrusuza. Bev Spotton, viola; Sanya Eng, harp; Shelley Brown, flute; Ryan S!:ott & Alan Hetherilgton, perrussion; Dawn Pldnore, SOjOlO; 8ongari Ndodana, conductor. 7:15: Pre-conceri discussion with artists. St. George the Martyr Church. 197 John. 416· 204, lOBO. - B:OO: Victoria Scholars. T me North Strong and Free. Works by Cable, Chatman. Glick, MacMilan. R..Jinsh. Ryan and Wdlan. Michael Colvin, tenor; Daniel Neff, baritone; David Hetherilgton, ceDo; Jerzy Cichock~ conductor; WiRiam O'Meara, accompanist. Our Lady of Sorrows Cluch, 3055 Bloor St. West. 416-761- 7776. ,. Monday March 03 - B:OO: Jau.FM91 .1Sounds of T orontoJazz: BOth Birthday Tribute To Phil Nimmons- 50th Anniversary of Nimmons N Nine. Mike Cado, director. Ontario Science Centre, 770 Don Mills Rd. 416-696-1000. . - B:OO: Toronto Theatre Organ Society/ Kiwanis Club of Casa Loma. Wurl#zer Pops _ at Casa Loma. Bill O'Meara, organ; film: Buster Keatoo Our Hospitality. Casa Loma, 1 Austin Terrace: 416-B70-BOOO. . - B:OO: T ryptych Productions. Verdffalstaff. Workshop performance. Alexander Wiebe, Henry Irwin, Erin Bardua, Nadia Kha~I. Ashley Bedard & other perfonners; Edward Franko, director; Wil6am Shookhoff, rrusic director. Studio Theatre, Toronto Centre for the Perfoming Arts, 5040 YongeSt.416-B72-1111. ,. for complete run see music theatre listings. Tuesday March 04 - 12:30: York University Department of Music. Early Music Ensemble. Medieval and Renaissance music. Judith Cohen, director. Mclaughlin Performance Hall, 050 Mclaughlin College,4700 Keele St.416-736-51B6, Free. - 1 :00: St James' Cathedral. lunch Hours at St. James': Clllistopher Dawes, organ. Widor: Symphonie #6 in g. 65 Coorch St. 416-364- 7B65. Free. -6:00: University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. Traditional Arabic music. George Sawa, director. Meeting Place, 1265 Military Trail. 416-2B7 -7076. Free. · *CANCELLED* - B:OO: EROS Chamber Music Toronto. Great Chamber Music for the Clarinet. Music by Khachaturian, Bartok & Bratvns. Michael Westwood, clarinet; Jasper Wood, Csaba Kocko, violins; Meguni Okamoto, piano; Adam Romer,· viola; Meran Currie-Roberts, celo & other performers. The Stone Church, 45 Davenport. 416-653-1172.,. - B:OO: Music Toronto. 77Je Gryphon Trio· 10th Anniversary Concert. BeethQven: Trio in E flat Op.1 #1; Enescu: Trio in a; student comiiosers: mini trios; Dvorak: Trio inf Op.65. Introductory remarks by Hany Halbreich. Jane Mallett Theatre, 27 front St. East. 416-366- 7723. ,. Wednesday March 05 - 12:30: York University Department of Music. Chinese Orchestra. Classical Chinese music perfonned on traditional instruments. Kim Morris, director. Mclaughlin Performance Hall, 050 Mclaughlin College, 4700 Keele St. 416· 736-5lB6. free. -12:30: Yorkminster Park Church. Noonday Recital.· Angus Sinclair, organ. 15B5 Yonge St. 416-925-7312. Free. - B:OO: Mozart Society. Small Chamber Hamwny Trio. Works for flute, cello & soprano by Handel, Mozart, Pergoiesi & Boccherini. First Unitarian Congregation, 175 St. Clair Ave. West. 416-201-333B. $JO(non-merrilers). · - B:30: University of Toronto faculty of Music. Small Jazz Ensembles. Walter Hall, BO Oueeri's Park. 416-978-3744. Free. Thursday March 06 - 10:30am & 7:00: Hummingbird Centre for the Performing Arts. Sesame Street live. Musical adventure for children. 1 Front St. East. 416-B72-2262. -. For complete run see Music Theatre listings. - 11 :30am: Madawaska Strinp Quartet Chasing Beethoven. Oswald: pre-Lieu; Janacek: String Quartet #1 Kreutzer Sonata; works by Cardy, Rathbum, Ford, Leclerc & Jarvlepp. Vanier College, York Univlµ'sity, 4 700 Keele St. 416· 910-7231. free. - 12:00 noon: CBC Music Around Us Young Artist Series. Ensemble Noir. T amusuza: Ekivvulu Ky' Endere (An African Festival of the Flute); Euba: Six Yoruba Folk Songs; Ndodana: Rainmaking in Memoriam Queen Nodjadji; Scherzinger: Those Who Enter Stamping. Shelley Brown, flute; Sanya Eng, harp; Alan Hetherington, Ryan Scott. percussion; Beverley Spotton, viola; Bongani Ndodana, director. Glenn Gould Studio, 250 Front St. West. 416-205-5555. Free. - 12:10: St Paul's Church. Noon Hour Recital. Enc Robertson, organ. 227 Bloor St. East. 416-961·B116. Free. - 12: 10: University ofT oronto Faculty of Music/Canadian Music Competitions. Darrett Zusko, piano in Recital Walter Hall, BO Queen's Park. 416-978-3744. Free. -12:30 & 5:00: York University Department of Music. Student R{!cital. Student soloists in the classical performance program. Mclaughlin Performance Hall, 050 Mclaughlin College, 4700 Keele, St. 416-736-51B6. Free. -B:OO: Brampton Music Theatre.A Taste of Broadway. Cabaret. Heritage Theatre, B6 Main St. North, Brampton. 905-B74-2BOO. For complete run see Music Theatre listings. - B:OO: Living Arts Centre Mississauga. · Michael Burgess in Concert. Hanmerson Hall, 4141 Living Arts Dr. 905-306-6000. -. - B:OO: Music Gallery. DiloSheppard-/.JJnza. Works by Schwartz, Gandini, Santaro & Lanza. Meg Sheppard, actress/singer; Alcides Lanza, piano/electronics. St. George the Martyr Church, 197 John.416-204-lOBO. . - B:OO: Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Berlioz: Roman Carnival Overture; Britten: Viofm Concerto; T chalkovsky: Syrl]lhony #6. Maxin . Vengerov, violin; Eiji Oue, conductor. Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe St. 416-593-482B. B-.50. Friday March 07 - 12:00 noon: Roy Thomson Hall./ Will lift l/p Mine Eyes. Nathaniel Dett Chorale; Brainerd · 8'yden-Taylor, conductor; Cms Dawes, organ. 60 Sincoe St. 416-B72-4255. Free. - 12:00 noon: Royal Conservatory of ·Music. Fridaymusik. Artists from the Glenn Gould School. Ettore Mazzoleni Concert Hall, 273 Bloor St. West. 416-40B-2B24 x321. Free. - 7:30: Amnesty International. light the Silence: Arioso Duo. Debussy: Pr~lude A I' apresrridi d'un faune; Elgar: Chanson de Matin; Salut d' Amour; Buhr: Danses Abstrajtes; Rota: Sonata for flute and harp; Schaposc"1ikov: Sonata for flute and harp. Nora Shulman. flute; Judy Loman, harp. Sunderland Hall, First Unitarian Congregation, 175 St. Clair West. 416-870- BOOO. . - B:OO: Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts. Molly Johnson. Blues, jazz, rock vocalist. 130 Navy St. 905-B 15;2021 . . - B:OO: Orpheus Choir of Toronto. Haydn: Missa in T empora Bem (Paukervnesse); Handel: Utrecht Jubilate; Howells: Take Hirn, Earth, for Cherisling. Norman Reintanm, conductor. St. ·James' Cathedral, 65 Clllrch St. 41 &530-4428. ,. - B:OO: Sine Nomine Ensemble for Medieval Music. Minstrels and Minnesinger.· Gernian Music of the Middle Ages. Saint Thomas's Church, 383 Huron. 416-63B-9445. ,. - B:OO: Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra. Haydn: The Seasons. Ann Monoyios, soprano; Handel: Utrecht Jubilate Haydn: Missa in Tempora Belli (Paukenmesse) . Howells: Take Him, Earth, For Cherishing Nonnan Reintamm, Conductor Friday March 7, 2003, 8:00 p.m., St James' Cathedral Tickets: ( for students, seniors) Call 416 530-4428 for tickets or further infonnation March 1 - April 7 2003 37

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