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Volume 8 Issue 6 - March 2003

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DISC VE RIES DISCoveries is a CD review sectiori designed to complement arid enhance our pre-eminent coverage of Toronto's live classical, jazz and new music concert scene, featuring reviews by WholeNote columnists and independent contributors. CDs are considered for review in the following categories: 1. "Concert prep" - CDs, new or otherwise, which tie in with events being featured in the current issue of the magazine. Many discs in the other categories also relate to upcoming events as noted; 2. New and Rec~nt Releases ~ newly released CDs relevant to our magazine's coverage of the music scene; 3. "Worth repeating" - CDs newly re-issued, or previously releasea but ' still generally available, deemed particularly noteworthy by a member of our editorial papel; 4. "lndie list" - Small label and independent release CDs, often featuring individuals or groups active on the local music scene. 5. "Disc(s) of the month" - Discs of special,interest, often with a particular connection to the month's concert activities or editorial focus . We think DISCoveries is a logical and exciting extension to The WholeNote's coverage of the Toronto music scene. We welcome your feedback and invite submissions. Catalogues, review copies of CDs and comments should be sent to: The WholeNote, 60 Bellevue Avenue, Toronto ON MST 2N4. We also welcome your input via our website, David Olds Editor, DISCov~ries Now also featuring PETER NESS Thursday & Saturday evenings The Freshest Foods & Desserts The Best Quality Ingredients Take-out Available 416-762-1204 2849 Dundas St. W.(East of Keele) CONCERT PREP Clermnbault . Ann Monoyfos; Les Coucous Benevoles CBC MVCD 1152 Haydn: The Battle of the Nile The Four Nations Ensemble Ann Monoyios, soprano; Nils Brown, tenor ASV Gaudeamus CD GAU 219 Here are two excellent discs that present a mixed program of instrumental chamber works and vocal selections featuring soprano Ann Monoyios. Monoyios' lyric clarity is very well suited to the French baroque cantata L 'Isle de Delos, from Clerambault' s Toronto-based group comprised of . Elissa Poole (baroque flute), Stephen Marviri (violin), Sergei Istorriin (viola da gamba), and of particular note; Colin Tilney (harpsichord) whose masterful playing brings the excitement of fresh discovery to every note Clframbault's Harpsichord Suite in C minor. Turning to the Haydn disc, two keyboard trios illustrate Haydn's composition~! genius and provide a wo!1- derful vehicle to showcase the instrumental talents of The Four Nations Ensemble: Andrew Appel (fortepiano), Ryan Brown (violin) and Loretta O'Sullivan (cello). Appel's keyboard and musical skills are featured in the showpiece Andante with Variations in F minor. Two Italian Duets offer a delightful dialogue between Monoyios' youthful sweet lyrical voice and the expressive torte of tenor Nils Brown. Even with the detailed performance presented here by these singers, one can't help but notice the brilliance of Haydn's writ~ ing and Mr. Appel's deft handling of the fortepiano accompaniment. The emotional range ofBrown' s colourful solo, The Spirit's Song, and the refinement of Monoyios' narrative epic solo, The Battle of the Nile, offer great rewards to the attentive listener. ------------------------ '3rdBookofCantatasofl716. There ire very few singers who possess her. ;omplete understanding of the nature Awar-d Winning Jf this repertoire and who excel in its performance. Another fine example of her work can be heard in the Fine Dining! Air de Musette, Doux ecchos de nos Restaurant sin cc l 9 7 5 musettes. . There are also not many instrumentalists who could capture the mu­ Featuring keyboard musician --Wag

Concert Note: Ann Monoyios is featured in Tafelmusik's presentation of Haydn's The Creation March 7 and 8 at Massey Hall. provide constant delights. Baroque violinist Monica Huggett leads the terrific musicians of the Ensemble Sonnerie with her customary stylishness. But, what really sets this collection apart is' the way Argenta works wit.h the instrumentalists as part of the enseJl1ble. This makes for glorious textures, as in the entry of the voice in the opening of the Wedding Cantata. The plaintive flute reflects the s.adness of a friend's imminent departure in Non sa che sia dolore ("He knows ·not what true grief there is"), which Argenta.will be singing in her Upcoming concert for the Toronto Early Musi~ Centre. In Jauchzet Gott in alien Landen (Pr;:iise ye .God in ev'ty nation) with its famous Alleluja. the flamboyant J.S. Bach: Canta~ Nancy Argenta, soprano Ensemble Sonnerie Monica tfuggett, director Virgin Veritas x2 7243 s. 6.1644 2 O trumpet shares in t.he sopr.ano',s celebratiol1(of divine goodness. This set of Bacq solo soprano canta- . EMI has re-released this set of ouh tas has been compiled from the two standing perfo~marices of some of fine discs that Nancy Argenta. made Bach's most beloved music at a great. with the Ensemble Sonnerie under price. But, inexcusabiy, they hav,e Huggett 1'n 1993 . It reveals · failed to sup. ply the texts and translawhy Argenta, a Can.adian who has tions which are, particularly in such been . living in London for many eloquent performances, so.important years, is in such demand by top conductors. Her voice is lovely and . for understanding the joy and pain which Bach deals with in these clear, her style elegant' and works. expressive. Her, lightness and agility Pamelq Margl~s Concert Notes: On Sunday, March 9 at 7:30, the Toronto Early Music Centre presents Nancy Argenta with countertenor Daniel Taylor and the Theatre of Early Music at Trinity­ St.Paul's Centre. Argenta joins the Aldeburgh Connection on April 27 at 2:30 for "Catherine Robbin and Friends" at Walter Hall, University of Toronto. Ptircell: Fantazia Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet Channel Classics CCS 16998 There's something irresistible about this quartet of virtuoso recorder players- not just their refreshingly ad- . venturous programs, but also their joy and enthusiasm. Since therl! isn't a lot of music for recorder consort, they have come up with much of th,eir repertoire by arranging music of the past, particularly from the ba" roque, as well as reworking current classical and pop compositions, and commissioning new works from contempon1ry composers. To pull this off, they have had a number of the instruments in their extensive collection made for them, including a six-foot long contrabass recorder. Their latest disc features Purcell's magnificent four-part Fantazias. Although Purcelrs manuscript gives no indication of scoring, there is little doubt he intended these works for a traditional consort of viols, precursor of the modern string quartet. But as played by this consort of recorders, these arrangements make. for compelling listening. . Their timbres are exquisitely balanced and blended. But they manage tq achieve ~uch clear lines that Purcell's wonderful harmonies and contrapuntal textures can be folly appreciated. They are sensitive to his soulful shifts of mood. Arid they attack the brisker sections with spirited precision. The inclusion of Purcell's famous Chacony in G minor, which they will be performing at their upcoming I . Daniel Taylor's sensitive, mu satisfying approach as direct proves largely successful. -Gramophone, March 2003 LAMENTO: Opus Award 2002 Early Music Disc of the Year CD+Catalogue Special Prlcel

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