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Volume 8 Issue 6 - March 2003

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NAXOS NEW RELEASES CHARLES IVES Symphony No. ] "ThcCuup~fn:tin~" ...... 11t..f>1Sif".!fl1;J>1 • J.Rl~•"IMc!~ir Ives: Symphony No. 3 Northern Sinfonia, J.ames Sinclair 8.559087 ~h4: S:~"i.lh L\-:x~~ ! t~~:W#->• ·'\.$;.>>'< .:.«0.»;

INDIE LIST Shambolica Michael Grey Dunaber CDOOOl' The Scottish seem to have a practiJ cal approach to posterity and the proof is in Michael Grey's tasty product, Shambolica. A student of the venerable art since the age of twelve, serving as Pipe Major of the Peel Regional Police force, known in the highland pipers community as an able adjudicator and composer, Mr. Grey has, as befits the tradition of the brave hearted, (though he's not as cute as Mel Gibson), won a strategically complex battle: In this recording he has successfully assembled such diverse idioms as Cowboy, Jazz, New Age, not to mention solid M.0 .R., and even House . Set against arrangements written with Owen Pallett and the album's engineer and mixer Br.yan Greenwood, respect for the gentle listener's ears triumphs and the old bags are rejuvenated. . My Heart is in the Highlands is a moody, sensuous track that oughta be in pictures, or at least in radio rotation. Kurt Swinghammer crunches out some metal guitar licks on it. The traditional tune Nut Brown Maiden features Jane Siberry and samples the voice of departed kin. Something close to Enya's soporific trance is induced on Annabel, which Grey based on Lament for Mary Macleod. A techno-pop track referred to as * !* ! closes out the album, leaving one wondering if there is any style Mr. Grey's pipes don't call. A great CD for the car or the home, but I'll not be lending mine. Deborah Rosen Concert Note: Michael Grey will premiere John Beckwith' s A New Pibroch for Highland pipes and strings at, New Music Concert.s Pioneers! 0 Pioneers! concert at Glenn· Gould Studio on March 23. It's About Time Heather Bambrick HBCD-001 It's About Time is vocalist Heather · Bambrick's aptly titled debut CD. The eleven selections on the disc cover a broad range and include standards: a Prince tune, and 3 of Heather's own songs. The musicians on this recording are some of the top jazz players in Canada and i~lude saxophonist Mike Murley, pianist David Braid and guitarist David Occhipinti. Bambrick and bassist Mike McClennan share ·arranging credits for the project. The charts are superb, particularly so on Love for Sale. This song is usually rendered in such a happy, upbeat manner that the sinister connotation of the lyrics is lost. Not so on this version. . This recording was a delight t(,) listen to, since the focus was on the singer and the songs themselves. The accompanists having their shining moments of course, but it's Bambrick's warm rich voice and clear delivery of the lyrics that really carries the disc. I was partitularly impressed by the original material on this recording. I was utterly convinced That's Falling in Love was a standard I hadn't chanced upon before, until I checked the credits. Aren't I Cute certainly IS, and is somewhat reminiscent of Blossom Dearie's work. Maybe is such a beautiful ballad melody that I fully expect to hear many instrumentalists covering it. · I highly recommend this CD, and I'm eagerly looking forward to hearing more of Heather's work - especially her own songs: Merlin Williams Sweet Home Suite The Greg Runions Big Band Independent, Grind 2002 A new-release for a 19-piece big band is quite surprising in our era of M arch 1 - April 7 2003

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