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Volume 8 Issue 7 - April 2003

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TORONTOHEARANDNOW (NEW MUSIC) by Paul Steenhuisen Having just returned from the very crimes de I 'amour (theatre musisuccessful Montreal Nouvelles cale pour un film de Michel Fano), Musiques, the countdown is on for Requiem furtif, Les Secrets Eleanother interesting festival of new mentaires, and 2 works for solo art music, this one Kitchener's percussion: Graffitis and Corps ii Open Ears (, corps. Also included are selec­ May 7-11 ). While the Montreal tions from Cinq Couplets, Tourbilfestival concentrated primarily on lions, Monomanies, Conversations, a balance of international and Ca- which were composed for his own nadian notated r~pertoire, with ex- group, ATEM. cellent performances from all of Aperghis ha~ said that Requiem the ensembles involved, Open Ears furtif (1998) (violin, claves/hyoshialso involves soine improvisation, gi) gives substance to one of his prelive electronics, and the influence viously forgotten dreams, about of dj culture. Prior to this, however, numer- walking in a graveyard, haunted by the sound of the barren branches Joseph Petric Ben Heaslip, Sonet o Tatrach by Lidia Zielinska, Orbiting Garden by Christos Hatzis, and a new work by Michael Hynes. ous significant performances will of the trees knocking together. The The night before (April 25), Es" take place, including the premiere violin plays primarily ephemeral prit Orchestra presents Touch, a of composer Linda C. Smith arid sounds, using harmonics;pizzica- multi-media, multi-disciplinary libretHst Don Hannah's new opera to, rapid light bowstrokes and sul concert. The world premiere of Facing South. The composer ponticello, in counterpoint with the Alex Pauk's [ouch Piece is prewrites that "The score is built sound of the claves.. sented with an integrated multiaround an orchestra of 20 musi- screen video composition created cians and four solo singers. I think Touch is difficult. with collaborator Colm Caffrey. of the orchestral score as creating Touch is the revolution The work also includes a digita kind ofabstract or essentialland- (Anne Sexton, Letters to Dr. Y ...) al soundtrack incorporating enviscape - both the Polar landscape as On April 26, the "earshot" collec- ronmental sounds created by a well as a more interior terrain." tive of Canadian composers pro- team of film soundtrack designers, Tapestry New Opera Works . ducing concerts of new Canadian David McCallum, and David Rose, presents the preview on April 2 at music presents earshot #8, enti- as well as a digital, electroacoustic Cherry Beach Sound, The Facto- tied Accord ,- new music for ac- layer, created by composer Darry. See listings for complete run. cordion (More information at ren Copeland. The digital soundwww track and electroacoustic playback Acclaimed accordionist Joseph for Touch Piece will be presented Petric is joined on stage by a group in 12-channel sound surround, and of chamber musicians to perform the Jane Mallett Theatre, St. Law­ Whotheh.:. is Georges Aperghis? Of course I know - but based on the small number of performances of his work in this area, most listeners won't be particularly familiar with this Greek/French composer. Unfortunate, considering his substantial ouevre. Not coinciden7 tally, "Who the h ... is Georges Aperghis" also happens to have been the title of the 1996 .Banff festival that spawned thi.s event by the same group of collaborators, now called the "Aperghis Project". Born in 1945, Aperghis is an autodidact, an outsider on the Paris scene. In 1970, he began to develop his own form of music drama, exploring musical gesture, repetition, sequential variation, the relation between physical and musical gesture, and social ritual. The repertoire to be performed on April 10 includes selections from Aperghis' classic vocal work Recitations (check out the,! recently re-released recording featuring Martine Viard, not to mention the cleverly notated score), Les Sept 20 Sticherarion by Larry Lake, Chou- rence Centre, will be transformed ette by Keith Denning, God's 'tree into a giant multi-screen theatre. by Nick Akers, Divertimento by _ Touch Piece aims at capturing both the spiritual and earthly nature of mankind in a 'work that connects nature, music, and a variety of cultural references. In many parts orchestral music blends with an attempt to produce an imagined music of the spheres in a kind of "universe symphony." The concert also includes a new choreography set to the music of Colin McPhee's Nocturne created and danced by Peter Chin. Esprit's concertmaster Fujiko Imajishi is featured in the Violin Concerto by Gyorgy Ligeti, and Jose Evangelista 's 0 Java, for which Chris Clifford is also creating a video interpretation. Opening the programme is a screening of Larry Weinstein's film Inspired by McPhee shot in Bali and using as its soundtrack Esprit's recording of McPhee's Nocturne. On the tree, Future, we build our nest; and in our solitude eagles shall bring us nourishment in their beaks! (Friedrich Nietzsche) QUICK PICKS April 01 8:00: Music Toronto. Louise Bessette, piano. Scelsi: Four Poems; Messiaen: La fauvette desjardins; Ives: Second Piano Sonata. Jane Mallett Theatre. April 02 7:00: Art Gallery of York University. John Gzowski in Concert. New microtonal compositions. · April 06 2:30: University of Toronto Faculty of Music. Electroa-

coustic Music. Recent compositions using electronic media by graduate students, faculty and guests. Walter Hall. April 10 8:00: Earwitness Productions. Underfoldings: Eve Egoyan in Recital. World premieres for piano by·Fujieda, Kondo, Arnold & Tenney; works by L.C. Smith & Tanaka. Glenn Gould Studio. April 21 8:00: Continuum Contemporary Music. Distillation-The Water Project. Interdisciplinary project including video installation by Ramona Ramlochand and music by Puhm, Smith and Talpash. April 24 8:00: Music Gallery. Sound at OCAD. Concert of new works by students, faculty & alumni; sound sculpture/installation. Free. April 26 8:00: Music Gallery/Earshot. Composer Now: Joesph Petric, accordion in Concert. Works for accordion & other instruments by Zemlinska, Akers, Denning, Gooo & others. April 29 7:30: Soundstreams Canada/CBC Radio Two. Nuts about Nosh. By Lintinen/Loppi & Loponen; performed by Ooppera Skaala. Miniature forest fable told in story & music. Recommended for ages 6 & up. Isabel Bader,Theatre. April 30 7:30: Soundstreams Canada/CBC Radio Two. Caribou Song. Story by Tomson Highway; Rick Sacks, composer; performed by Red Sky Performance. Music, storytelling & dance. Recommended for ages 6 & up. May 05 7:30: Soundstreams Canada/CBC Radio Two. The Prophecy. By Thorarinn Eldjarn; performed by Moguleikhusi. Ancient Nordic myth told in story and music. Recommended for ages 6 & up. For comprehensive detailed new music listings vis~ the WholeNote's new music site at WWW. · torontohearandnow. com esprit h' ore es presents "Toronto's m excited ban - Greg Quill, TORONTO STAR' 'Porkbelly Futures' Friday, May 30th enjoy a bar party to benefit Esprit at The Arts and Letters Club 14 Elm Street, Toronto; 7 :30 p.m. . b ·-Federico's Little Songs for Chil!f: .. soprano, flutes, harp ·· · Reservafions 416 205 5555 Glenn Gould Studio 250 Front Street West adult senior student Presented with the assistance of The Canada Council for the Arts Ontario Arts Council • Toronto Arts Council Laidlaw Foundation • Roger D, Moore C. A. Delaney Capital Management Ltd, The Fleck Family Foundation The Julie·Jiggs Foundation · The McLean Foundation The SOCAN Foundation -An Idyll for the Misbegotten (Images fij amplifted flute, 3 drummers · · · eorge Crumb - Unto the Hills** (2002) tolk singer, percussion quartet, amplified piano **Canadian premiere Pfesented with the generous assistall{:e of the i> Aarc>~ ~~pland Fl,lnd.{Qr itl~i~ t · · Performing E9~einbles Pro ra · ·. ·•····· April I - May I LUUj 21

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