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Volume 8 Issue 7 - April 2003

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Canadian Child~ Opera

Canadian Child~ Opera Chorus Soundstr~s Canada PRESENT *{ ~ music by Harry Somers . story by Tim Wynne-Jones Ann Cooper Gay, Conductor Todd Hammond, Director Bluma Appel Theatre May 8 - 11, 2003 For Tickets Call: 416 366-7723 For group sales: 416 597-0965 ~ •"!"'" * iy . Special thanks for a major contribution from the Canadian Opera Creation Program, a program of made possible through the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. TRYPlYCH Canada's Passionate Advocate of the Vocal Arts Announces: The Boqs from Sqracuse (SUMMER MUSIC THEATRE WORKSHOP) _Der Correi~~R?,~ ~YcE~)ugo Wolf Tom Thumb the Great (A HEW OPERA BY GERALD 8ER6) The ffierrq Wives of Windsor (WIHTER WORKSHOP PRODUCTION) Das Rheinyold (OPERA IH CONCERT) PLEASE CALL ~16 763-5066 OR EMAIL IHFO@TRYPTYCll.OR6 TO BOOK AH AUDITION opera. (Also, the film Amandla! A Revolution in Four Part Harmony, being shown on April 12, chronicles South African liberation songs throughout the struggle to end apartheid.) There's no shortage of Toronto music theatre talent at World Stage . either. Tapestry New Opera Works is premiering Facing South, a work by composer Linda Catlin Smith and librettist, Don Hannah. It uses .18 musicians and three female voices to tell the story of Robert Peary's explorations of Gre.enland and the North. In particular, it examines some of the cultural assumptions that are exemplified in the relationships of Peary to the people he encountered . on his travels - especially in an episode in which Peary bro4ght a group of six Greenlanders to New York City as an "exhibit". The always groundbreaking Autumn Leaf Performance. is presenting its p_reviously postponed "water opera" Kafka in Love, now scheduled for the Hart House Pool at the University of Toronto, and, in the "Future Tense" series, Sandra Caldwell presents her original one-woman show .The Guide to being Fabulous after You've Skinned your Knees, with music by ·debonair local crooner John Alcorn. Other treats from the World Stage grab bag: Quebec's sensational dance-theatre phenomenon Carbone 14, under the direction of Gilles Maheu, returns to Toronto with its new work La Bibliotheque; Ute Lemper.performs an evening of songs by Kurt Weill, Astor Piazzolla, Hanns Eisler and herself at Premiere Dance Theatre on April 17, under the title But One Day, while Broadway director Sean Mathias appears at the Directors Workshop series, fresh from a big success with a revival of Stephen Sondheim's Company. Kafka in Love, Autumn Leaf' conceived and directed by Thom Sokoloski The festival runs from April 1 to 27, mainly at Harbourfront, but on other stages as well. For complete information and tickets, call 416-973-4000 or visit AFRICAN RHYTHMS Apart from World Stage programming; two other upcoming shows take th!!ir inspiration from African politics. On April 5 the Freetong Players perform Wuomi, based on the story of Sierra Leone's civil war. Then from April 10 to May 18, Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People presents In the Freedom of Dreams: The Story of Nelson Mandela by Michael Miller, with Dora-winner ·George Seremba (Come Good Rain) as Mandela himself. Choreography is by the also-Dora-winning Vivine Scarlett (Adventures of a Black Girl in Search of God), with musical direction by Welcome Ngozi. FIVE FROM SOUNDSTREAMS Soundstreams Canada and CBC Radio Two have come up with Musicools, "A Festival for Young Audiences with a northern twist." It includes five show~ by · CONTINUES 34

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