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Volume 8 Issue 7 - April 2003

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Swing Band: Bum the

Swing Band: Bum the Floor circumpolar creators, inspired by northern themes. Three of the productions are by C.anadian companies: the Canadian Children's Opera Chorus's A Midwinter Night's Dream by Harry Somers and Tim Wynne-Jones; Pacama.mbo by Zack Sette! and Wajdi Mouawad of Montreal, and Caribou Song by pianist and playwright Tomson Highway. Two visiting productions round out the festival: Thorarinn Eldjarn's The Prophecy from Reykjavik, Iceland, and Nuts about Nosh by Kirmo Lintinen, Karla Loppi and Paivi Loponen from Helsinki, Finland. The shows take place at the Isabel Bader Theatre and · the Bluma Appel Theatre between April 28 and May 11 .. Call 416-366- 7723 for tickets and details. been with the show since its inception four years ago, explains that . the form is most popular in England, Germany and Russia. She says that the transition from competition to entertainment has been good for Roby and her dance partner Jason Gilkison, who's now the show's director/choreographer. "As a competitor, you can go a long way without any gratification," she says. But for the performers, the show is "like winning every night." "On a personal level," she continues, "Jason and I have spent our whole lives in the competitive industry. Our dream has been to bring it out to the general public ~ " Burn the Floor runs from April 22 to 26 at the Hummingbird Centre. Call 416-872-2262 for tickets or visit BURN THE FLOOR GOT IT ON THE LIST? No Blundtstone boots this time, but And finally, in early May, Toronto we're getting another big dance Operetta Theatre presents The show out of Australia. This one's Mikado, one of the best loved of the called Burn the Floor, and anyone G&S operettas, in a lavish who's seen Baz Luhrman's film production with Elizabeth Strictly Ballroom will be on solid DeGrazia as Yum Yum, Eric Shaw ground with it, as it's built out of. as Nanki Poo and Keith Savage as the routines of some of the world's KoKo. It runs from May 2 to 11 .at best champion ballroom dance the Jane Mallett Theatre. couples . In fact, the Ice Capades are to competitive figure skating what Burn the Floor is to "Dancesport" - as the discipline is· known by its aficionados. Peta Robv. who's Watch for Sarah B. Hood's upcoming book Toronto: The Unknown City, co-written with Howard Akler, to be published by Arsenal Pulo Press in Fall 2003. THE SECOND (ENTIJRY OF OPERA ON ScREEN by Phil Ehrensajl Opera is now three years into its during the age of Caruso. Oh for secondcenturyofperfonnanceon H.G. Wells' time machine! screen. Early good fortune for The philosophy underlying permanently capturing opera 118 a Wlaschin's labour oflove is one that I total art arrived in the form of entirely share: "Though audio has Thomas Alva Edison. Alongside his dominated the home experience for invention of the phonograph and the the past 100 years, video is likely to cinema, Edison was totally seized and dominate the next 100. As opera has enchanted by opera. The biographical always been as much theater as entry for Edison in Ken Wlaschin's music, this change should make the Opera On Screen, the indispensable art more popular." reference work in the field, offers the . Opera on Screen, published in followingjob description: "opera film 1997 by Beachwood Press, is visionary." available both as a book and search- Back in 1893, the New York able CD-ROM (beachwoodpress Times interviewed Edison about this Since most opera dream of creating "kineteoscope DVD's are remasterings, the book operas with phono." Edison still catches the bulk of what is availexpressed his intention "... to have able in the new format. such a happy combination of photo- Wlaschin, director of creative graphy and electricity that a man can affairs at the American Film Instisit in his own parlor; see depicted tute, took four years to assemble this upon a curtain the forms of the play- exhaustive encyclopedia of operas, ers upon a distant stage and hear the operettas, zarzuelas, singers, compvoices of the singers." Now we're osers, writers, and conductors in there, and things can only get better. opera and film from the earliest days The pioneering step took place in onwards, plus biographies, docwnen- 1900, when Edison filmed 15 minutes taries on producing operas and the of an opera dear to the hearts of both use of operatic music in films. Caruso and tum-of-the century Entries are usually descriptive but audiences: Friedrich von Flotow's can take a wry tum. I'll bet you Maltha. Edison's promotional didn't ·realize that our own Teresa literature suggested that local church Stratas' first film was "an Americansingers be engaged to s~ the parts behind the screen. Alternatively, ~tyle ~ Wes~m" ."'.hose ... plot JS basically JUSt pitting the promoters could hire a quartet of Mounties against the Sioux." singers to travel along with exhib- Highly informed and witty subject itions of this new wonder of the entries complement the mix. The world. Parsifal followed Martha in best way to approach this book is to 1W4andsixothertitles by 1912. first take the introduction's list of Combining these silent films with twenty-four subject entries and then corresponding hi-tech restorations of react' each gem. My favourite is the historical recordings yields us some "Worst Opera on Film." inkling of the glories of the Met stage I won't give it away: get the book! MIRELA TAFAJ ·VOCAL INSTRUCTION Tel: 416-485-1042 • First prize - Umberto Giordano International Competition (Italy, 1998) •Available for private instruction in my studio, all ages/all levels • Whether a beginning singer or an aspiring professional, I can help you realize your untapped potential. - 1 O years as professor of voice in a European university - concert & opera professiorial soloist experience in Europe and North America .: appeared as Musetta, 2002-2003 season, Opera Hamilton OFFERING - voice training - audition and competition preparation - vocal problem diagnosis and resolution - repertoire development April 1 - May 7 2003

compiled and edited by David Perlman PARENT PoweR:T1ME To AcT From Cynthia Dann-Beardsley of the Toronto District Music Coalition, a timely reminder: If you have kids in the Toronto District School Board, particularly in the elementary schools, now is the time to act if you want the situation in Toronto public schools next year to improve. Because right about now is when principals are putting their "st{lffing model" for rrext year in place. It's our best shot as parents, school by school, to advocate for a inusic teacher on staff. We've got a very strong case. The province requires music be taught as a core subject, not a lunchtime or after-four frill. But without parent pressure, principals will take the easy route of getting all teachers, qualified or not, to give music a token wave once in a while during the course of the regular day. Put the pressure on! And if you need help in formulating a ~ for your principal (or beyond the principal to his or her superintendent if necessary) e-mail the coalition at We'll be glad to help. Note: the Toronto District Music Coalition is a group ofparenJsfrom all former boards in the "old" ToronJo, working to preserve the place of music in ours schools' core cuniculum. Arraymusic's renovated website: Acadia Calling February's Education Front introduced Array music's renova(ed website at www - "interactive new media intended to provide students, teachers, and members of the music community with access to online educational Summer Music By The Lake July 28 - August 10, 2003 CONTINUES NEXT PAGE An Unforgettable Chamber Music Experience! Musicians & Composers ages 8 - 25 • I or 2 weeks at the Adamson Estate • Intensive chamber rehearsals • World-Class faculty • Lunches and snacks provided • 0/l wk, 5/2 wks + reg. fee J?r 'Aduft 'Amateur 'Musicians fen CAMM " 'Music. (:entre tmosphere , tal and vocal music z, world music r ensembles uash, vfd:Jteyba 11 lege, Oakville .YOUR VOICE Organic and functional vocal training to gain access to your full range, resonance and vocal freedom. For singers, public spectkers, teachers, clergy, or if you just want to enjoy using your voice! Sue Crowe Conn , 416-429-765 April 1' - M ay 7 2003

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