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Volume 8 Issue 7 - April 2003

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JUN© AWAtDS Classical

JUN© AWAtDS Classical Album of the Year: Vocal or Choral Performance hyptrforu Ay Que Si! J.S. Bach Cantatas Mozart Requiem Of Ladies and Love 131, 152, 161 Michael Schade Suzie le Blanc and Daniel Taylor and Les Violons du Roy and Les Voix Humaines Theatre of Early Music with Bernard Labadie Malcolm Martineau ACD 22244 ACD 22279 DOR 90310 CDA 67315 hyptnoru Classical Album of the Year: Solo or Chamber Ensemble hyptnoru Liszt: Paganini Studies & Schubert March transcriptions Marc-Andre Hamelin Ravel: The Complete Piano Music Angela Hewitt CDA67370 CDA 67341 /2 Classical Album of the Year: Large Ensemble or Soloist(s) with Large Ensemble Accompaniment Nocturnal Dances of Don Juan Quixote I Musici de Montreal and Yuli Turovsky Classical Composition of the Year Opening Day- Requiem For A Charred Skull Bramwell Tovey CHAN 9973 ODR 9324 :S•JtI .. 638 The Kingsway, Peterborough I Ontario. K9J 7C8 Phone: 705-748-5422 Fax:705-748-5628 Email:

Volume 8 #7 April 1 to May 7, 2003 Copylight©2003 PerPul Proze, 60 Bellevue Avenue, Toronto ON MST2N4 Publisher: Allan Pulker Editor: David Perlman Production Manager: Peter Hobbs CD Review Editor: David Olds Listings: Simone Desilets, Karen Ages Jazz Listings: Sophia Perlman Webmaster: Colin Puffer Web Technician: Lee Weston Layout & Design: David Perlman, Verity Hobbs, Mike Busija . Cover by Rocket Design ' Advertising: Allan Pulker, Karen Ages, Ken Larone Distribution Manager: Sheila McCoy CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Columnists: Bandstand: Merlin Williams Choral: Larry Beckwith . Early Music: Frank Nakashima HearandNow: Paul Steenhuisen Jazz: Jim Galloway Music Theatre: Sarah B. Hood Opera: ChristopherHoile Quodlibet Allan Pulker . T.O.Diary: Colin Eatock Education Front David Perlman Features: Paul Steenhuisen, Wayne Gooding, lain Scott, Phil Ehr~nsaft Discoveries (CD Reviews): David Olds, John S. Gray, Pamela Margles, Daniel Foley, Tiina Kiik, Annette Sanger Philip Ehrensaft, Frank T. Nakashima, Bruce Surtees, Jim Galloway, Peter Kristian Mose Ted O'Reilly, Larry Beckwith, Colin Ea tock, Alison Melville, Den Ciul How to Reach Us GM INO!W!IES. ADYElmsiNG ANO MEMBER511P: Allan Pulker, Ka;en Ages, Ken Larone ph 416-323-2232, fax 416-926-7539 Cl!Sm!eunoN AND DlseLAv STA!«!S: Sheila McCoy ph 416-928-6991 ' ~ David Perlman ph 416-603-3786 fax 416-603-3787 l.JsJllGS/\JNaASSIFJCDS: Simone Desilets ph 416-323-2232 fax 416-926-7539. PAID SuescAPnoNs ('YEAA + GST): Sheila McCoy 416-928-6991 AllE-mail: Websites: w\ Oates and Deadlines Next issue is Volume 8 #8, May 1 2003 to June 7 2003 DEADUNE FOR FRfE EVENTUSJ'WGS (covering period May 1 to June 7) 6pm Tuesday April 15 DEADuNE FOR O!sPLAv AD RESEl!VATIONS: 6pm Friday April 18 DEAlluNE FQR (UN}ct.Ass!!!ED Aos: 6pm Friday April 18 . (90c per word; minimum) PueucAooN: THURSDAY MAY 1 CIRCULATION CCAB QUAURED CIRCULATION: 21,655 copies (March 2002) Additional copies prin1ed and distributed this month: 9,845 . Total copies prin1ed and distributed this month: 31,500 I Cover Story Opera: Old & New by Christopher Hoile 6 Columns and Features I T.O. Musical Diary by Colin Eatock 8 Quodlibet by Allan Pulker 1(J Early Music by Frank Nakashima 15 Choral Scene by Larry Beckwith 17 Hear & Now by Paul Steenhuisen 20 Composer2Composer: George Crumb interviewed by Paul Steenhuisen 22 Jazz Notes by Jim Galloway 25 BandStand by Merlin Williqms 26 focus on opera T.O. Opera: Two Views 30,31 Music Theatre_ Spotlight by Sarah B. Hood 33 The Second Century of Opera on Screen by Phil Ehrensaft 36 Education Front 37,59 I COMPREHENSIVE LIVE LISTINGS Daily Concert Listings (GTA) 39-56 Daily Concert Listings (FURTHER AFIELD) 56 Opera and Music Theatre 57 Jazz: Clubs 58 Jazz: Concert Quick Picks 58 Announcements, ... Etcetera 59 (Un)classitied adver~ising 61 DISCOVERIES: CD REVIEWS 62-70 Concert Prep 62 New and Recent Releases 64 Wo~th Repeating 65 lndie List 66 Discs of the Month: All the .Juno Nominees: 68 INDEX OF ADVERTISERS 38 WnoLENOTE 1 S UPCOMING SPECIAL FEATURES 62 Printing by Couto Printing and Publishing ~rvices Canadian Pubications Product Sales Agreement 1263846 ISSN 14SBIHl785 WHOLENOrE We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canadian Magazine Fund toward our editorial costs April 1 - May 7 2003 s

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