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Volume 8 Issue 7 - April 2003

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and Hua Yanjun.

and Hua Yanjun. Definitely a CD to enrich anyone's musical palette and provide a sample of China's rich musical heritage, it is more readily available in Quebec stores but can always be found through Annette Sanger Russian Album: Tchaikovsky, Scriabin, Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, and Samuel Dolin Alexander Tselyakov, piano Golomb Records GLDC 5701-3 I 1.1~§t1111;1ut11~11;1 COMPLETING OUR JUNO ROUNDUP Almost certainly lost from view on the CTV JUNO Awards special,' Sunday April 6, will be the classical and post-classical nominations - twenty in all - most relevant to our readers. DISCoveries is proud to note that, includi~g the five CDs reviewed below, we have covered all nineteen commercially available nominees this year. We invite you to visit our website at for a complete list of the classical nominations, along with quick finks to all our previously published reviews. Of ladies and love ... Michael Schade, tenor Malcolm Martineaµ, piano Hyperion CDA67315 Russian-Canadian Alexander Tselyakov lives in the Toronto area, has a pedigree from the Moscow This lovely recording of lieder Conservatory, and is definitely makes it clear why Canadian tenor someone worth hearing if you like Michael Schade has had such success Russian pianists playing traditional internatio~ally, not only on opera bravura Russian repertoire. stages but equally in recital halls. Here is a grab-bag of the familiar Surprisingly, although he has made and less familiar, Romantic and so many recordings, this is his first modernist works that are now solo disc. Editor's Note: ' This disc is nominated for a JUNO in the category Classical Album of the Year, Vocal or Choral Performance. Concert Note: Michael Schade and Malcolm Martineau give a recital at Roy Thomson Hall on Wednesday, April JO. ' J.S. Bach: Concerto No. 2; Max Bruch: Scottish Fantasy James Ehnes, Violin Orchestre symphonique de Montreal tender, now fiery, now diaphanous, Schade goes right to the heart of Mario Bernardi, conductor now spiky. Tselyakov's playing these texts about "ladies and love." CBC SMCD 5222 throughout this recital-flavoured ·It's not just the beauty and resonance The late Romantic German composrelease offers command and of his tone, but his tenderness and er Max Bruch is primarily known directness. impetuousness that make his· voice . for his nine pleasant yet challenging Great to be rl!minded of the im- so suitable for this repertoire, from works for violin, including three pressionist flavours . of Rach- the descriptiveness of Beethoven's concertos and the Scottish Fantasy maninoff, when so often we just put Adelaide to the full-throated drama . for violin and orchestra. The him in that has-been-virtuoso box. of Schubert's Laura am Klavier and Canadian violin sensation James The Prelude in G Major Op.32, the ardour of Faun~'s Nell. In Ehnes tackles the Fantasy and the No.5 and famous G-sharp Minor . Ravel's Cinq melodies populaires secondconcertoinhissecondBruch Prelude, Op.32No.12shimmerwith grecques, pianist Malcolm Marti- recording with the OSM for CBC atmosphere. Tchaikovsky:s F-Major neau contributes an exciting array Records, this time under guest con­ Variations are conservative yet quite of orchestral colours to the texture. ductor Mario Bernardi. wonderful: a simple yearning theme, · Schade' s supple phrasing makes As with earlier discs of Bach, Pa- . followed by a.clutch of Schumann- Liszt's Tre sonetti di Petrarca a ganini, Debussy and Ravel, Ehnes' esque portrayals. Prokofiev's affable memorable highlight.· By exposing remarkable technique and musicali­ Fijth Sonata, and several short pieces the lyrical soul of these ultra- ty make the recording a delight to by Scriabin round out the CD, romantic works Schade reveals why listen to from start to finish. recorded in Germany. In addition the Liszt is at his most moving in his Especially impressive is the sense of disc includes the wqrld-premiere songs. subtlety that Ehnes brings to Bruch's performance ofadriving Toccata by In Richard Strauss's Morgen, rather bombastic use of traditional Canadian Samuel Dolin recorded Schade weaves a long, flowing line, Scottish tunes in the Fantasy. Ehnes live at the George Weston Recital ·and manages to sustain intensity seems to find and emphasize the Hall by CJRT-FM in 1999. without raising his voice beyond a lyrical side of this piece, while the Philosophy professor and impre- restrained dynamk level. His pyrotechnics are glossed over and sario Jan Narveson contributed the stealthy entrance into Martineau's played down. In short, Ehnes sweater-and-slippers informal liner evocative introduction is especially doesn't fall into the trap of making notes. The self-produced CD doesn't thrilling. it sound even more difficult than it provide put chase/distribution infor- With its fine performances, is. His priority is clearly the direct mation but there is a website: intelligent programming, trust- communication of musical ideas. worthy· sound quality and One wishes he had more to work Peter Kristian· Mose comprehensive booklet, this disc with in terms of the music. Concert Note: The Chrylark Arts upholds the standards. set by Now that this 27-year-old marvel and Music Series presents Alexander Tselyakov at Heliconian Hall on · Ted Perry, who died in February. violin repertoire on record, we Hyperion's bold, obsessive founder, has put a Jot of the warhorses of the May 4 at 3 pm. Pamela Margles eagerly await his tackling of mote 68 challenging fare. Larry Beckwith Editor's Note: This recording is nominated for JlJNO in the category: "Classi\:al Album of the Year, Large Ensemble or Soloist(s) with Large Ensemble Accompaniment" . Concert Note: James Ehnes performs with the Quebec Symphony Orchestra at Roy Thomson Hall on April 9. This is the Colour of My Dreams Shauna Rolston, cello CBC Radio Orchestra; · Mario Bernardi CBC Records SMCD 5214 There are no superlatives adequate to apply to Shauna Rolston nowadays. The Canadian cellist and University of Toronto instructor has gone from strength to strength since she eclipsed rival Ofra Hamoy in the. early 1990's, and this recent · CBC records release continues the proeession,of excellent work. Four prominent Canadian composers are featured on this disc, leading off with Kelly-Marie Murphy's title track. Murphy described this work akin to a dream where scenarios become Jess comfortable. as they progress, with the cello representing the dreamer and the orchestra the scenarios. It's nearly ten minutes of masterful writing. Chan Ka Nin's Soulmate, in its third arrangement, this time fpr cello and orchestra, receives its definitive reading. Confessional QY Christos Hatzis, based on a Byzantine chant, is another superb work from this composer. Fluid lines caress the listener so that the ending seems to come all too soon. Heather Schmidt's Cello Concerto is a tour de for

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