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Volume 8 Issue 8 - May 2003

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you could call it a

you could call it a remix of Schubert. Am immediately following that, we're presenting Paul Miller, or DJ Spooky, That Subliminal Kid, which is how he's best known. He's doing a remix of Pierre Boulez'~ Pli Se/on Pli. Spooky is known mainly to the hip-hop or electronica crowd, yet he's investigated Xenakis anl Boulez, anl just had an installation based on the work of Marcel Duchamp. Those two concerts, in all aspects, from who these people are, what backgrouIXls they are, the spaces they're in, I think is an interesting juxtaposition. Am then you get this connecting.piint in the idea of remix. STEENHUISEN: We can identify the irifb,(ence of popular culture on a lot of recent alt music. Do you think there's any redprocity to tho! injlu­ ·ence? HATCH: Yeah, Ithinkyoucanget people like Spooky, the electronica people, who are acknowledging the importance of things that were going on in the fifties, sixties, anl seventies. There are remixes .out of Pierre Henry, Steve Reich anl Verve label jazz musicians. You get Spooky doing installation8based on Marcel Duchamp, or remixing Boulez. They grow up in this tradition of a more commercial approach, but there are people that are doing things that are not commercially driven. Also, these divisions are breaking down, anl it's all getting harder to defire in some ways. The whole musiqiie actuelle scene in Montreal is a mix of jazz, rock, electroacoustics', classical.... People like David Mott, Francois Houle anl the Montreal baOO kappa all come from jazz-influeoced backgrounls but it is often a stretch to call what they do jazz. Then there is electroacoustics versus electronica/DJ culb.lre. Both sides are looking at each other very closely. Sometimes it's skepticism; sometimes with good results. It's all up in the air right now. STEENHUISEN: lWwl you 're spinning records, you 're dealing with the past, lWwl you 're remixing Schuben, you 're dealing with the past. "'1IOt happens when every record has been scratched and spun, when everything has been referred to? Is there ajiniJe point? HATCH: I don't think so. It gets back to what we talked about earlier, where you hold that object up one more time, anl it looks different. It will never be the same because the perceivers are always changing. Even if that sonic or visual object is the same, the perception of it never will be. If it does look the same, then the problem is with the perceiver. ' Featuring some of Toronto's best jazz musicians with a brief reflection by Jazz Vespers Clergy Sunday, May 18 - 4:30 p.m. DUNCAN HOPKINS TRIO Sunday, May 25 - 4:30 p.m. "Celebrating the Music pf Miles Davis " STEVE McDADE QUARTET DUNCAN HOPKINS, bass DAVID BRAID, piano BRIAN BARLOW, drums STEVE McDADE, trumpet DAVID RESTIVO, piano SCOTT ALEXANDER, bass BRIAN BARLOW, drums Christ Church/ Deer Park, .1570 Yonge Street (north of St. Clair at Heath St.) 416-920-5211 Admission is free. An offering is received to support the work of the Church, including Jazz Vespers. . Dave Snider Music Centre 3225 Yon g e St. PH (416) 483-5825 e Ma i I: s nide rm usic @ sn i derrrlus ic.c om www. s n ide rmus ic .com One of Toronto's Oldest Music Stores ... With The Best Selection of Pop, Ja~z & Broadway Sheet M.usk in the city - For Begiuuers aud Professionals - Come in and brciwse over 25,000 sheet music publications. We have a wide array o( Woodwind, Brass, Keyboards, Guitars and Accessories. Music Lessons offered on site. by Jim Galloway )Azz Nons MAY 15 WILL BE the 50th anniversary of the "the greatest jazz concert ever", at Massey Hall. The anniversary concert, featuring Her.hie Hanccick, Roy Hargrove, Kenny Garrett, Dave Holland and Roy Haynes promises to be a sold-out event to celebrate what was in May 1953 almost a non-event. Just getting the five musicians, Charlie Parker, Dizzie Gillespie; Bud Powell, Charles Min- Herbie Hancock gus and Max Roach to Toronto for Tue second halfofthe concert began the concert was a daunting challenge without them, as an extended drum for the four members of the New solo from Max Roach; this was fol­ ~azz Society of Toronto who one day lowed by a trio set with Powell and piled into a car and set off on their Mingus, before the two horn playeFS odyssey to New York City in search. re-appeared on stage. . , of their own holy grail -- an episode 'l'he evening ended with Urliham well documented in Mark Miller's Topping's big band again, joined, on excellent book, "Cool Blues", pub- the final number, by Gillespie, Park- Jished by Nightwood Editions. er, Mingus and Roach. Then came . After a succession of events too the inevitabl~ after concert showdown fascinating to be fiction, the 1953 when there was no(enough money concert took place and musically, to pay everybody. But the tapes, coagainst all odds, was a success. It mandeered by Mingus that night, rewas also a financial disaster - but, mained to become one of the most as it so happened, was recorded on a famous documents in recorded jazz. portable tape machine. It has since It is some kind of statement that become one of the most famous re- the two boxers that same night shared , cordings in jazz, having attained an a purse more than 200 times larger almost legendary status. Swing dev- than the fees for all the musicians otees have Benny Goodman at Carn- who played at Massey Hall. egie Hall - be-boppers have Jazz at The events surrounding the original Massey Hall. Growing up in Scot- concert, which presented five true giland, I knew about Massey Hall long ants of the jazz world to a less thanhalfbefore I knew anything about Toron- filled hall offer a fascinating conti'ast to to Maple Leafs. thewell--0iledmachinebehindthepres- On that evening in 1953, the vola- entation of the !Ulniversary concert. It tile natures of five such individuals is not unkind to say that the five musimade for some inevitable personali- cians appearing this month, great ty clashes A local big band, led by 'though they maybe, willnothavethe Graham Topping, started the same significance in the story of jazz evening, and while playing could hear as will Charlie Parker, Dizzie the sounds of raised voices backstage. Gillespie, Bud Powell, Charles Min­ Nobody was sure, but to some play- gus anl Max Roach. Who could? But ers on stage it sounded like arguing. this month's event will be recorded for The main sub-plot, however to "the Verve Records and filmed by CBC, world's greatest jazz concert", is who, incidentallytumeddown the first well-known; ~ocky Marciano and concert. A sell--0ut anl guaranteed suc­ Jersey Joe Walcott were fighting for cess, it is, like the original date, a rare the world heavyweight championship opportunity to hear five outstanling that same night - and the match was musicians playing together. being shown on home television. And yes, there will be a local big Ticket sales, not great to start with, band, under the direction of Phil Nimdried up and the promoters braced mons, to open the evening. Not only themselves to "take a bath". The bout that, three members of the Nimmons ' lasted les·s than three minutes, or band, Gordon Evans, Ralph Fraser about as long as an average solo at and Hart Wheeler, played on that Massey Hall that night, but there is same stage exactly 50 years ago with no doubt that the boxing match did Graham Topping's band. And even nothing to improve attendance at the if there were a heavyweight boxing concert. ' championship fight on the same date Parker and Gillespie, ill fact, were again, who, this time round, would reluctant to tear themselves away care? from the tv ;!Cross the stteet at the PS. No it's not the only event in town. Silver Rail where they headed at ih- SeeourJ·aa listings on pages 43-44. rermission to catch at least some of Happy live listening! the fight, due to start at ten o'clock. May 1 - June 7 2003

BANDSTAND . , by Merlin Williams p.m. Be sure to catch the pre-con- THECXM'UTERISAWOMlROJSTHING! 'Thanks cert chat witl1 conductor Bramwell to this marvel of the silicon age, I Tovey at 2: 15pm. Tovey recently can refer instantly to every column captured the Juno award for best I've ever written for WholeNote in Classical composition of the year. As the blink of an eye. A useful thing far as I know that's the first time that indeed, as I can make sure I don't award has ever been given for a work repeat myself. Or at least try .not to for band. Congratulations! And if for do so to excess. some reason you haven't heard the .As I perused my May columns winning work, "Requiem for a past, I noticed that this is the "dire Charred Skull", the HSSB usually warning" month. Every .spring it has CDs on sale at their concerts .. seems there luls been some threat to The Pickering Community Conmusic programs, or job actions by cert Band is presenting "The Essence unions in the education system. So it · of Spring" on Sai May 24 ~the Dunshouldn't come as a surprise when I barton-Fairport United Church. The Hannaford ,Street Silver Band . tell you that school spring concerts programiix:;ludes "How:xlsofSpring" could take quite a hit this year. As of by Alfred Reed,aru "Ontario Pictures" Me~lin Williams is currently using his this writing, the elementary and sec~ by Howard Cable. copzous spare time attempting to mas- . ondary teachers federations in To- There are several other band con- ter the tambourine part from Copricdo. ronto are stepping up their work-to- certs worthy of your attention this It.alien. · rule campaigns. This means no ex- month; make sure you check the lfyouwouldlikeanupcomingband tra-curricular activities. main listings for complete details. event to be featured in the Bandstand ' Oh well. Maybe next year I'll be able to do the May column without bad•news ... l'M SURE l'yE MADE MENTION of "themed" concerts before, but the ictea is worth mentioning again. An interesting theme for a concert can be a great way to attract audience members and· unify the program. Good programming is very important, but seemingly quite scarce these days. The Toronto Youth Wind Or- . chestra is putting on a concert built around a theme this month. "Around the World in 80 Millutes" will feature Tchaikovsky's "Capriccio Italien", Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" and Alfred Reed's "El Camino Real" among others. If you haven't heard this group yet, I lirge you to take this opportunity. The concert is on May 10, at the MacMillan Theatre, with conquctors Colin Clarke and David Luin. '{he Hannaford Street Silver Band is alsci taking the th.eme ap- •_proach this month. "Principals" will feature Phillip Smith, trumpet and Joe Alessi, trombone. Both are principal players in the New York Philharmonic. The concert is at the Jane Mallett·Theaire on May 25 at 3.:00 1Gary An 1 Toronto's Center ' for Clari~ets . and Oboes SALES * REPAIR * RENTAL. 1 Long & McQuade MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS• w.long-m c q u •d•·com SALES - RENTALS - REPAIRS - JN STORE FINANCING TRADES - USED INSTRUMENTS BOUGHT & SOLD Toronto ' 925 Bloor St.W. (416)588-7886 North York 2777 Steeles Av.W. (416)663-8612· Visit the North York store's large print music department! Scarborough' 1133 Markham Rd. (416)439-8001 Oshawa 380 Simcoe St.S. (905)434-1612 Brampton 370 Main St.N. (905)450-4334 · Burlington ' 3180 Mainway Dr. (905)319-3330 Established 1981 . OUR PRICE = MUSIC TO OUR CUSTOMERS' EARS ... .. YAMAHA DIGITAL PIANOS ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD.I GUITARS ALSO USED PIANOS (uPRIGHTS & GRANDS) ~ . LESSONS• SERVICE• TUNING ACCESSORIES• BOOKS VISIT OUR SHOWROOM of musicA16 416-924-7499 ~ 499COLLEGE ST. . • ~ 12 BLOCKS WEST OFF BATHURsn ' ' SAXOPHONE column, feel 'free to contact Merlin at (416) • 489-0275; by e-mail,; on the web, -merlinw/. And if you want to~ sure your concert appears in our free coneert listings, e-mail the information to by the 15th ' of the previous 1111Jnth. · Really good food that ~ just happens to Fn~ . _@be ".ege~arian! flt' Live jazz piano playing on every Thursday night 6 .55 Bay St. (enter off Elm) (416) 596-9364 We are a JO-minute walk from many theatres. Inquire about .0Q parking for dinner & show. MAY 10, 2003 at LONG & .. ·· . 925 Bloor St. West (west of Ossington Subway) By Appointment: (416) 231 -5695 n g Woo.d"}'.inds Ltd; ~ HARKNETT 1612 Queen Street West · (east ofRoncesvalles) Warranty Repair Depot U s~d Instruments I bought and sold www.thewholen() Brass · Woodwind - String Instruments - Guitar Buy direct from the Distributor AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR: Armstrong, Artley, Besson, Benge Boosey & Hawkes, Buffet, Conn Getzen, Jupiter, Keilworth, King Ibanez Guitars, Scher! & Ruth String Inst. Musical SerVices Ltd. MUSIC BOOKS BEST SELECITON OFl'OPULAR & EQUCATIONAL MUSIC Piano - Guitar - Instrumental Mid.Town Store 416-423-9494 943 Eglinton Ave. E. (W. ofLeslie) . (Next .door to Robert Lowrey's Piano Experts) · Main Store 905-4 77-1141 2650 John Street Oust North of Steeles)' 19

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