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Volume 8 Issue 8 - May 2003

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"A consummate master at

"A consummate master at the height of his powers" Fanfare J.S. Bach "0 Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort", Cantates BWV 2, 20 & 176 Collegium Vocale, Philippe Herreweghe After his move to Leipzig in 1723, the years 1724 and 1725 were especially creative ones for the new Kantor of St Thomas'. Bach had decided to write a complete cycle of chorale cantatas, thus producing a body of work that went far beyond the expectations of his employers. The target he had set himself now offered an unparalleled laboratory for musical experimentation. These three cantatas for the Sundays after Trinity, which begin the liturgical year, date from this period. ll!)O«a -a Darkness into Light - Tavener The Bridegroom & other works Anonymous 4, Chilingirian Quartet r:': N S 0\ ~ :::i:: Medieval & modem - a mystical journey "Mesmerizing" San Francisco Chronicle (concert review) The World's Finest Classical & Jazz Music Emporium LAtelier Grigorian 70 Yorkville Ave., Toronto 21 O Lakeshore Rd., Oakville 416-922-64 77 905-338-2360

. Volume8#8~y1toJune7,2003 Copyright©2003 PerPul Proze, 608ellevue Avenue, Toronto ON MST2N4 Pilbllsher: Allan Pulker Editor: David Pe~man Production Manager: Peter Hobbs CD Review Editor:,David Olds Listings: Simone Desilets, Karen Ages Jazz Listings: Sophia Partman Webrnaster: Colin Puffer Web Technician: Lee Weston Layout & Design: David Partman, Verity Hebbs, Mike Busija .. ' ·· Cover by Rocket Design · · Adverjising: Allan Pulker, Karen ·Ages, Ken L.arone Distribution Manager: Sheila McCoy CONTRiBUTING WRITERS: Columnists: · Bandstand: Martin Williams Choral: Laey Beckwith Early Music: Frank Nakashima Heai'andNow: Paul Steenhuisen Jazz: Jim Galloway 'Music Theatre: .Sarah B. Hood Opera: ChristopherHoile Quodlibet: Allan Pulker , T.O.Diaryi Colin Eatock EdUcatiori Front Cynthia Dann-Beardsley Features: Paul Steenhuisen, Pattie Kelly, Verity Hobbs, Laey Beckwith Discoveries (CD Reviews): David Olds, .lolJll s. Gray, Pamela Margles, Daniel Foley, Stewart Hoffman, Merlin Williams, John Beckwith,Frank T. Nakashima, Bruce Surtees, Dianne Well$, Paul Steenhuisen, Ted O'Reilly, Laey Beckwith, Colin Eatock, Alisori Melville, Den Ciul CONTENTS. . COVER STORY Singing in the Moment with Ruth Watson Henderson by Larry Beckwith 6 COLUMNS AND FEATURES ·to. Musical Diary by Colin Eatock 8 Quodlibet by Allan Pulker 10 Early Music by Frank Nakashima 12 He1:1r & Now (New Music) by Paul Steenhuisen 14 Composer2Composer: Peter Hatch interviewed by Paul Steenhuis~n 16 · Jazz Notes by Jim Galloway 18 Bandstand by Merlin Williams 19 On Opera by Christopher Hoile 20 Music Theatre Spotlight bySarahB. Hood22 Education:Front 24 GE1£RAL IOO!lllES. Aovamsmml MEM!E!!S!F: Allan Pulker, Karen ArJes, Ken L:arone. ph 416-323-2232, fax 416-926-7539 0JsiP,ieunoo AND DsPw SrN«JS; Sheila WdJ:Jy ph 416-928-6991 ~ David Partman ph 41&603-3786 fax 41&oo3-3787 lmrqy1ltp A!!S!RfP!I'. Simooe Desilets ph 416-323-2232 fax 416-926-7539 PADSU8SCRIP110NS (CfuAA+ GS'T): 'Sheila Wd:,Qy416-928-6991 All E-mail: . Websites: W' Next issue is Volume 8 #9, · June 1 2003 to July 7 2003 DEAD!.tiE FOR FBEf EVENT usmGS (covering period June 1 to July 7) · 6pmThursday May 15 , DEA!llljE FOR DmAY AD RESERVATIONS: I 6pm Monday May 19 DEA!llljE FOR (UN)q •smm Am:. 6pm Monday May 19 (90c per word; minimum) Pill! K?AIQi: iJ.iURSDAY MAY 29 . CIRCULATION CCAB QUAURED CIRCULATION: 21,655 CC!Pies (March 2002) · Additional copies printed and distributed this 'month: 9,845 Total copies piinted and distributed. this month: 31,500 pages cs1-cs16 (following page 24) Some Sing for Everyone by Pattie Kelly page csl · Alphabetical List of Contributing Choirs page cs~ Categori~s of Choirs page~ cs2,cs3 Choral Portraits pages cs3-cs16 COMPREHENSIVE LIVE LISTINGS Daily Concert List~gs (GTA) 25-40 Uaily Concer:t Listings .(FURn~ER AFIELD) 40-42 Opera and Music Theatre 42,43 Jazz: Clubs, etc 43,44 Announcements, ... Etcetera 44,45 (Un)classified advertising 45,46 Concert Prep 46 I New and Recent Releases 47-51 Worth ~epeating 51,52 Indie List 52 Discs of the Month: 52-54 · ' INDEX OF ADVERTISERS 6 . Printing by Couto Printing and Publishing Services ' WHOLENOTE 1 S UPCOMING SPECIAL FEATURES 6 C8nadian Pubications Product SaJeS Agreement 1263846 ISSN 14B88-8785 WHOLENOTE We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada throu h the Canada Ma azine Fund toward our editorial costs ' May 1 - June 7 2003 s

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