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Volume 8 Issue 8 - May 2003

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-tJ1•••1:t1n"•·M•l!111;.1- sT1tu£'T10N FOR CE>1;:!'~1t{~ENTS. ·~. .,:;:.>"' \ \. ,:cl?. \ Tl\UJX}.ENTAL SI'f10N.\ p~ \ ~ ONALJAUSIC 'oMEETITION GJiS ~W-35) . SS O,F'-0,000 -~1~1::::.~/-'' //" AUD IT IONS HEL'I>'EVERY FRIDAY 2-5,PM TORONTO SCHOOL OF MUSIC CANADA 1063 MCNICOLLAVE. ' TORONTO,ON.M1W 3W6 PHONE: 416-260-1882 FAX: 416-260-9997 torontoschoolre, in El'Jrish & French. PreJTiere Dance Theatre, du Sound Art Transmissions sans Frontii!res. Discuss· · Mallier Theatre Centre, Brigantine R0001, Harbourfront ing transcendence of boundaries between art forms, Centre Concert Stage & other venues, Dlleens Dllay countries, pubic and COITlllJl1ity broadcasting. Present· W. ·416-973-4000. Passes, passport tickets, single ers include: Peter Leonhard Braun, Garvia Balley, V'!Clotickets available. riaFenner, Anna Friz, Christos HaUis & others. V'1tto­ OFFERING GENERAL AND PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION TO ASPIRING AND ACCOMPLISHED *May 24 9:30am·6pm & May 25 1Da.m·3pm: riaCollegeBldg.,91 CharlesWesLRegistration:416- MUSIGM.NS. Toronto Symphony Volunteer Committee. TO. 910·7231 orwww.deepwireless.ca/tsf /0. ffe.. • .v,.·~·'>.:,, -, ' ·:'-.;. NatioflliPianoConcertoCompetition. For young Cana· MASTER CLASSES lien piarists not older than 19 years by June 30, 2003. •May 3 3:DD: Merriam School of Music. String 3:3D: TD Awards Ceremony and reception. Walter Masterclass. Hosted by Karlene Wong. 2359 BriStol Hall, 80 Dlleen's Park. 416·593·7769 x358. Free. Circle, Oakville. 905·829·2020. , auditors free. •May 25 &:DD: University Settlement Music and *May 1 D 9:3Dam: Christ Church Deer Park/Roy· Arts School. Suent Auction and Four Corners Caba· · al Canadian College of Organists. Organ Master· ret. Perfimnances by.Chinese Fan dancers, Coommi· class with RobertoMiccori. lnWles a multinelia pres- · ty Choir, Cuban percussion, Gu·Zheng & more. St. entation of the Venetian pipe organ tradition. 1570 44 www.the\Yholenote.com George the Martyr Church, 197 John. 416-598·3444 Yo.nge St.416-920·5211., RCCO mermers free. x243/244. . Proceeds to support the School. "May 3D 7:3D: Esprit Orche5tra. Bar Party: Pork· WORKSHOPS ~fiJtlm.t Stuart laJghtoo; P.U DuaiPJt°" Charles . *(Vlay.3 1 :DD: Flying Cloud Folk Club. Cajw (f.dl.+1 (Chas) Elliot; Martin Worthy. Arts and Letters Club, 14 IJfldaccorr.ial}works/KiJ with Tracy SdJwan.J IW2£. Em St. 416-366-7723. T 0 benefit Esprit. •June 112:DD noon·5pm: Amadeus Choir.Ams· ' deus Antiques Fair: Memories & Music. Bring treas· ures & coUectibles to be appraised by an eclectic as· .sembly of appraisers. Wine & cheese, silent auction, entertaimlent by mermers & friends of the Ar)ladeus Choil:. Latvian Carlalfian C"1ural Centre, Train with Pro. Singer 4 Credit Union Drive.416-446-0188. , appraisals per piece. r Power, Range & Contr *June 7 1pm-7pm, June 8 11am-5pm: Tundra MusicJCanadian Musician Magazine.1 lthAnnu· Vocal technique for al Canada's Vintage GUitar Show. Collectors, players, azz, Pop, R&B, Pop-Rock retailers, manufacturers, wholesale dealersJhomhill · Corrminity Centre, 7755 Bayview Ave. 416-222· 8222 . .

292 Brunswick. 416410·3655. . -CIJSl4tti111ii·ii·NiMMl!l·- MUSIC FOR ALL OCCASIONS! Duets, Trios, *May 31 :00: Flying Cloud Folk Club.Appalachian AccouNTING AND INCOME TAX SERVICE place to play with the possibilities of your voice. Dance Band, Big Band. Background, Centrestage. Classical, Contemporary, Dixieland, Jazz! vocli.wurks/Jop with Ginny Hawker. 113 Spadina Rd. for small business and individuals, fo save Small groups. 6 - . Johanne, 416-461-8425. 416'925·1022.. you time and money, customized to meet your JSL Enterprises ~5-276 - 3373. · *May 41:30: Toronto Early Music Players' Or· needs. Norm Pulker, B. Math. CMA. 905-717- FESTIVAL WIND ORCHESTRA. Community orchestra of ~bove-average calibre seeks hancement training iri tension management, The PERFORMING EDGE Performance en­ ganization. Scott Paterson presents English renais· · 5421 or ~5-830-2985. sanceirusic frlin new emtions. lansing United Ctuch, · 49 Bogert Ave.416-487·9261. . The BEACH ·ARTS CENTRE 416-690-4552. new members. Rehearsals on Tuesdays, concentration, goal setting, imagery. Individualized to meet your perform;mce situation. Kate *May 42:00: CAM MAC. Musical Reading. Singers Music Lessons.all ages and levels! Exams, performances. Piano Violin Voice Clarinet Trum­ welcome. Professional conductor. For more f. Hays, Ph.D., C.Psych., practising clinical and 7:30-9:30. Yonge & Sheppard area. All ages and inStrunentaists are invited to participate in a reading of Mendelssohn'sftgahwith Howard Dyck, direc· pet Flute info, call Shelley: (416)491-1683. performing arts psychology. 416-961-0487. · . tor. *LOCATION CHANGE: Calvi! PresbY!erian Cluch. EAR TRAINING, -MUSICIANSHIP, SIGHT· PIANO ACCOMPANIST for all instruments FOR SALE: STEINWAY GRAND PIANO: 26 Delisle. 416421 ·0779. (non-members). SINGING, dictation, rhythmic training, keyboard and vocal. European education. Recitals, exams, opera, etc. Fle~ible rates. Call Janet after Model O/R, 6-5,(1911). Rebuilt recently with •May 10 9am-4pm: Bronze Foundation. Work· skills, theory (all Conservatory-type subjects, Steinway parts. Black satin finish. shop with Nancy HascaH. For hanilbeU ringers & direc· solfa, jazz). All levels, professional/serious 8pm: 416-249-9309. Aiking ,(XX).1-519-727-6863 tors of all levels. Solo techniques (morning), ensemble beginners. Detailed study available - J.S.Bach, or coadypeter@hotrnail.com PIANO TUNING Professional, Certified Piano ringing (afternoon), incl. interactive exercises for pairs, Renaissance, Jazz. Art Levine, MA, ARCT; Host Technician available for tuning, voicing, regulation and small repairs. Call Beth DeYoe trios or quartets. St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, of 'This is Art' on CBC; RCM Professional School JAMES CRAIG PIANO SER;YICE . Complete piano care. Tuning, Repairs, Restora­ 115 St. Andrews Rd. 905·686-5676. . Faculty; Instructor, University of TorOflto, etc. (416)997-6131. , •May 10 2:00: Toronto Mahler Society. lntroduc· 416-924-8613. Visit website: www.artlevine.com tion and Appraisals. Call (419)746-4760. UNC!ASSIFIEDS CONTINUE NEXT PAGE tion of the society·, music listening & discussion with HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO SING, thought recoidiiig COf11J81ison. Room 224B, Northern District you wouldn't or couldn't, or do you just want a Library, 40 Orchard View Blvd. 416-993-9298. . *May 28 7:30: Toronto Early Music Centre. Vocal Circle. Recreational reading of ea~y choral irusic. Abil· TLC for ity to read rrusic desirable but not essential. 166 CreS· . . . · cent Rd. 41 S.920·5025. (non-meniJers). ' musicians *May 29 8:00:Toronto Folk Singers Club. Bring your voice and musical instrument (optional) to sha!e by a. songs. Tranzac, 292 Brunswick. 416-537-7422. . . •June 11 :30: Toronto Early Music Players' Dr· musician ganiziition. Dancing and Playing Renaissance Dance. Workshop with Sha1V1011 Purves-Smit'h. Dance, play or Endurance • Breath both. Lansing United, 49 Bogert Ave. 416487·9261. Posture • Muscle Release •All the King's Voices. Sight-Singing Workshops. Parts 2 & 3 (providing an opportunity to strengthen vocal teclrijue &sight-ieacing): May 13,20,27. June Dr. Katarina Bulat, J, 10, 17 7:15pm-9:45pm. Part 1 (proviOing a grounding in.basic vocal tecOOUµ & sight-reading): July 21: Chiropractor July 24 7:15pm-9:45pm. David J. King. ii\striictor. Clinic: Back in Motion WiUowdale United Crurch, 349 Kenneth Ave. 41 S. 1370 Danforth Ave. 225-2255. each session. Tel: 416-461-2225 *Soundstreams Canada.Musicools Festival. Work· "Bel Canto" Vocal Arts Studio shops & panehflSCUSSions related to children's rrusic · & theatre. Panefists & speakers include: Anthooy Heidweiller, Henrik Engellrecht. Guy Coolen & others. To VAGUIF KERWOV, TENOR May 11. 416-366-7723, 1·800·708·6754. \'OC...\L TEACHER .-\ND OPERA CO.-\CH WITH l\L-\NY YE.-\RS OF EXPERIENCE IN RT_TSSJ.-\ .-\ND IT.-\L Y Transforming Bright Minds into Great Achievers Composer Peter Ware, M.M. Yale University Classical Gui ~arist Lynn Harting·Ware, M.M. Kent State University Music ciasses in PreparatiQn for RCM Examinations Rudiments, Harmony, History, Analysis, Counterpoint Class Sessions Begin: May, July, September and January ·1 h @ . ' For Course Listings & Free MP3s: www.Acoma-co.com 4350 Steeles Ave. E. (Market Village) Fl04A, Markham, ON ~ 'Toronto Schoo{ 'for Strings ~ 85 Collier St. Located near Yonge St. and Bloor St. Private Lessons Group Classes Qualified/Experienced Suzuki Instructors RCM Exam Preparation . Junior Reading Orchestra, Chamber music Adult String Orchestra All Ages 3+ Adults Welcome ffi Contad Julian Fisher 1 ~ 416-968-0303 www:tbrontoschoolforstrin s.com . May 1 "June 7 2003 www.thewholenote.com Studied with .'111rgllerit11 C11rosfo and GimLppe Di Stefimo at the "Scuollt di PL'l"je:.io1111111e11t11 per Giol'll11i Artisti Lirici" · of Tetdro Ill Scltltt di Milano , Sibel Kerimova, piano ~ccompanist • Don't hesitate to call: -'16-421-5229 or -'16-505-2043 or 416-745-5610 (ask for Joe) ' l

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