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Volume 8 Issue 9 - June 2003

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ATM4uu:. 'St'f ~ The

ATM4uu:. 'St'f ~ The Canadian label with an international presence AMOUR CRUEL Suzie LeBlanc "An appealingly played survey of intimately conceived music from the mid-17th century" - Gramophone HANDEL GLORIA Suzie LeBlanc "Suzie Le Blanc's soprano voice weaves a sweet, pure, agile line ... " - The Ottawa Citizen HANDEL OUVERTURES Orchestre Baroque de Montreal " ... this superior ensemble plays with white hot enthusiasm, as though possessed." - Goldberg GEMINIANI CONCERTO GROSSO OPUS 3 Orchestre Baroque de Montreal JOHAN DE MEIJ "THE LORD OF THE RINGS" Ensemble vent et percussion de Quebec - Rene Joly

Volume8#9June 1toJuly7,2003 Copyright© 2003 PerPul Proze, 60 Bellevue Avenue, Toronto ON M5T 2N4 Publisher: Allan Pulker Editor: David Pertman Production Manager: Peter Hobbs CD Review Editor: David Olds · Listings: Simone Desilets, Karen Ages Jazz Listings: Sophia Pertman Webmaster: Colin Puffer Web Technician: Lee Weston Layout & Design: David Pertman, Verfy Hobbs, Mike Busija Cover by Rocket Design Advertising: Allan Pulker, Karen Ages, Ken Laro~e Distribution Manager: Sheila McCoy CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Columnists: Bandstand: Mertin Williams Choral: Lany Beckwith Early Music: Frank Nakashima HearandNow: Paul Steenhuisen Jazz: Jim Galloway Music Theatre: Sarah B. Hood Opera: Christopher Hoile Quodlibet: Allan Pulker T.O.Diary: Colin Eatock Education Front: David Pertman Features: Paul Steenhuisen, Verfy Hobbs; Allan Pulker Discoveries (CD Reviews): John S. Gray, Pamela Margles, Daniel Foley, Bruce Surtees, Paul Steenhuisen, Ted O'Reilly, Alex Baran, Kevin Mallon, Don Brown, Cathy Riches, Peter Kristian Mose, liina Kiik, Deborah Rosen How to Reach Us GENEBA!.ltaHS. ~NfJ MEMlEBSHP= Allan Pulker, Karen Ages, Ken Larone ph 416-323-2232, fax 416-926-7539 0tsmsunoN AND DtselAY SrAltlS: Sheila McCoy ph 416-928-6991 ~ David Pertman ph 41 &-003-3786 fax 416-603-3787 lisJmsJIID 'SSff"'§: Simone Desilets ph 416-323-2232 fax 416-926-7539 PA1JSuesaF110NS('vrAR+GSi): Sheila McCoy 416-928-6991 All E-mail: Websites: CONTENTS COVER STORY 2003 Summer Music Festivals by Allan Pulker 6, 38 COLUMNS AND FEATURES T. 0. Musical Diary by Colin Eatock 8 Quodlibet by Allan Pulker 10 J Early Music by Frank Nakashima 12 Choral Scene by Larry Beckwith 14 Composer2Composer: John Oswald interviewed by Paul Steenhuisen 18-20 Jazz Notes by Jim Gallo,way 22 BandStand by Merlin Williams 23 On Opera by Christopher Ho{le 24 Music Theatre Spotlight by Sarah B. Hood 24 Education Front 26 Special Focus: FESTIVALS Pages 36-48 June Festival Listings, page 36-37 Twenty Festival Profiles, pages 38-47 QUICK CHART: Festivals and Where to Find Them, pages 48,49 Next issue is Volume 8 #1 O, July 1 2003 to September 7 2003 DEADlliE FOR FREE EVENT usmGS (covering period July 1 to September 7) 6pm Sunday June 15 DEADlliE FOR DmAy Ao RESERVAl!ONS: . 6pm Wednesday June 18 DEADlliE FOR (UN)cwsiaeo Aoo: 6pm Wednesday June 18 (00:: per word; minimum) Daily Concert Listings (GTA) 27-34 Daily Concert Listings (FURTHER AFIELD) 34,35 Opera and Music Theatre 35 Jazz: Clubs, etc 36 Announcements~ .... Etcetera 50;51 (Un)classified advertising 51 CCAB QUALIFIED CIRCULATION: 21,655 copies (March 2002) Additional copies printed and distributed this month: 9,845 Total copies printed and distributed this month: 31,500 Printing by Couto Printing and Publishing Services Canacian Publications Product Sales Agreement 1263846 ISSN 14S88-8785 WHOLENOTE New and Recent Releases 52-54 Worth Repeating 54,55 lndie List 55,56 Discs of the Month 56,58 We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada throu h the Canada Ma azine.Fund toward our editorial costs INDEX OF ADVERTISERS, PAGE 6 J!me ] - Ju, y ! 2P03 5

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